Emperor of Steel

Chapter 195 - A Shocking Encounter 3

Luke headed to the place where the disturbing energy was coming from, like an iron nail being pulled in by a magnet. He found someone in a vacant village on the outskirts and hurriedly concealed himself.

A middle-aged wizard in grey robes.

Unable to see his face, he glanced around when he heard a gritty screeching voice.

“Don’t hide like a rat and come out.”

‘Did he catch me already?’

There was no way Luke wouldn’t feel shocked.

He thought he hid himself well, so how did they notice him?

While Luke was puzzled, a dozen of mercenaries and wizards appeared from the dark.

They all seemed very angry at the middle-aged wizard.

“Rokid Magic Tower’s enemy!”

“Take him down, this monster!”

The mercenaries along with the wizards went straight ahead on the wizard who was all alone.

Luke wasn’t aware, but they were members of the Rokid Magic Tower.

Two years ago, the heads of the Rokid Magic Tower were killed, but that didn’t mean that the magic tower was ruined completely.

Rather, they resigned from the front lines and got back on their feet splendidly with the help of its elders and aggressively attacked the magic towers which were with the Magic Federation as the war intensified.

But such kind of counterattack caused tremendous anger to the Veritas Magic Tower, which was leading the Magic Federation. Arsene wanted to punish them, and the person sent to punish them was the wizard wearing a grey robe.

He removed the Rokid Magic Tower members who were hiding in the border areas, and then he came to the place where it was said that Rokid’s Meister was possibly hiding.

In fact, the information was a bait thrown by the Rokid Magic Tower to attract the assassin sent to end them.

And finally, the mercenaries and the war mages rushed to stop the assassin.

But… their tactics didn’t work on the middle-aged wizard at all.


“This, this monster…!”

The war mages didn’t even get close to him, but they disappeared, and the mercenaries who raised their swords were immediately taken down by a whip-like dark magic and turned into blood.

The wizards, who were hit by the Dark Bullets of the dark magic which came from the middle-aged wizard, fell down like cold carcasses.

The fight was done quickly, only one was left.

As a war mage was still alive, scared at what would happen to him, he gathered mana and struck himself in the heart where the mana circles gathered.

Luke saw that, and he was shocked.

‘Suicide Magic!’

The mana circle of a wizard’s heart would explode, causing a huge explosion. That magic could only be used once.

The magic was nothing but just making one’s self explode.

“Kuaaak! I would be dead either way, but you are done with me too!” Said the war mage.

When their battle was almost done, the wizard leaned toward the war mage.

Just before he could trigger the magic, the middle-aged wizard counterattacked.

“Black Bind!”


Suddenly, a black stalk from the ground wrapped itself around the war mage’s body.

Before the war mage’s mana circle could even explode, his mana and vitality were absorbed.

‘This, this is?!’

While Luke was still in shock, the clouds in the night sky lifted and the moonlight lit the ground.

Luke’s eyes caught the face of the wizard which got revealed by the moonlight.

Wrinkles, small and large scars, smiley lips which were firmly shut proving the long hardships he went through, his eyes looking down on the world filled with sorrow and anger.

The wizard’s appearance was familiar to Luke, but what was more shocking was the magic he detected from the heart of the middle-aged wizard.

The magic which reacted to his spirit, a black magic circle of the 9th circle black magic he had built in the past.

‘This is ridiculous! This can’t be!’

Luke kept on denying it, but the reality that unfolded before him couldn’t be erased from his eyes.

The middle-aged grey-robed wizard was obviously a man from the past, the Devil King to the entire world.


His physical body, which Luke thought to be destroyed long ago, stood right before his eyes, turning the pleasure of the night into a living nightmare.