Emperor of Steel

Chapter 194 - A Shocking Encounter 2

Luke along with the Rakan Knights, disguised as mercenaries and left the lordship and boarded a ship in Lamer.

It was one of the quickest ways to get out of the Castia Kingdom. A week by the boat and they would reach the land of Holy Arthenia.

The fastest ship in the estate had been provided for it.

“Victor, check if everything is right. I’ll leave everything to get by your side.”

“Okay, let’s do that.”

Luke and his group had set sail along with the Volga retainers, including Pavel.

The newly developed ship for trade purposes with the southern continent was being used. In addition, it was very fast due to the double paddles on both sides of the ship and the constantly turning steam engine.

A week later, Luke had arrived at the Castia Kingdom and registered themselves as the Mercenary Guild.

Registering as a full-time mercenary was necessary to deceive them.

“I see a lot of mercenaries in here.”

“Yes, they are. The Castia Kingdom is politically stable, isn’t it right?”

At the question of Luke, Philip answered, “I knew about that too. I heard it from the Mercenary Guild. Most of the mercenaries are heading to the Holy Empire.”

The rebellion confused the entire Arthenia.

Naturally, there were many mercenaries who were hired to take advantage of the chaos.

“But some of the mercenaries are strange.”

“Some of them might have been regular soldiers and wizards who are trying to enter like us, right?”

The mercenaries had tough lives to live.

The profession was such that one didn’t know when one would die, and they try to live their life by enjoying the time they have in their hands.

But the mercenaries that Luke had seen in the guild didn’t seem to have that kind of look. Their outfit was surely like a mercenary’s, but their tone was prudent, and their behavior was stiff.

“They are probably like us.”

“Maybe, they were secretly asked to check the situation by a high noble.”

In fact, it wasn’t wrong for the knights to enter as mercenaries.

There was no money in the estates, nor the knights had any purpose, or for the purpose of gaining combat experience, many knights join such chaotic scenarios.

On the other hand, some just wanted to step into somebody else’s war, but in areas where they couldn’t mobilize enough, the attention normally went to the soldiers who were mercenaries.

‘There are quite a lot of mercenaries who have registered here, either they’re real or fake. Could the situation in the Holy Empire be much worse than what was reported to us?’

Luke thought that it would be better to hurry, so he sent a few knights and asked them to buy horses.

“Horses? Would there be horses in this land?”

“We need something. In four days, we need to head to the border of the Holy Empire.”

“That, that…”

On the map, it took more or less a week to ride a horse to the border.

But to get there in four days?

“Get some food and water as well. We will have to eat and sleep on the saddle for a while.” Luke added.

‘We’re dead.’

Until then, they were practicing in the main field of the lordship, fencing or sword fights or monster fights, but when Luke said that he would like to shorten the distance from one week to four days, they couldn’t help but cry.

‘I guess people only learn unlikely things in the military.’

‘Someone please try talking to the Lord!’

But sadly, no one talked with Luke.

Instead, there was another person who was encouraging Luke.

“Lord, four days you say? If we skip on sleep, we can get there in three days!”

His name was Victor.

Du Du Du!

The fierce sound of horses running could be heard on the border.

The sound came from Luke and his party.

As Luke professed, with eating and sleeping on the saddle and running day and night, they passed through the Castia Kingdom in four days.

Their run stopped the moment they reached the border of Castia Kingdom’s and the Holy Arthenia’s villages.

“How about we stay here?” Philip carefully looked at the status of the knights and suggested to Luke.

He wanted to take some rest to understand the Lord’s heart and going straight like that wasn’t the answer.

Luke, who was struggling on how he was supposed to meet with the pope, smiled bitterly seeing the knights behind him who were worn out.

‘I was so distracted by one thing.’

He shouted over to the knights following him, “Fine, today eat and drink here. We’ll leave by tomorrow noon.”

“Wah! Cheers to the Lord!”

Luke seeing the knights cheer with hope, spoke with a cheerful look, “Didn’t I tell you to call me captain outside the estate borders? Should we just cancel this and head back?”

“Hu, sorry. Lord, ah! Captain!”

They were entering a foreign land, and things could enter the ears of the emperor.

So Luke gave the knights a firm rule they had to follow.

Once the knights noticed an inn in the village, they entered it. It had a pub on the first floor, so it was perfect for them to eat and drink.

“Hahahaha! I used to be…!”

“I met a girl named Yu…”

As they drank alcohol, the knights started spewing out nonsensical stories. The feeling of being relaxed and carefree was the same for men and women.

Luke came out of the inn only to see his men still eating and talking.

Glancing at the late-night sky, which sheltered the stars, he sighed.

‘I did come here, but how do I take her back?’

In the Holy Palace, there were numerous escorts.

With just 30 knights, it wouldn’t be easy to meet and get Reina, nor could the demons or dark magic be used. The moment one used dark magic, the paladins would find them.

“Is there a way?”

While Luke was feeling troubled, he suddenly began to feel a familiar energy on the other side of the town.

It was dark and unpleasant but strangely familiar.

‘No way, it can’t be…’

At first, he thought that something was wrong.

He thought that he might have been confused since their journey had dulled his senses a bit, but as he concentrated on it, it became clearer.


Unknowingly, he clenched his teeth. He moved to a place where he could better feel the energy.

He wasn’t able to stand still. He wanted to confirm it right away.