Emperor of Steel

Chapter 183 - Create War 4



“Kik, do not step back! Push them!”

While Luke was busy fighting with Shaikan, the Akbar Fortress was also engaged in a fierce siege against the monster army.

Even though they have been fighting since dawn, it hadn’t stopped, and it seemed like even with the enormous number of monsters, the assault could end.

The duchy, which had accumulated fatigue from the continuous siege, were barely managing to block them.

If the imperial forces didn’t arrive two days ago, the place would have been captured.

“Just a little more!”

“If we can stop this, then we will have the chance to counterattack!”

Officers were all yelling at the soldiers trying to encourage them, and their words weren’t entirely false.

Indeed, the dozens of Gigants and 2,000 cavalries were gathered behind the gates. The moment the monsters stepped back, the battle could end.

The monster army had been reduced by a lot.

For that reason, even while they were on the verge of getting slaughtered, there was still hope in their eyes.

On the watchtower inside the border, several figures stood there, overlooking the area.

They were the head of the imperial army, Sebastian, who was disguised as Luke, looking down and giving instructions.

“What are you doing? Push in the east! Block them!”

When the person waved the flag, Sebastian pointed to another place and shouted, “In the west, the gates are about to be opened! Send a Gigant!”

Sebastian calmly followed the strategy that Luke gave to him.

He had learned everything he could by observing Luke, so along with a similar appearance to Luke, there was no awkwardness to his actions.

However, there was a woman watching him from behind.

Princess Margareta, who had been dispatched as a liaison officer, had a face as red as an apple.

‘Ahhk… What am I doing? I can’t keep standing here I am getting hot.’

Since a few days ago, every time she saw Luke, or Sebastian in Luke’s form, her heart pounded and fluttered. She got so excited that her whole body twisted, like a fish stuck on a hook.

‘Have you gone crazy, Margareta? I need to get that man hooked to me. What good is it if I turn out like this?’

But no matter how determined she tried to get, every time she saw Luke, her entire body changed, and she couldn’t get a hold of her excitement.

At first, she thought that Marquis Luke might have been sneaking into her quarters to give her some drugs.

But no matter how many times she tried to check her body, she couldn’t feel the energy of any such drugs.

There was no trace of mental magic at all.

‘Why is my body acting like this?’

The moment she was about to cry because of this unknown feeling running in her body, Sebastian looked back and smiled.

‘Kyaang! He is so amazing!’

Sebastian knew very well about what was happening to her body. Well, it was because he was the cause of that very phenomenon. That was why he knew it.

Staying hidden in her quarters every night, Sebastian absorbed the unclean desires and negative emotions that Margareta harbored.

When emotions in her soul transferred into Sebastian’s soul, there was a slight shift from Sebastian’s soul into her.

It was the Pheromone of the demons.

Among the races like Sebastian’s, his ancestors were mongers. The Pheromones that were spewed by such races would end up seducing the opposite person.

Because of that, Margareta went on showing her desire for him again and again.

“Princess, are you feeling unwell? If you’re sick, please go back to your room and rest.”

Philip, who was watching the battle from Luke’s side, asked with a doubt.

Startled, Margareta shook her head.

“Ah, no, not at all. I’m just tired because I couldn’t sleep well at night. I will get better soon.”

“Is that so? Well, I guess that’s a given.”

The monster army began their onslaught in the morning, and the raids didn’t stop even though it was night time already. It was a surprise for the soldiers on the front line too, not just the resting soldiers, but the commanders couldn’t sleep because of the war as well.

So, Philip thought that the princess, who had been following them as a liaison officer, would be no exception, but the real reason was unknown to him.

“The battle will be over soon. Please be a little more patient.”

As Philip said that, the momentum of the monsters who were attacking the fort had decreased significantly.

‘If the Lord succeeds in dealing with the Orc Hero in such a situation…’

Philip was informed about Luke’s operation before leaving Sebastian in charge.

At first, he wondered if Luke could manage to find the Orc Hero and deal with him.

However, in the current situation, it was important to deal with the enemy in front than to worry about him.

Whatever the case, victory was leaning toward the fortress.

Small monsters like kobolds and goblins fled, and large monsters began to turn their backs as well.

The orcs, who failed to rectify it, retreated.

“The monsters are retreating!”

“Nice! Open the gates! We can fight back soon!”

The imperial forces and the duchy allied forces, who would surely not miss that opportunity, opened the gates.

Gigants and cavalries, which were prepared in advance, chased after the monsters furiously.

However, this was a trap.

All of a sudden, the monsters, which were hiding, began to pop out and began their assault.

In addition, the monsters that were fleeing turned back and attacked.

All of a sudden, their attack seemed like it could take the fort down.

“Oh, the monsters are doing such a high-leveled manned operation!”

“We can’t stop anymore! You need to retreat!”

The fortress, which had been going through a hard time for the past few days, seemed like a plant standing in front of a huge wave.

The monsters, which had increased, began to move toward the castle. The leader of the fort was no longer sure if they could still win and tried to order for evacuation.

But then, suddenly, the movements of the monster turned strange.

So far, not a single monster ran wildly, but all of a sudden, they were all over the place.

The Orc Warriors tried to control them, but their orders no longer worked.

“What is happening?”

“What is wrong with these monsters all of a sudden?”

The soldiers were confused. However, Philip and Sebastian knew why.

“Our Lord has been successful in removing the Orc Hero!”

“Long live the master!”

Due to the difference between the watchtower and the soldiers on the frontline, the orders reached them late, and the soldiers slowly began to push the monsters away from the fort.

The monsters, which were no longer in control, no longer acted like an army. They were turning into the prey and dealing with them was no problem to the humans.

That very evening, Luke and Belfair returned, and the battle was over.

Thus, the monster wave and the battle of Akbar Fortress had been cleared.

The Orc Hero’s whereabouts were uncertain, but the main force of the monster army had been defeated, and the war was over.