Emperor of Steel

Chapter 188 - Treasure Acquisition 5


“At last I have managed to get 6th dark magic!”

Luke, who absorbed Magi and the power of Naga, smiled at the feeling of his black circles growing.

However, it wasn’t just the black circle which had rose, but he had obtained Naga’s ability to handle poison and water.

It was Poison Smog and Water Control.

The intermediate demon power which Luke had gained was even stronger.

“Congratulations, Master!”


Sebastian and Belfair greeted Luke at the same time.

As Luke watched the two demons fly down, he kept on staring at them.

“Ah, Master, this thing is…”

“Is?” Luke asked.

“The sword Naga was using.”

While Luke was absorbing the power of Naga, Sebastian and Belfair were cleaning up the land.

They found the swords used by Naga and brought them to Luke.

‘The swords of Naga…’

Luke stared at the four swords of Naga.

She didn’t know how to fight well, but she had great swords. Luke hadn’t realized what it was when he was fighting.

The four of them were of different forms, not only did they suit for his taste, but they were also enchanted with magic for supporting a swordsman.

Under the sword, the name of the man who made it was inscribed.

“Iron Mage Jig…”

“A very famous blacksmith who made a name in the Middle-Earth around 1000 years ago. Known to have made hundreds of swords all his life.”

“I know about him.”

Luke frowned his brow thinking about the past.

The Orichalcum sword, ‘Valiant’, which Rakan had used to kill Saymon, was the one made by Jig.

Jig, who was a geek had learned the skill from the dwarves and had made swords for the Warlocks too.

Because of that, he was once traced out by the El Kassel denomination when he was hiding in a rural village and was chased out with knives and sickles.

Pope Joseph III, who regarded his love for the art and dexterity, forgave him and commissioned to the work of making the bell at the cathedral.

“The swords made by Jig can take down the devil too, and the words were true.”

“Obviously, some of the sword loving demons were ready to sacrifice themselves and a part of their souls for a sword in return.”

Perhaps Naga too had gotten her sword like that.

‘Iron Feather, lightweight enchantment and wind magic. The sword which can be moved swiftly?’

In contrast, the Dragon Tooth Sword, which had been engraved with gravity magic, was quite heavy and sloppy. But if the user could use it right, a Gigant could be smashed with just a single blow.

‘What is this, this is. Demon Slayer? Why would a demon be holding onto this?’

Just as the words on the sword, the sword was literally used to kill the demons.

The cross on the sword was originally enchanted with light magic, but there were traces of Naga removing it.

‘If fortunate, I can recover it to an extent. I should use my hands later.’

And came the last sword, Blood Shock.

The sword which had red tints around it was a magic sword that was full of vicious energy.

The blade seemed like tiny saw blades, which seemed to be used to induce a large amount of bleeding along with causing a fatal wound with one right strike.

Also enchanted with dark magic, Life Steal, an evil sword which would forcibly absorb the power of the enemies.

‘If Naga could have used these swords to their 100%, then I would have surely died.’

Luke didn’t know, but a summoned demon had a huge limitation in using the powers of the swords.

Firstly, the swords were made by a human craftsman, and were made with the structure optimized for mana and aura uses.

It wasn’t definite if the demon could use it like humans, but half of the demons like Naga, couldn’t properly handle it.

Nevertheless, the swords themselves were very good and the shape of them was plausible, so he decided to carry them with him.

It wasn’t definite, but he could hand them over to the others as the spoils of war.

“This Blood Shock will probably go well with Belfair’s style. I’ll let you use it.”

Luke had given out one of the four swords.

“Oh! That you so much, Master!”

Though he wasn’t supposed to feel that great, Belfair had always had his eye on the Blood Shock, so he felt glad when he was handed the sword.

Seeing Belfair who was swelling with happiness because of the sword, Luke then said, “Since I have given you the sword, you must become stronger. You will have to fight hard to achieve my goal. So make sure to practice with the sword and improve your skills for the purpose of helping me.”

“Uh? Practice? But I am a Vampire Demon?” Belfair seemed flustered.

The color faded from Belfair’s face.

The demons didn’t do anything like practice or training. They were just born with the power or they accumulate them from the other demons.

The same was the case of Belfair. The ability to fight was something he knew from the moment he held a sword and he didn’t have to practice it separately.

“There is no law that the demons should be practicing. Even the most trivial humans become stronger when trained, then how strong would the demons be if they practiced?” Asked Luke.

“Well, surely that could be the case, but I just want to live my life without… nothing, I will work hard.”

When Luke narrowed his eyes slightly, Belfair quickly said the words which would please Luke’s heart.

Sebastian was fortunate as he wasn’t a professional when it came to battle and warfare.

“The swordsmanship you display isn’t that bad, and you’re pretty good. You could learn the silver sword, we can do the practice right away. From the very moment, watch my every movement and get used to training them.”

Luke carefully taught the Silver Sword.

He thought of making Belfair stronger, but there were other intentions behind his actions.

‘Would the Rakan jump up from the grave if he knew that I handed such a sword to the demons?’

Luke was thinking about how Rakan would look if he saw it.

However, the dead could never rise again, and with that, the little pleasure of his ended fast.

Whatever the reason was, Luke polished the sword and gave it Belfair.

He wasn’t in the time to catch an intermediate demon yet.

To win the battle which was lying ahead and overthrow the Baroque Imperial, Luke had to turn stronger, a lot stronger than what he was in the moment.

‘And to take down that Arsene bastard…’

Chewing on his old grudges, he clenched the sword in his hand.

His eyes were looking at the sword which could even slice the air.