Emperor of Steel

Chapter 185 - Treasure Acquisition 2

The crisis of Navarre Duchy, which had begun with the Monster Wave, was barely suppressed in 2 months.

The battle in the Akbar Fort was rather confusing and unexplained, but somehow they had managed to succeed in driving away the monsters into the western grasslands.

However, Luke couldn’t return immediately.

There could be monsters sneaking around to attack the Navarre once again, so he was ordered to stay.

‘Uhm, that is okay.’

When Luke had completed the mission successfully, he thought that the Emperor felt upset and put him trapped in there.

But he didn’t think much of it.

Since he had already gone there, he thought of waiting till he went back to complete his remaining military service.

It was the same with the knights.

No, they quietly enjoyed being treated sweetly by beauties.

“Hey Alex. Are you going out today?”

After the afternoon training, Kaper asked his friend who was wearing new clothes and preparing to go.

“Come here, I have been requested for a date by the Baron’s daughter.”

“Didn’t you just go out with Baron Charles’s daughter?”

“Huh, this body is a little too handsome.”

At the delightful response from his friend, Kaper could feel himself getting nauseous.

“Uhk! That is disgusting!”

“Leave him alone. If not now, when am I going to live like this?”

At the voice of Anna which came from behind, the two of them turned around.

“What is this? Are you going on a date too?”

Kaper seemed surprised at the appearance of Anna in a dress.

Blushing, Anna replied, “Going out with Sir Philip since I am bored.”

“The instructor? Didn’t you like the lord?”

At those words, Anna’s face went stiff.

“Huh, I don’t like him now. I am very disappointed with him!”

She shook her head violently, looking at the building behind her and left.

‘Even if you are a war hero, going into the widow’s room late at night, that too twice…!’

She had accidentally seen Sebastian, who was disguised as Luke, entering Princess Margareta’s room in the Akbar Fort.

Guessing that Luke was flirting with the princess, her unrequited love soon came crashing down.

It was her misunderstanding, but sadly no one could tell her that.

“Anyway, I’ll be staying out tonight, so you guys play safe.”

Alex teasing his friends, waved his hand and walked away.

Already alone, Kaper began to wonder whether he should go meet up with some noblemen’s daughter.

But unlike his not-so-shy friend Alex, he couldn’t get himself to go and picked up his sword.

“Tch, dating my ass! I need to practice my fencing a little more.”

“Why do people meet so many people?” He talked to himself on the way back from meeting the King.

Luke met Margareta in the garden of the palace, and just shook his head as she stared at him.

However, princess Margareta felt the same way.

“This is really weird.”


“That is what I am saying… I don’t think you are the Marquis that I knew.”

While at the Akbar Fort, just looking at Luke would make princess Margareta’s body go wild and excited.

However, looking at Luke in the garden the day didn’t seem to have the same effect on her.

Not after coming back to Avignon.

Even when she looked at him, it was like looking at some man passing on the side of the road. No, like the first time she met him, he seemed like a tool needed for her ambition.

Instead, every time she saw the fluffy cat that the Marquis owned, her heart fluttered strangely and moans almost came out of her mouth.

Due to the cat named Sebastian, she felt dizzy and she could feel her underwear getting wet.

‘Crazy! I must have gone crazy!’

She was distracted every time she saw the cat and she was turning ecstatic.

She thought that she might have smelled some drug while performing an experiment, but there was no such thing.

So she wondered if the mana of the two men she married were playing a curse on her.

Going to and from the temple didn’t cure her and there was no effect on her.

Whenever she felt suicidal or anxious about the curse, she thought of the cat, Sebastian.


As soon as she saw Sebastian pass in front of her, Margareta’s entire body began to heat up.

“Excuse, excuse me.”

Margareta left Luke and chased after Sebastian.

But no matter how hard she chased, she wasn’t able to catch Sebastian and she was getting annoyed.

“What are you doing?! Catch it right away!”


“Catch that cat! If you don’t manage to do it, I’ll kill you!”

Surprised by Margareta’s sudden outburst, the maids and the knights began to chase after Sebastian.

But, Sebastian not being an ordinary cat and being a self-proclaimed demon, wasn’t going to get caught any time soon.

Each time someone tried to stop him, he managed to escape.

‘I’m sure that the princess is addicted to Sebastian’s pheromone.’

Luke watching it from afar with an absurd expression thought to himself.

He noticed a difference in Margareta’s behavior and asked Sebastian the reason.

And then he was given the details.

“Master, one of my ancestor was an Incubus. So pheromone poisoning occurs after we eat the emotions of a human woman.”

The story sounded absurd to hear.

At any rate, with her obsession with the cat, the maids had run chasing after it.

Maybe a cat pervert, all kinds of lewd words were entering their minds.

Maybe the only Princess Margareta they knew was the polished and dignified woman.

“Kuk! Didn’t you guys catch it yet?” Screamed the princess.

“Please, please take us down.”

“Are you thinking that I won’t kill you if you speak those words?!”

The maids couldn’t help getting scared hearing Margareta to speak like that.

Right then, from one side, a knight came towards her with a cat in his hands.

“Princess Mama, I have caught it!”

“Oh, show it here! Let me see!”

Margareta whose expression changed in the speed of lightning looked at the tubby cat which was being brought by the proud knight.

Looking at the cat, she threw it from his hands into the pond and screamed, “This isn’t Sebastian!”


The cat which seemed to have resembled Sebastian slipped out of the pond.

The innocent cat was able to escape, but soon got caught by a knight, who wasn’t able to avert his eyes from Margareta’s furious gaze.

“You dare deceive me?”

“Princess, princess, I just wanted to catch the cat…”

‘Get him out of my sight and cut his neck!’

“Haaa! Please show mercy…!”

Seeing the knight being taken, Luke couldn’t get himself to speak out of context.

In the southern continent, ‘delusion’ was a punishable offense.

It wasn’t much different for the Rhodesia continent.

But for taking the life of a young knight just for a cat.

‘Such a terrible bitch.’

No matter how possessed she was by the demon, the way one decides about life and death is the evidence of humanity.

‘But, if this witch made the progress of the Arachne magic tower, then she can’t be considered.’

Seeing Margareta, he could understand how nice a woman Reina was.

She too was a princess, but Reina tried to help the poor and the weak.

She always tried to treat the people around her with kindness and smile.

Well, people did think of her to be the priestess of Lamer.

‘Where could she be now? Wherever she is, she needs to be safe…’

Luke suddenly went worried and depressed as he thought of Reina.

He shook his head realizing that sighing wasn’t going to make the Dark Elves find her any faster.

If he had time, he had to get stronger.

To defeat his enemies.

“Meow, please, can I hold him once. Huh? I’ll give you a delicious food.”

While Luke was immersed in thought, Margareta appeared in front of him asking for the cat which was close to him.

Anxious, Margareta tried to seduce Sebastian with a variety of food, but food could only work so far for a demon.

Seeing her act so pathetic, Sebastian approached her and jumped right into her arms.


Margareta’s entire body began to tremble with ecstasy.

Her eyes and face filled with joy.

“Sebastian! I have something to do, follow me right away!”

Getting telepathy from Luke, Sebastian escaped from Margareta’s hands and hid into the bushes.

“Ah! No! don’t throw me away like this!”

Margareta was crying, but he and Luke moved away from the palace.