Emperor of Steel

Chapter 178 - Orc Hero 4

After defeating the princess’s hearty plans, Luke took the imperial army and headed for Akbar Fortress the next day.

However, just before they were about to depart, they were given a bothersome bonus.

Princess Margareta went along with them.

“Why is the princess following us?”, asked Luke.

“I have been sent as a liaison officer, and since I know magic, I would be helpful to the Marquis.”, responded the princess.

‘Not at all, this b*tch!’

Luke had never thought that she would be so stubborn as to follow him to the battlefield for seducing him.

But he wasn’t in the position to refuse the liaison officer dispatched by the king, which was why he decided to play along with it and thought of another plan.

‘Huhuhu, I’ll make sure to wrap you around my dress!’

While looking at Luke’s back, Margareta thought to herself.

The opponent, the descendant of the warrior Rakan.

Not only did he have a great lineage, but he also made the status of his fallen family rise, which was ruined by the empire and its emperor.

Margareta who vowed to not end her life as a princess on the marginal border of the empire decided to use Luke as her slave and pave her way into the empire.

‘You won’t be able to be yourself tomorrow after tonight.’

While grinning, Margareta touched the potion, but there was something she didn’t know.

That very night, Luke would try to get out of the unit without telling anyone.

As the sun went down, the imperial army stopped their marching and prepared to camp.

Perhaps it was because of their anxiety, but right after having their dinner, everyone fell asleep except for the two soldiers who were guarding the camp.

Two suspicious shadows infiltrated the camp that was engulfed in silence.

In a moment, those shadows, which weren’t spotted by the guards, went toward the commander’s barrack.

Those two shadows were actually trying to contact Luke.

“Have you come?” Asked Luke.

The inside of the tent brightened and Luke got up.

“Yes, master. What am I supposed to do?”

Under the magic lamp, the intruder’s identity got revealed. They were Luke’s slaves, Sebastian and Belfair.

As a response to Sebastian’s question, Luke answered with a thin smile.

“You will take my place like the last time. I’ve put together some of the operations that you need to do as the commander.”

At that very moment, Sebastian transformed himself into Luke and took the paper where the instructions were written down.

With the piece of paper in hand, Sebastian looked at Luke and asked seriously, “Master. There is something I desire.”

“Desire?” Luke asked.

“Yes, since I vowed my loyalty to you, I hope you will let me.”

“Let’s listen to what it is, then we’ll decide.”

At those words of Luke, Sebastian pointed to the barracks were princess Margareta was residing.

“Can I eat her?”

“You want to eat her? Is that in a literal sense or metaphorical?”

Luke was puzzled because Sebastian never used such words.

On top of that, even if he meant it literally, Luke thought Belfair would be the one to say it.

At the question from Luke, Sebastian smacked his lips and said, “It is neither hunger nor a sexual desire. What I want is the twisted desire and the negative emotions that that woman possesses. She has so much negative emotions compared to any human I have ever seen.”

What Sebastian wanted were her feelings and not her body. He wanted to go to her bedside every night and absorb her ill feelings.

“I don’t mind, so it’s fine, but if that woman dies or gets sick, it’ll become troublesome.”

“You don’t have to worry, master. There will be no problem with her life or her health.”

With Luke’s permission, Sebastian bowed and thanked him.

However, Luke had no idea what would happen. If he knew it, he would have never allowed it.

“Do your best once I am gone.”

Luke said it firmly and left the tent.

This was how Luke’s plan would go.

While Sebastian disguised himself as Luke and lead the imperial army to block the monsters at the Akbar Fortress, he along with Belfair would take down the monster legion from behind.

While trying to reduce their forces and power, they would destroy the Orc Hero.

It was a simple plan, but it needed bold actions, and Luke along with Belfair wouldn’t have decided to try it if they had no power.

Using Fly Magic, he moved to the western Garen territory where the monsters were in full swing, bringing out the subspace bracelet for the golems.

“Load in Dimension!”


The last time, when he went to Rakan estate during the Reina situation, he brought back the golems he produced in the Devil King’s Castle’s underground workshop after handing over the Gigant.

“Master, are you going to start here?”

“Yes, not that far from here, there are a bunch of monsters.”

At the answer from Luke, Belfair drew his sword and smiled.

Although he seemed human, his nature was that of a Demon Vampire.

Favoring the killings, he stayed with Luke, but the stress which came from working under him was no joke.

If possible, he would have probably lost half the hair on his head.

“There is no need to leave even one of them alive, so kill to your heart’s content.”

Once Luke’s permission came out, Belfair spread out his wings and flew toward the monsters.

As he began to fly, he burst into laughter.

“Kuakkkakak! Five be fresh blood and flesh!”

Luke was like the meat that met with water, Belfair jumped into the monster herd and slaughtered them without letting anyone live.

“Kuak! A raid!”

“Do not run away. Do what Shaikan said!”

The monsters, which were being attacked out of nowhere, were flustered and scattered.

The orcs who were controlling the herd urgently tried to control them and maintain the balance.

But before the battle could turn into a balanced once, the Golem Legion invaded. Luke’s Marionette Magic emerged.

The golems, wildly whipping their hands, threw the monsters, causing blood to sprinkle in all directions.

“Kuk! Ogres fight!”

“Smash them, giants!”

Some orcs tried to fight using the large monsters.

However, the large monsters couldn’t even move as they were tied by the Black Bind which Luke had developed.

Kuk! Kuuong!

The power of Black Bind sucked the large monster’s magi and the monster, which couldn’t get free from the bind, screamed.

Not being able to unfold the 5th circle black magic and escape, they ended up dying because all of their life energy had been sucked out of them until they turn into bones.

The orcs and the other monsters had gone to save them, but they too were caught in the Black Bind.

Their strength was absorbed by Luke.

“Hut, gathering dust on the mountain…”

Just as he had expected, while hunting monsters, Luke was able to get a lot of mana.

Luke used more of the Black Bind then used the Golems to trample them.

It hadn’t been a day, but the monsters on the Garen territory were already wiped out.

The typhoon that was going to quell the monster wave had begun, and no one knew about it.