Emperor of Steel

Chapter 181 - Create War 2

Kwak! Kung!


Luke’s Golem legion and Shaikan’s monster army were colliding in the narrow path.

As the troops escorting the Orc Hero began to approach, the combat power of the monsters was higher and they seemed to be very muscular.

Belfair, who had been able to take them down without much effort, looked at the Orc warriors who were rushing in with a tired look.

“Dammit, these guys are much tougher than the ogres!”

However, unlike Belfair who was complaining, the Golem legion was able to fight well. It was due to the geographical advantage and the Marionette magic’s systematic control.

That was when things changed.



When the large monsters suddenly yelled, the momentum began to change wildly.

Red-eyed guys were fighting with ferociousness.

Belfair was amazed at how different they were.

‘A Berserker?’

He had seen them a few times in the Devildom, at once he noticed that the huge monsters were becoming berserkers.

With a body full of vitality, the stronger monsters began to push down the golems.

“Master, the situation…”

To inform about the situation, Belfair sought Luke.

And the moment he managed to find him from the air.

Kwang! Bang!

Chang! Skak!

Luke was getting cornered by Shaikan in the air.

Fiercely exchanging swords and magic without giving the other one an upper hand; the sky seemed to roar with lightning and heavy shock waves were ringing in the sky.

Both of them had no concern about how the battle on the ground was turning out. They were completely focused on their opponent.

No, their opponents were so strong that both of them couldn’t take the risk of moving their eyes away.

‘This, he is turning into a lot more troublesome than I thought.’ Thought Luke.

‘He isn’t a regular warlock. But if I take this one down, I can win over the enemies who will come at me…’ Thought Shaikan.

Luke and Shaikan had been fighting since the battle had begun.

Luke thought that to deal with Shaikan, his monster army had to be disintegrated first. And Shaikan thought that to defeat Luke, he’d have to get rid of the annoying golems.

They both had the same ideas, and they were fighting against each other.

Luke was unable to focus on the Marionette magic and Shaikan too wasn’t able to control the monsters.

“But even then, my side seems to have the advantage.”

Shaikan was looking at the ground then smiled.

Even if they were pushed, the Berserker monsters gained momentum.

And on the contrary, the golems began to lose control and were being defeated one after the other.

Despite the situation, Luke didn’t show any signs of nervousness.

Rather, with a very calm smile.

“The things I have prepared aren’t just the Golems.”

It was 100 for 5,000.

No matter how great the terrain was, Luke didn’t think that he would easily be able to overcome the numerical differences with the enemy.

Which was why he prepared another thing.

When he was done casting, he quickly drew something in the air.

A purple light flashed on the ground, suddenly, a dark magic circle floated into the air.

When the magic circle got activated, Belfair quickly went back.

The magic circle done by his master didn’t know the difference between allies and foes; it was deadly for the demons.

However, the monster army fighting the golems were trapped in the magic circle.



“Kukkk! Hi, uhm…!”

Once the magic circle began to light up, the brave monsters which were fighting, helplessly sat on the ground. The weak ones such as goblins and kobolds were already done.

Shaikan was shocked witnessing the misery his monsters were facing.

“This, this is!”

“One of the most important of the dark magic spell; to suck in the mana and aura of the others. Among them, the magic circle called Life Steal is a very effective one.”

Life Steal was a magic circle that expanded and strengthened the Black Bind.

When trapped in its range, no one could move and would be pinned down.

“This warlock!”

At the rage of Shaikan, the tip of his sword caught fire.

The sword of Shaikan soon harbored huge flames. With the flame created by dragon magic, he would have been able to melt any rock.

Luke, however, managed to avoid Shaikan’s incoming attack. And immediately fought back.

“Thousand Bullet!”

Surrounding Luke, countless bullets of purple shade began to emerge.

They were stronger attack spells than the dark bullets, and with these, he could launch a bullet shower.

Sick! Sick!

Shaikan hurriedly used shield magic to bounce of the bullets. However, the Thousand Bullets released a thousand bullets of magic, and to cover himself from hundreds of bullets wasn’t possible.

“Kuk! Dragonic Move!”

Shaikan hurriedly teleported with one magic word and escaped from the Thousand Bullets.

Thousand Bullets, however, weren’t anything but a diversion. In anticipation of Shaikan’s next move to avoid the incoming, Luke moved to the top deciding to launch an attack.

“Build up!”

Luke was using the ability of the demon he absorbed. Luke changed his body, strengthening ability and his arms began to swell.

Adding Luke’s purple aura, he struck Shaikan.


Red blood splattered after the body went in contact with the tip of the knife.

Shaikan’s sword couldn’t react in time, and brutal wounds had formed on the right shoulder and abdomen.

Although it was fatal, Shaikan instinctively moved his body and avoided it.

“Kuk! Oh, Recovery!”

Shaikan healed himself with the recovery magic, and back away in a hurry to get some air.

‘Dammit, he suddenly went strong!’

A little while ago, Luke was using verbal dark magic spells.

But suddenly, Luke’s combat power had risen, it was unbelievable!

‘Was it because you absorbed mana for the monsters with the dark magic or life steal? But taking mana, it takes time to digest it and process it to the body.’ Thought Luke.

Luke couldn’t understand how his opponent recovered.

Normally, there was a slight time gap between the magic manifestation and spell.

The spell always tried to memorized beforehand takes time for it to appear.

However, his opponent used powerful magic without any process.

“You’re using some special magic out there. How is such kind of magic possible?”

At the question of Luke, Shaikan’s lip corners curled up.

“Huh, want to know?”

Luke didn’t answer.

He honestly wanted to know, but something felt off and it was dangerous. It seemed like his opponent was hiding his magic and power.

And Luke’s expectations were indeed spot on.

“Let me show you, the foundation of my strength!”

Shaikan threw his sword, clenching his two hands into a prayer stance and then he screamed.

“Change Dragon!”

‘What did he just say?’

Luke’s eyes went wide.

His eyes saw the body of Shaikan swell.

Shaikan’s whole body was getting covered with red scales. His neck stretching out long, tails, and wings beginning to form.

Shaikan’s protruding mouth had sharp teeth and his deformed hands and feet suddenly grew claws!

Turning into a reptile of 30 meters from the head to tail. Shaikan’s eyes turned red as if fire was burning within it.

The strongest race, Dragon, believed to be a legend or a mythical being, was right in front of his eyes.