Emperor of Steel

Chapter 180 - Create War 1

After sweeping away the monsters in Garen territory, Luke swept another herd of monsters which were located in the west of the duchy.

It would have been a tough task for ordinary wizards or knights, but he was a warlock who could absorb the mana of others along with the power of the golem legion in the palm of his hand.

In addition, the vampire Belfair, who always revived to a greater stage after sucking blood, was feeling great and there was no way he could feel tired after having so much blood.

The two of them turned much more dedicated to their task.

‘The power of dark magic has increased a lot more than what I expected.’

While Belfair was scouting for places with monsters, Luke was looking into his current state.

When fighting the monsters he was using dark magic, and with Black Bind, he was able to absorb their power. Magi had increased considerably.

Just a little more, and he might achieve the 6th circle.

‘I had neglected the black circle training as there were many eyes on me. Whatever the situation, my source of power is dark magic.’

In his previous life, he had the knowledge of 9 circle dark magic. However, with the low level of circles he had in the current one, those spells couldn’t be used.

‘I’ll need to pay a lot more attention to Magi absorption in the future.’

And that didn’t mean that he was willing to neglect fencing or white magic.

Both of them were huge axes for their current state, and he had to train hard.

“Master, I found a monster army in the west!”

Belfair flying hurriedly reported.

“A large army?”

“It seemed like that. Looking from their direction, it seemed like they were heading towards the Akbar Fortress… the problem is, the one leading them is the Orc Hero.”

The moment he heard the word Orc Hero, Luke’s eyes began to shine.

“Are you sure?” Luke asked.

“Yes, It was a lot like before, the same energy.”

“Then we’ll chase them immediately.”

Guided by Belfair, Luke began to pursue the Orc Hero.

And after a while, they found the monster army of 10,000 and chased after them stealthily.

‘This is the largest that I have ever encountered. And if led by the Orc Hero who’s good at both intellect and power, this will be a hard fight.’

Even the soldiers who fight the battle vary depending on the commander and his strength.

If one saw the fight as easy, then they were definitely going to hurt themselves badly.

Luke tried to look for a good region where he could battle the legion.

He managed to find a suitable area for about a day from Akbar Fort. The narrow runway between the two hills seemed like a good place to stop the army with a few capable troopers.

‘This is a good one.’

But when he was laying down the magic circles to prepare for the battle, another situation arose.

The monster army split into two along the way, and half of them went to the Akbar fort first.

It was news that the situation of the monsters attacking the fort wasn’t great, so Shaikan sent support groups first.

Luke wasn’t aware of the reason, but he wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to reduce their power.

Letting the first group pass, he immediately attacked the main army led by the Orc Hero.

“Kweeek! Weird men have appeared in the front!”

At the report from an Orc, Shaikan looked in the direction he was pointing at. It was a long way off, but with his draconian eyes, he seemed to see them clearly.

More than a hundred golems and two humans stood in the narrow cross between two hills.

‘No, one of them isn’t a human.’

Blood Incense and the energy of Magic felt from the man dressed in black weren’t humans.

‘Maybe a demon? Then the humans next to him would be a warlock.’ The Orc Hero, Shaikan thought.

But the man with silver hair seemed strange.

Like a knight, he had a sword dancing on his waist, and the energy his body released; along with the dark magic he seemed to have an overwhelming aura.

‘What on earth is that guy devouring?’

He heard a story from the dead Steven about a Rune Knight, and he was being greeted with a dark knight.

The curiosity rose in Shaikan as he saw a human being whom he had never even seen in books.

A platinum armor wearing man stepped forward and opened his mouth.

The amplification of magic happening due to his words was very clear even from the distance.

“Are you the Orc Hero, Shaikan?”

His eyes looking at Shaikan, seeing that monsters began to appear in front of him to save him.

“You know about my identity?”

Shaikan asked with nervousness.

Since the invasion of the Navarre duchy, he had been in charge of the monsters, but not once did he reveal his identity.

“Huhu, I know quite a few things.”

At Luke’s answer, Shaikan asked by pointing to the golems which appeared behind him.

“Did you come here to stop me?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Luke answered.

“Yes. Since no one here is welcoming you.”

“Kuk, that hurts my feelings. A warlock who is asked to kill on sight when spotted on the continent.”

The one who would be the most unpleased was Emperor Rudolf.

If he knew that the Orc Hero was the 3rd prince, Reichard.

In any case, Shaikan had to deal with the strange humans behind.

He had to break the Navarre duchy and open the way to the Empire.

“I didn’t want to defile my sword with blood.”

Shaikan pulled on the sword which was on his back, against Luke.



The sword flew at a frightening rate and ferocious accuracy.

Luke hurriedly deployed shield magic to block off the sword, and it bounced.


No matter how strong Shaikan’s power was, the sword that bounced off the shield struck the golem which was near.

Luke was astonished, however, it wasn’t because of the sword and its force, but because of the moment that it returned back to the palm of Shaikan.

‘What is, this? Magic? No, it seems a little different from…’ Thought Luke.

Luke had no time to analyze leisurely.

In unison with the sword of Shaikan, the monster army launched their attack.