Emperor of Steel

Chapter 187 - Treasure Acquisition 4

Chapter 187: Treasure Acquisition 4

Ku Kukung!

‘What is this? A golem made of steel?’

Behind Naga was a warrior class Gigant, Achilles. The Gigant, which had been quietly sleeping in the subspace bracelet along with Kratos, had been summoned by Luke.

Naga was terrified of what she saw. Suddenly, the Gigant attacked her.


A Gigant could only move when there was a rider seated in the cockpit.

But since Gigants were developed based on golems, Luke was able to move them in a basic manner with his Marionette magic.

Surely the power it showed was much weaker than when one was directly riding in it, but it was enough to launch a surprise attack.

The heavy blows from the Gigant left a significant blow on Naga.

“Kuak! Kuaaahk!”

Slumped, Naga was coughing black blood.

Belfair, who was watching the battle nervously, fist-bumped with Sebastian.

Luke seemed like he might be able to win, and the blow taken by his senior was pretty great.

But Naga wasn’t dead yet, and she hadn’t displayed all of her power either.

“I am going to eat this human!”

“Huk! Master, avoid it!”

As Naga opened her mouth wide open, a green mist came out similar to a dragon’s Breath.

The green mist contained deadly poison. The grass and trees, which were touched by the mist, soon withered and died.

Even the steel glow of Achilles began to rust.

Luke had already caught on with what she might do and fled before Belfair could even warn him.

The problem, however, was he couldn’t avoid all of it because there was no direction at which she was releasing the poison.

‘I have to go up in the air to avoid it!’ Luke thought.

The poison left by Naga was much heavier than air, so it spread on the ground and wasn’t rising much.

Luke moved to the sky using his fly magic.

All of a sudden, Naga, who was on the ground, jumped toward Luke, who was flying in the air.

“Got you! Stupid human!”

With a smile on her face, her snake-like lower body wrapped itself around Luke. While trying to crush him to death, she tried to absorb Luke’s body moisture.

“I’ll turn you into a dry rag!” Said Naga while laughing.

“Master, Master!”

Sebastian and Belfair, who had avoided the poison because they were far away, seemed worried while looking at Luke.

If Luke died, they would surely be liberated, but it was still questionable if that scary woman, Naga, would leave them alone.

It was obvious that they chose the human over her.

‘No, if our master dies, it is the end for us!’

The two, thinking of the same thing, jumped straight up and rushed toward Naga. Sebastian sprinkled sand in Naga’s eyes, and Belfair stabbed Naga’s lower body.

However, their surprise attack didn’t save Luke. Rather, it only aroused Naga’s anger even more.

“How dare you!”

“Hiik! We were at fault!”

As Naga snarled at them, Sebastian raised the white flag of surrender.

However, Naga’s sword didn’t know how to forgive as it went up.

“Who told you to cut her?”


At the sudden voice, the two demons along with Naga were surprised.

With sharp sounds of something moving, the arms of Naga got cut off.

It helped Sebastian survive, Naga couldn’t help but look distorted.

It was Luke who appeared from behind and used his sword.

“Uh, how is this possible?! I am holding you…!” Screamed Naga.

“What you are doing holding is a piece of wood?”

At the words of Luke, Naga looked at what she was holding. Only to find a dry piece of wood.

“I am aware of your trickery. You would have surely guessed that I would have escaped into the air.”

She did think that and spew the poison randomly.

Luke cast illusion magic on a piece of wood, which he got earlier. He transformed it into an image of himself and threw it into the sky.

And she did go catch the bait with her very own tail.

Luke flew into the sky with invisibility magic and aimed for the perfect time to cut her down, but he never thought that his slaves would step in.

“Give up. You don’t have any chance now.” Luke told her.

“Kuk, do you think I will do that?!”

Naga once again tried to wrap Luke around her snake-like body.

At that very moment, Luke triggered the second phase of Build-up.

As soon as his strength and speed increased 3 times the normal one, he cut the body of Naga with the sword in her torso.


That left Naga shouting terrifying screams.

“Thank you for giving me a great combat experience. Now give me my food!”


Black stems began to creep out of the ground and wrap themselves around Naga’s body.

She struggled to get out of them with all her might, but with every struggle, her energy was draining.

“No, please don’t! Save me! I’ll do anything you say! Please!”

Luke had already decided to not listen to Naga’s plea.

The infamous intermediate demon of the Devildom died as a sacrifice for Luke’s growth.