Emperor of Steel

Chapter 196 - The Wraith’s Appearance 1

‘There must have been some kind of a huge mistake!’

All life in the world has to die at one point.

The ancient race of dragons, which seemed to have had infinite life span had died after a thousand years and returned to mana.

Death was a providence set forth by the Lord El Kassel and it was the absolute law that ruled the earth.

The only one who could create a loophole in such a law was God himself.

Then, how could a body which died 500 years back still be around?!

That too, with the power it had!

Luke, who was a warlock, had explored all the reasons and laws of the world more than anyone ever could. At first glance of the body, he realized that something was terribly wrong.

Of course, there were zombies and death knights which could be reverted from death.

But it was just the rejuvenation of the shell with cursed magic and Magi, but they could never be able to use their own power after the resurrection.

‘What is the most unsettling is the soul that can be felt by me. The feeling of crushing a thousand souls…!’

At the confused thoughts of Luke’s, he heard the voice of the wizard who had been reincarnated, Saymon.

“There is still a rat hiding. I did tell you to come out a while ago itself.”

‘Caught me.’

He thought that the wizard had addressed to the attackers, but now he realized that he had sensed Luke too.

The wizard, no warlock was aware of Luke’s presence.

‘But, if he is a 9th circle dark magic, then my stealth is nothing…’

Luke, appeared in front of the demon warlock and asked with anger boiling, “Who are you?”


“Yes. And how…?”

When Luke asked for his identity, the demon warlock raised his right hand.

Black magic bullets flew towards Luke in an instant.

‘Wah, Dark Blitz!’

Luke noticed the attack of the opponent and had managed to avoid it.

Of course, he didn’t just try to avoid it. Right up, he released magic.

“Thunder Strike!”


A ferocious roar stretched out when Luke extended his finger.

It was a powerful white magic that could turn anything into ashes, but it got beaten by the Magi whip and disappeared without a trace.

“With this, you won’t be able to take me down”

“I know!”

Just as he said, Luke created the magic to create a gap between them.

Luke pulled out the Iron Feather out of his Sub space bracelet to plunge it into the warlock.

Since it was a magic sword with wind magic, it was able to unleash a speedy response according to Luke since the training he did with it to reach a sword master.

Piing! Png! Kang! Kaaang!

The demon warlock wielding the Magi whip was facing the stormy attacks.

However, the combat was a little hard to do for him as the sword moved very quickly and controlling the dark magic for defense was tough, so he decided to attack.

‘That is a black spear!’

After seeing dozens of Black Spears get created by the warlock, Luke hurriedly unleashed a blind spell to evade the attack.

In a moment, he quickly tried to fly to the sky.

Dark Vine popped out from the ground the moment he tried to jump. A little late and Luke would have been quickly wrapped in them.

‘I knew it, I too used the Black Bind right after using the Black Spear. An aim at the head now?’

The warlock too teleported into the air and tried to use the whip just like Luke had expected.


Luke, was able to quickly stop the attack with Iron Feather, and brought out another sword from the Sub Space bracelet and threw it at the wizard.

“Huh, such a blunt attack…”

The demon warlock’s body which got hit with the flying sword began to move to the ground.

The sword which Luke threw was the Dragon Tooth, a gravity magic enchanted sword.

It just scratched him, but since the sword was magic enchanted, the force was dozen times higher.

“Fire Explosion! Fire Wall! Thunder Strike!”

Luke unleashed his most strong magic attacks towards the warlock who was on the ground.

The heat from the top and the fire barriers on the earth, the warlock’s body got hit badly.

Bang! Kwang! Puck!

Dark red flames and orange streaks of fire soon disappeared.

‘Even if he isn’t dead after it, he could have been hit?’

Luke recalled the Dragon Tooth with that thought.

But only to find the warlock walking out of the blazing fire. And that too without a burn mark on his body.

“You’re a weird man.”

The warlock opened his mouth and brushed off the duct from his body.

He smiled yet he seemed a little annoyed.

“What is your identity? How is it that you are able to anticipate my attacks?”

‘It is because I am you!’

Luke knew when and how Saymon would respond.

When the magic would be manifested or how much time it would take for it to manifest, it was more like an instinct.

‘I don’t know what kind of a ghost he is, but he is following with fighting style and using abilities. That too, very thoroughly.’

Therefore, it was possible to lightly avoid and prevent the attacks coming from the demon warlock who was displaying the same abilities as Saymon.

However, Luke too had a problem to deal.

Unlike the Warrior Rakan, who had previously defeated him, he wasn’t strong enough in the current body to hold off the opponent who was in front of his eyes.

After 2 years of diligently fighting and training, he had become a Sword Master. And had worked very hard to reach a 7 circle warlock.

It could be enough to take down a Sword Sage, but to take down the Devil King, wasn’t a possible task.

Saymon wasn’t just a simple warlock, it was because he had the ability to use the power of the demons.

And Luke’s opponent still hadn’t used that ability.

And once he starts to use the power of the demons, the fight would take a turn for the worst. Luke won’t be able to handle it anymore.

‘This is why I need to get the second part of the Gold Sword, but it…’

Even if he did learn the second part of the Gold Sword, he wouldn’t able to use it now.

It would be difficult as he would be giving clues about himself to the suspicious man who was using his own old body.

So, when going against him, he didn’t use dark magic, demon abilities, and the gold sword he learned.

“Can you hear my words? I asked what your identity was!”

As the demon warlock asked once again, Luke replied bluntly, “A passing-by mercenary.”

“A passing-by mercenary? You’re too good to be one.”

Advanced swordsmanship and magic skills. How could a mercenary have such skills? No, there could be no mercenaries with such skills.

At the words of his opponent, Luke responded with a stern face.

“Is there any law that says mercenaries aren’t supposed to be good? Then, what the hell are you? I never heard nor saw such strange magic.”

Luke knew that it wasn’t magic and it was dark magic, but Luke didn’t try to sound like an I-know-it-all. If he did, the warlock would turn much more suspicious of his identity.

With a triumphant look, the opponent responded.

“It’s no wonder that you never had heard about it. It is a legendary magic which has long been forgotten.”

“Legendary magic?” Luke asked.

“Yes. This is the body of Devil King Saymon, who terrorized the humans on this very Continent 500 years ago!”


At the declaration of the demon warlock, Luke tried to look confused.

And asked again, “Who are you?”

“This man, are your ears blocked?! Didn’t I just tell you that I am Saymon who fought against Warrior Rakan 500 years ago?!”

Luke’s expression changed at the scream of the warlock.

If it was anyone else other than Luke, then those words would have surely worked.

Showing off powerful dark magic and demonic powers, anyone would believe him 100 percent!

But that man was standing right in front of the real Saymon.

Luke raised his voice, “This crazy bastard!”

“Well, it is the same. The others too didn’t believe me when I first said it.”

The warlock who was pretending to be Saymon, smiled as if he had anticipated the reaction.

“Anyway, you’re going to die in my hands today. Be honored that your death is going to happen in the hands of a legendary being.”

The warlock raised his hand and a black circle began to accelerate, trying to finish the magic.

Luke couldn’t help but feel astonished.

‘This is Dark Ruin!’

The strongest dark magic that appeared in the battle with the warrior Rakan 500 years back.

The one in his body was able to use the Dark Ruin!

‘I can’t stop or avoid it!’

After making a quick decision, Luke decided to make the first strike. Rushing in, he stabbed the heart of the warlock.

However, the warlock was able to respond a little faster. Almost being done with manifesting the Dark Ruin, he raised his hand to Luke.

‘Dammit, I was late!’

Luke’s face was flushed with defeat.

If he got hit by the Dark Ruin, there was no guarantee about his life. No, he was bound to die.

However, something unexpected had happened.

Just before the clash, the almost completed Dark Ruin disappeared.


The flustered demon warlock stepped back and avoided Luke’s attack. And again, the Dark Ruin appeared to attack Luke. Strangely, however, just before completion it always scattered.

‘Why the hell…?’

There was no time to wonder, so the warlock had no time to find an answer to his question.

Luke was running straight, and there were signs of people running with torches from nearby.

The Demon warlock’s eyes frowned.

The Rune Knight in front of his eyes wasn’t easy to deal with, and suddenly, annoying men were going to come.

He pulled out a magic scroll from his sleeve.

“You, I will remember you.”

He stared at Luke for a moment and tore the scroll.

As the teleport magic got activated, his image disappeared with light.


Surprised, Luke went to the spot where he disappeared and picked up the torn piece of the scroll.

It was to trace the magic left behind on the scroll and follow the opponent who ran away.

Luke quickly tried to infuse it with magic.

At that moment… Once the magic got infused, the piece of scroll turned into ash.

‘Oh, was there some kind of preventive magic placed to stop the tracking?’

The clues had disappeared, and it was impossible to chase after the warlock who was using his body.

‘Dammit, there was a lot that I had to find…!’

It was a nightmarish encounter for Luke.

But the feelings which were hard to erase deep in his heart opened up once again after seeing his body.