Emperor of Steel

Chapter 164 - The Angel's Advent 4

Lamulen, a commercial city to the south of Castia kingdom.

There was a headquarter for the Rokid Magic Tower, one of the 10 magic towers of the continent.

The 300-year-old Rokid magic tower was an institute that had its own tradition and history, even though it wasn’t able to enter the top 5 magic towers of the continent.

The recently produced knight-class Gigant ‘Raptor’, had been hit with international acclaim,

In addition, the productions in the workshop had gradually increased, recruiting wizards and engineers, preparing for a leap to a higher position in the top 10 magic towers.

A month ago, a secret of the Veritas Magic tower had been delivered to them.

The supposed rumor had been delivered in a secret way and contained a very shocking story.

A few contextual pieces of evidence were enclosed along with the statement that the heads of the Veritas Magic Tower were secretly learning dark magic.

At the meeting room which was located in the deepest part of the Rokid Magic tower.

The Meister of the magic tower, the elders and the other key leaders gathered to discuss it.

“What happened isn’t a good thing.”

An elder with a round face got a reply from another elder.

“It isn’t an inexcusable thing. Learning dark magic is like some kind of a continental achievement. But, it wasn’t someone else, it was the leaders of the Veritas Magic tower, who should be showing themselves as great examples, were secretly learning dark magic… this is something that needs to be enslaved.”

“But isn’t any conclusive evidence, right?”

“Which is why the investigating team will be dispatched soon.”

At the sharp responses from the elder, the chubby elder asked.

“And if they still don’t manage to find it? The Veritas Magic tower will surely not stay quiet.”

“So what if they don’t stay quiet? Would they go to a war against us?”

“Who said anything about a war? They could mobilize our networks, or cut off our capital for the magic tower or putting pressure on us…”

While the two of them were going back and forth with their statements, Meister who was seated in the center of the table, knocked the table twice.

“The both of you calm down.”

After the two went silent, Meister looked at the chubby elder and said.

“I understand the concerns of elder Jeron. But the dice have already been thrown. And even if the leaders of the Veritas Magic tower didn’t learn the dark magic, this would still be a huge blow to them.”

Since the continent had been turned around 500 years back by the Devil King Saymon, the vested interests of warlocks which formed the demon legion deepened in the continent.

If rumored that someone had learned dark magic from somewhere, the world of magic, the world of divinity and religion, the senior nobles of the nations all took a lead and captured or killed the warlock.

The same things were happening in the current time too. And if a rumor that the Veritas Magic tower was being associated with the dark magic came out?

Until the truth came out, the Veritas Magic tower was likely to suffer tremendously.

There would be wizards and engineers who would leave the tower scared of catching fire with the rumors, and every one of that institute would be looked at with suspicion in the Imperial Baroque.

And even if they didn’t turn out to be true. It would take a lot of time for the magic tower to recover from the loss of fame and name.

“But the strength of Veritas Magic tower is very significant. I’m worried that they’ll get back at our magic tower at a later time.”

Elder Jeron studied at the Vertias Magic tower when he was young.

So he knew about the Veritas Magic tower and its power better than anyone, which was why he was worried about the aftermath of such things.

And it wasn’t like the Rokid Magic Tower Meister didn’t think it through.

Which was why instead of accusing the Veritas Magic tower alone, he made a pact with the other three of the 10 magic towers aiming for the downfall of Veritas Magic tower.

“Even if the Veritas Magic tower tries to take down 1 or 2 magic towers in the continent, they won’t be able to ever silent 4 of them at once.”

Some elders who were unsure of the explanation just sighed.

“Kay then, let’s all put our worries down and see how the Veritas Magic tower gets hit…”

Meister laughed and tried to clear the mood.


All of a sudden, the ceiling of the room cracked and collapsed.

“What, what is this?!”

“Why is the ceiling cracking!”

Meister and the elders were surprised and moved back.

As the dust subsided, three people could be seen.

A middle-aged wizard with an unknown man in grey robes, a knight in golden armor with a scar on his neck.

Among them, the grey robe wizard looked at the elders with bloody eyes.

“Kul kul kul, you. Rokid’s. bastards. All in. one place. Gathered. And. Conspired. On me.”

They were Arsene and his two guardians.

The brains of Rokid magic tower, who didn’t know them burst out.

“Who are you?! And how dare you bust into the Rokid magic tower?!”

“If you don’t stop this madness right away, you’ll get a taste of…”

However, all their words got cut. The knight in the golden armor stepped forward swinging his sword with grace.


The golden glow on the sword burst from the knight, the whole wall of one side came crashing down.



The elders of the Rokid magic tower quickly manifested their defense magic when the pulled on his sword.

The elders who realized that they weren’t there for talks, acted quickly.

However, the shields of 6th and 7th magic circles which they made were easily broken down the moment the golden aura touched them.

Expect for those who quickly used Blink magic, the others who were touched by the golden aura disappeared without a trace,

It was like a moth swallowed by fire.

“Oh my god!!”

Barely managing to avoid the attack, Meister couldn’t help but scream.

The elders of Rokid magic tower thought that it wasn’t so capable as they were of 6 circle magic wizards. There were five wizards with 7 circles, and the Meister was an 8 circle user.

But one swipe from the knight in the golden armor, and half of the elders of Rokid magic tower disappeared.

“This makes no sense. The skills of our elders are strong, they need to be able to fight against this devil…”

“Kul ku. Kul. The strongest, templar. Of continent. Also. Got. Divinity. From. Arthenia. Empire. Do you realize? The guardian. And greatest of all. Incomparable. To. Anyone. The Rakan. Has. Come. Back. You’ll. Have. A lot. To lose.”

“Ra, Rakan?”

Meister was bewildered at what he heard.

How could the legendary hero, Rakan suddenly make an appearance?

The Grey robe, no Arsene, revealed the truth with a triumphant face.

“Kul, kul, kul. Revived. The body. After. A long. Time. Of. His. Death. But, his. Skills. Stay. Unrivaled. Like. Ever.”

After those words, the helmet on the face of the golden knight opened, revealing the middle-aged face of a man with a pale complexion.

The wizards of Rokid magic tower were amazed.

Though pale and lifeless, the golden knight’s face looked exactly like the portrait of the warrior Rakan himself.

‘Was the cosmetic surgery magic been used…?’

The Meister of Rokid Magic tower examined if the face had been deliberately changed, however, there was no unnatural flow of mana which usually appeared after the surgery magic.

There was one thing which was more shocking than that.

“This energy… a, a Death Knight!”