Emperor of Steel

Chapter 167 - Luke's Wrath 2

Chapter 167: Luke’s Wrath 2

“How can I not know your heart? But don’t be so pessimistic. Princess Reina is still alive. She came back to earth alive.”

At the words of Erenes, Luke’s eyes flashed a sign of life.

“Those words, you’re sure about that, right? If you lie to me, I’ll bring down the fairies along with you.”

“Hut, when did I ever say anything wrong to you?”

Luke didn’t respond to it.

The wise man of the fairies, Erenes, always spoke words thinking about the future. His words never come true quickly, so they couldn’t be believed.

But his words held no lie, and all of his predictions came true.

If Saymon had just listened to the warning he got about staying away from the knight with the golden aura, he might not have been defeated by Rakan.

“But she is the only strength that is left of me, where is… Kul kul!”


Suddenly, when Erenes coughed black blood, Erwin became nervous and ran to him.

But the one who was shocked the most was Luke.

He did hear the news that Erenes’s health was bad, but he didn’t know that it was this serious.

Looking at Erenes’ condition, he realized that it wasn’t a disease because of aging.

His lungs and other vital organs were crushed to an incurable state and were apparently hit by dark magic.

“What happened? Who the hell did this to you?”

“If you hear my words you’ll be surprised and angry too.”

Erenes, with a bitter smile, continued to speak with his powerless voice, “Arsene, the one who made me like this is Arsene.”

“Arsene? You mean…” Luke tried to talk.

“Yeah, the only Arsene you know.”

‘That guy is still alive?’

At the words of Erenes, Luke couldn’t help but be shocked and angry.

His fists shook with anger. It was like the aura around his body would explode any moment.

Erenes’ words were the only things stuck in his ear, and he could barely hold himself.

“He went completely blind on greed and corrupted himself. Now he is neither alive nor dead, ” Erenes said.


Luke, with considerable knowledge of dark magic, understood what Erenes was trying to say.

The constant power that a Lich had in an immortal body was strong enough to fight demons.

However, even with that mighty power, the warlocks refused to sell their souls to become a Lich.

Once a Lich, they would lose any chances of having a normal life and suffer forever because of a terrible curse.

‘What on earth did that Arsene guy do to become a Lich?’

“It’s an ugly excuse, but I wouldn’t have asked Princess Reina to do it if I hadn’t been beaten by him. He’s already mastered dark and white magic, and it’s almost impossible to get rid of him with swordsmanship or general magic.”

Magi’s epidemic was divine power.

But in the current time, no one in the Rhodesia continent was strong enough to face Arsene head-on.

The Pope of the Holy Arthenia Empire couldn’t overpower him.

That was why Erenes was determined that the only means to fight against a Lich was using elemental power, and to get that strength, he needed the door to the Spirit World to be opened.

“Kul! Kukl…! You already know that I’m not scared of death. If anyone would follow after me and fulfill the wishes of the fairies, I’m happy to die. But I am afraid that the beings who disturbed the realm of life and death will cause this world to end.”

If Arsene’s power as a Lich continued to grow stronger, the continent, or Middle-Earth, would be ruined.

When that time came, neither the fairies nor the humans would be able to withstand their downfall.

Erenes took a twig from his sleeve and handed it to Luke.

“Please defeat Arsene. All the fairies will follow and help you.”

“You don’t even have to say it,” Luke assured him.

Luke once again had a vengeful expression. He looked at Erenes who had a calm face.

Until then, he was forced to try and live a little more, but now he had reached his limit.

Even if he held on for a few more days, he would still meet his end.

“Then, I have a favor.”

At the words of Erenes, Luke nodded.

Luke looked over at the attendants who were there.

Erwin and the dark elves bowed to him. They could feel a strong will to follow him and any of his commands.

Luke looked at them with his cold expression and spoke to them, “I believe that you know what you have to do. I hope you won’t break my hope and beliefs for your own sake.”


Understanding what Luke meant, they all nodded quietly, and everyone went out of the room except for Erwin, who was looking after Erenes.

Luke ended up calling for Victor, who was standing on a corner.

“Please bring in Sir Pavel because there is something I need to discuss with him and tell Meister Mute of Katarina Magic Tower that I will visit him soon.”


There was a lot he wanted to ask, but Victor suppressed his curiosity and followed Luke’s command. The important thing in the moment wasn’t to satisfy his curiosity but to find Princess Reina.

After Victor went out, Luke went to the permanent manor of Lamer.

The report about Reina disappearing and the story of Arsene was frustrating and complicated.

However, it wasn’t like he could just sit down and think.