Emperor of Steel

Chapter 171 - Monster Wave 2

Chapter 171: Monster Wave 2

“Kuck! Kuk!”

A lot of time had passed.

Marvin, using every little ounce of strength left in his body, stopped running as he felt like he was about to faint.

He stopped for a moment and tried to catch his breath. He kept on looking around nervously.

There weren’t any orcs around the place.

Luckily, he seemed to have gotten away from the pursuit of the orcs.

But there was a huge problem for him.

Because he was hurriedly trying to avoid getting killed by the orcs, he ran to the west and not the east where the border fort was located.

Going back there all alone would need three days.

‘I need to go back alive no matter what!’

There was a woman he liked.

Mary, the daughter of the leather craftsman, who was very pretty and famous in the entire village.

It wasn’t just one or two men who had been trying to have her hand, but Marvin had no intention of dying without trying to tell her how he felt.

‘I’ll live, and then I’ll marry her!’

Telling himself to have strength, he decided to go south and return to the fort.

From that moment, he went on a journey that required stealth and not speed, so he intended to be as careful as possible.

However, luck didn’t seem to be on his side.

Suddenly, he encountered an orc that came from a bush.

The orc, which was surprised to see a human, took its ax but was struck by Marvin.

“Kiiik! A human here!”

The moment the orc screamed. The other orcs began to flock around.

Marvin had managed to outrun his death.

Kiik! Kik!

Ugh! Owww-!

The orcs were very strong but were slow, so he could outrun them.

The only problem was the wolves they domesticated.

It was never easy to get away from the wolves who had a keen sense of smell and fast feet.

‘I’m doomed! If I don’t manage to make it…!’

Looking around with a nervous heart, he found a thin stream of water flowing nearby.

His eyes shined with hope. He ran straight toward the water. He cleared his trail and went up the valley.

Since he did it well, the orcs nor their wolves seemed to have stopped pursuing him.

“Phew, I have managed to live for now.”

Exhaling with a sigh of relief, Marvin turned to look at a large rock. Shocked at what he was seeing, he tried to rub his eyes to see clearly.

As if he was hit by a thunderbolt, his entire body trembled.

“This, this is…!”

The valley was full of beast hides,

The problem was that the leader of the cluster of monsters had orcs, goblins, and kobolds gathered together.

In addition, large monsters like trolls and ogres were crouched in several places.

‘Ah, I don’t get it. Why are they all here!?’

The monsters, which usually killed the other monsters upon seeing them, didn’t move like their natural behavior. They were gathering together.

Moreover, Marvin found another strange thing about the monsters.

In addition to the orcs, there were a lot of monsters wearing weapons and armors and flags of dragons scattered everywhere.

‘This is like some kind of an army. Some kind of barbaric monster army…’

Marvin looked around him but wasn’t able to understand it.

And that… was the last expression that he made.

Tuk, Drrrk!

Marvin’s neck got cut by the ax of an orc, which appeared from behind.

Marvin was on the floor. He was taken down by the leader of the orcs. He was wearing a mask decorated with feather and obsidian.

The leader orc wore a steel breastplate like a human, and his body was covered with bizarre tattoos.

The leader orc smiled through his mask. He lifted his foot and stepped on Marvin’s head.


After removing the intruder, he walked into the crowd of orcs and lifted his long sword to the air.

“Kwekk! Shaikan!”

“Shaikan! Shainkan!”

The orcs called him Shaikan. The monsters couldn’t speak clearly, yet they shouted his name.


The orcs referred to him as a God, or a strong being comparable to a God.

Humans called such orcs with unusual abilities… Orc Hero.

As soon as the Orc Hero appeared, the orcs and the monsters began to seize the meadows at a frightening pace.

Gathering all the orcs in the western Navarre grassland, he ordered all the warrior races to start collecting monsters for the battle.

That was how a legion of 50,000 monsters was created.

Swiping the valley, the Orc Hero yelled while holding a large sword in his hand.

“Finally, the time of prophecy has come! Troops advance!”

At the command of the Orc Hero, all the monsters that filled the valley began to run toward the Navarre duchy.