Emperor of Steel

Chapter 186 - Treasure Acquisition 3

Chapter 186: Treasure Acquisition 3

A short while later, Luke stopped in the woods located north of the Avignon.

The rare forest was wide and had beautiful trees with blooming new leaves.

As Luke went there, he looked back.

“Sebastian, Belfair!”

“You called, Master!”

“What could we be doing today?” The two demons appeared right below a tree and asked.

“Today I am going to summon a demon.”

“Oh! Is my successor going to come?” Belfair asked with a smile.

He had been waiting to get a successor as Sebastian had been treating him rather harshly.

Unfortunately for him, Luke shook his head.

“No, this time I am going to bring in a strong guy, so make sure that this place is quiet.”

Luke had absorbed a lot of mana from the monster army.

However, the monster’s mana failed to make the 6th circle due to the lack of purity.

So due to that, he thought of summoning a demon more than the intermediate level and absorb its abilities and magi.

And to ensure that the news wouldn’t reach Avignon, he needed the demons.

“Ehh, just make me a successor.”

“Don’t nag and get to work, Belfair.”

When Sebastian and Belfair went to follow his orders, Luke began to draw the summoning magic on the ground.

Normally, the demons were summoned randomly, but depending on the sacrifice, stronger demons could be called.

Luke, pouring drops of his blood on the magic circle, called for an intermediate demon.


The magic circle disappeared and the dark subspace had opened.

However, nothing could be seen in it.

‘What is this? Did this one fail?’

It was when Luke was thinking about it…

When the subspace was suddenly ripped like a tear had happened. A lower body resembling a snake, and a human woman’s upper body with her four arms all armed with swords appeared.

“Oh my! That one is a Naga!”

Belfair, who was looking at Luke from a distance, seemed shocked. It was because they were so powerful that they were considered to be higher demons or the outgoing intermediate demons.

How did he know of her?

It was because she was the 7864th slave of the Vampire King Leviathan, whom Belfair belonged to.

Listening to him speak, Naga turned her head toward Belfair.

“Ohho! I haven’t seen you in a while, so you were in the Middle-Earth all this time. By the way, did you refer to me without honorifics?”

After seeing her said that, Belfair knelt.

“Sorry, I’m very sorry, Miss Naga. I must have gone a little crazy.”

One of Belfair’s superiors, all the four swords she held had a great level of swordsmanship.

Each of her swords was equal to an intermediate level Sword Master, to fight Naga was like fighting four Sword Masters.

Also, she had a special ability that allowed her to control water and poison.

A lot of strong demons also knelt before her.

‘Oh my, here I was, wanting a successor, but another higher up is coming!’

Belfair felt like crying.

With Luke’s skills, he thought that winning over an intermediate demon was possible.

But Naga was different. Even the higher-level demons were reluctant to have her as an opponent.

“I’ll decide on how to punish you later. Where is the human who has summoned me?”

She turned her head toward Luke and asked with a cold face, “Ho oh, you seem to have a pretty good soul. Would you like to make a contract with me? You can have everything you want if you make a contract with me. Of course, for all of that to happen, you will have to give me your soul in return.”

“There is exactly one thing that I want. That is you,” Luke said.

“Me? I might like your taste. Well, I have been starving for a long time and I…”

“Shut up and just give me your Magi!”

Luke was completely irritated with Naga’s useless blabbering, so he pulled his sword and began to attack.

The purple aura of his sword almost rushed past Naga’s neck.

If she was a little late in avoiding it, her head would have been on the floor.

“This trash like human! You looked cute, so I wanted to play around for awhile…!”

She did ask him to make the contract first, but she never thought that she would be attacked by her summoner.

Like any poisonous snake looking for its prey, she took out her four poisonous swords and shook them violently against Luke.

Sukak! Shuuk!

“Piing! Kang!”

The rocks on the ground weren’t smashed, nor did the trees get uprooted.

However, the speed and accuracy of Naga’s swords were like the fight he had with Shaikan. No, she was much better than Shaikan.

Just as Belfair had expected, the fight was on Naga’s favor.

The power of her swords was unexpected, but four different swords were constantly being waved against her opponent.

In addition, the movement of her lower body was different from the other demons.

Not only was she fast, but the way she twisted and turned her body were also fast as well.

“Hohoho! Why are you so stiff? You were speaking big words about taking my magi and abilities.”

‘Kuek! She’s not giving me a chance to use my sword or my magic!’

After learning the Gold Sword, Luke practiced steadily. Luke’s current skills were only a little bit weaker compared to the top experts.

Whatever he was lacking were filled with white and dark magic, but still, he could barely hold his own against Naga.

His goal was to catch Naga and not endure her attacks.

Luke immediately cast his demon power.

“Huh! Build-up!”

“What, what did you say?”

Luke unleashed an ability. All the muscles in his body were strengthening.

Naga knew right away that he was trying to imitate a demon’s power.

She tried hitting Luke’s arm with her sword, but Luke’s arm was as hard as a rock.

It was then that she knew that it was really a demon’s power.

“Well, well you are…!”

“Sonic Wave!”

A shock wave of sound flew to Naga, reminding her of the horror of fighting hundreds of demons for a hundred years.



The Sonic Wave, which appeared whenever Luke was in the Build-up state, was so powerful that Naga’s body was pushed through the trees.

After breaking a few thick trees, she was able to stop. If it wasn’t for her constant blocking with her swords, her upper body might have been torn apart.

‘To use a demon’s power and deprive the demons of their own power… Is he really the descendant of Saymon?’

Actually, he was Saymon himself, but Naga didn’t know that, and Luke had no intention of letting her know.

Luke approached Naga in a flash and his eyes began to flash.

‘This… is Petro light!’ She thought.

She was surprised and tried to move.

However, she was rather late. Her left arm began to turn into a stone.


Naga cut down the arm which was turning into a stone.

She could think of something later, but if she left it as it was, the petrification effect would spread to her entire body.

But even after all that, Luke launched a whole new attack.