Finally, it was the time for the final fight in the arena.

The sun was setting, but the crowd was beginning to gather instead of leaving.

The last game of the day was a very interesting one.

“The priestess of Lamer had a bet with the Count Monarch in this game, right?”

“If the princess wins, then the Count clears the debts of her unconditionally. If she loses, she will have to marry the count.”

“Can princess Reina, win?”

“Not possible. Lippie clan is the strongest in the Southern.”

“Yeah, that nice and kind princess got trapped in that pig’s arms…”

Rumors of the fight had spread already.

Majority of the audience had already liked Reina, but all they could do was cheer.

And there was a person who helps the exiled princess.

“The Lippie clan replaced their core engine?”

“Yes, at the first glance it seems pretty good.”

Sneaking into the Lippie clan’s maintenance room after buying a few dividends Luke told Philip what he saw.

“Replaced with a new core engine? Tch, this side is an antique-like one and they…”

“What is it? Not confident about your win? You could win if the performance of the Gigant rises exponentially, right?”

“That is…”

The moment when Philip was trying to make an excuse, Luke grabbed onto his shoulders with both of his hands.

And spoke with a lot of emphasis,

“Be sure to win Sir Philip. This isn’t a request, it is an order!”

‘Oh my, this is no joke.’

Philip began to sweat as he saw the spirit in the eyes of the lord.

Young Lord seemed to have walked away from all the money that he got in the morning.

It was said that the odds of the princess are 21 times.

And if he won, then the lord would be able to win 210,000 pesos. However, the high dividends meant that winning would be hard too.

Of course, the betting audience wasn’t always right, but the owner of the arena was Count Monarch, the Lippie clan owner.

In the courtyard of the Count, would it be fair not to take the side of the Count himself?

‘Tch, should have left half…’

The reason why Luke was compelling Philip to win wasn’t just about the money.

‘I am never going to let the princess be dragged!’

When he had gone to the maintenance room of the Lippie clan to spy, Luke witnessed Count Monarch, who had just come down to encourage his riders and the Iron Mages.

Stated to be the relative of the Baroque family, the Count Monarch seemed to be a lot similar to the duke of Baroque, the enemy of the old times.

What was worst was that the lust remained the same.

It was never going to be alright to let that woman go into their grasp!

“If you win this game, I’ll buy you a Gigant, that only you can use.”

“You really mean it?”

Luke just threw in one kind of reward possibility, and Philip got caught.

Because of the tension, the look on his face which was full of worry changed in an instant.

“Of course, I’ll get you a new one.”

“Hahaha! You promised!”

Almost like he had eaten a live dragon, Philip boarded the Gigant, Mir with confidence.

Looking at him in that moment, it looked like he could beat the Sword Master or the Sword Emperor.

“Please get moving, the time has come!”

Thud Thud Thud!

At the call from the host, Philip began to control Mir and moved towards the exit.

Luke then moved to the stands where the princess was.