Emperor of Steel

Chapter 174 - Monster Wave 5

Philip’s expression wasn’t as bright as one would have thought.

The first time he left Torlot fortress, he was excited, but as he went closer to the western border, he started to frown.

Eventually, once he arrived at the border village, he complained, “Lord, isn’t this a bit too much?”

“What is?”

“Aren’t there much lesser Gigants than we thought? And it’s a warrior class which was produced at the very beginning. Can we stop a monster wave with this?”

When he first joined the reinforcements, Philip was the first to know about the dispatch troops being knights, and he was disappointed.

Knights had been gathered from various places, and the quality of Gigant power and war mages were terrible.

That wasn’t the end of the problem.

The gathered troops were all just fairly trained recruits.

‘This isn’t the end, right? There should be more forces joining us.’

That was what Philip thought as he moved, but even after reaching the border, there were no new forces that came.

Their opponent was an army of Orcs led by the Orc Hero, who was told to have wiped out the duchy. Could such monsters be defeated with their measly forces?

“Dammit, it must be a trick to take down the Lord. Even if that isn’t the case, this isn’t the right thing!”

The Rakan family and the Imperial family had no other alternative but to constantly keep each other in check.

Immediately after the war with the Volga Republic, the Emperor gave Luke a war hero title to end the accusations of the nobles, but the rebellion had ended.

And it was better if Luke died fighting monsters. Even if he didn’t die in the process, the forces that were supporting them would be punished if they returned empty-handed.

“Well, that is very likely. Whatever the means, they want to handle me.”

Luke agreed with Philip’s words.

The last war was a great blow to the northern army, but considering the Empire’s forces, around 30,000 elite forces could be easily organized.

However, it was obvious that all the support forces recruited were the young ones who would cause trouble for Luke.

Of course, Luke wasn’t going to go along with it.

He already prepared for it.


“You called me, Master?” When Luke called out for him in a low tone, Sebastian who was hiding in the shadow of a horse lifted his head and asked.

“For starters, go and see the situation of the Navarre duchy.”

The most important thing in battle was information.

In the earliest history of the Southern Continent, there was a saying that went like this, ‘If you know the enemy and know yourself, you aren’t at risk even if it means you’ll fight a hundred times.’

Luke sent Sebastian.


“Yes, Master! I will do everything you ask, what is it?”

Belfair responded as he was closely flying around Luke in his bat form.

“Go to the west meadows and watch the trend of the monsters. If there is anything strange, don’t let it out of your sight and investigate it right away.”


Luke had a power that the world didn’t know about.

Luke decided to use the forces that he had formed as a base during his time as the Devil King Saymon.

‘Since it is a monster, the opponent is good. If we’re careful, we won’t be caught,’ thought Luke.

The Emperor would love to keep Luke at bay, but Luke openly welcomed every challenge from him.

He was rather feeling good because he could now use forces that he could not use as he was in the center of the world’s eyes.

And it wasn’t just that…

Among the dark magic, there was a technique that absorbed the power of others like the Black Bind.

‘Tens of thousands of monsters? I’m looking forward to seeing how much power I can gather.’

Smiling to himself, he gave the command to the soldiers following him, “Everybody sped up the march! We need to get to Avignon in five days!”