Emperor of Steel

Chapter 163 - The Angel's Advent 3

The Devil King Saymon.

Warrior Rakan.

Two of the strongest people in the history of humanity. They were always mentioned in myths and legends.

Perhaps, they were the strongest human beings.

Arsene, who had awakened the strength of the guardians, flew to the sky shrugging his shoulders.

“Erenes. The other. Day. I was. Alone. So you. Managed, but this. Time it is. Your. Turn.”

A few months ago, Arsene attacked the Dark Moon magic tower, but he was struck down by the High Elf Erenes.

Although his flesh was blown away, he couldn’t forgive Erenes for intervening and for wasting his precious time to recover.

If Arsene knew where he was staying, he would have gone there right away.

Unfortunately, Arsene didn’t know where he was.

He thought of Dark Moon.

So, he decided to finish what he started a few months ago and ask for the whereabouts of Erenes.

“Kulkulkul, warlock. Bastards. And. Erenes. Wait a while. I will. Show. You the. Most. Cruel form. Of. Death!”

If Erenes appeared, killing him wouldn’t be an easy task. But Lich thought of capturing him and torturing him to death.

Arsene, with a sneaky smile, thought of how he wanted to ruin the pure soul and body of the high elf.

A few days later, he and his two guardians crossed the large dessert and arrived in front of the Dark Moon.

Arsene gave the orders to his guardians.

“Well, go my. Faithful. Servants. Get that. Magic Tower’s headstone. And not… huh?”

Arsene stopped giving his orders. The atmosphere of the Magic Tower was very faint in the middle of the night’s light.

The building had been restored, but the lights were out, and it didn’t feel full of life.

“These. Men. Knowing that. I would. Come. Back. Abandoned. The place?”

Were they hiding, then the search would stop.

Arsene flew into the Magic Tower with his fly magic and swept through the buildings with Mana Scan magic.

The only things left in the Magic Tower were the clutter, not just a human but even an experimental rat couldn’t be sensed.

They weren’t hiding; it was like they ran away.

No traces of them could be found, not an item and not even their dust.

“Keu. Ahhh! These. Guys!”

Realizing that he had been fooled by trivial humans, Arsene’s eyes turned angry and black magic raged everywhere.



The Dark Moon Magic Tower, which had been restored to its original form, collapsed once again.

The guardians, who were faithfully following Arsene, silently watched the scene.

Arsene, who was angry, kept on smashing every structure he could.

“Kuk! Irritating! To the. Extent. That I. couldn’t. control. Myself!”

Warlocks were known to be stealthy wizards.

If they hadn’t stolen the Veritas Magic Tower’s new Hero-class Gigant blueprint, he would have never known that the new Magic Tower was built by the remnants of the Darkness Magic Tower, which was destroyed 500 years ago.

That also was way back to their origin!

“Kua! Rat like. Idiots. I will. Find. Everyone. Who. Is hiding. From me. Think. I can’t? Will find. You all. And make. You pay!”

It could take a while to find them, but with the white and dark magic that Arsene had learned, it would be possible.

And he had the Veritas Magic Tower in his hand.

If he could use all the Magic Towers in the continent, he would surely find Dark Moon’s men.

The only thing which was bothering him was his temper.

Arsene, however, decided to take his temper and use it for the revenge and punishment he would give them.

Trying to control his anger, he wondered where they could have escaped.

‘It was likely that they went somewhere to lay low. Perhaps they went to a region where the strength of El Kassel denomination is weak…’

While Arsene was reviewing some of the sites of the continent, the crystals in his hands were vibrating, indicating that magic communication was being processed.

“What. Is it?”

Right after taking a different path for his journey, it was Albert who was trying to communicate.

After leaving the desert and returning to the Veritas Magic Tower, Albert called him with a nervous voice.

-Something huge had happened, ancestor! Just a moment ago, 4 Magic Towers of the top 10 Magic Towers accused the Veritas Magic Tower of learning dark magic!

“What. Did. You. Say?!”

Arsene was surprised.

There weren’t more than 5 men, including Arsene, who were learning dark magic in the Veritas Magic Tower.

Who would have thought that the heads of the Veritas Magic Tower were learning dark magic? And what was worse was that the ones who discovered them were other magic towers.

However, he didn’t have much time to think about it. The situation was very urgent.

-The Magic Federation is moving quickly. They were ready to dispatch an investigation team right away. How am I supposed to respond?

No matter how well the Veritas Magic Tower was doing, such an act would be a huge blow to their achievements.

In the worst-case scenario, the Magic Tower would be ruined.

If the accusers were one or two of the 10 magic towers, they could have stopped the procession of the investigation.

However, as many as 4 had accused them, which meant that they decided to break down the Veritas Magic Tower.

The incident was a result of the rumor that spread and the evidence that Johas told the ten Magic Towers before he moved his base.

The four Magic Towers, which didn’t like the Veritas Magic Tower, wanted to take the opportunity and win.

“Kul kul kul. These men. Will. Have to. Die. I will. Deal with. Them. Personally. You. Don’t worry. I am good. At cracking. Down houses. With my. Legs.”

-What do you plan on doing?

Albert asked. His eyes which were looking at the communication crystal were burning with anger and madness.

“Kul! Those. People. Are asking. For their. Death. Then. I should. Be. Giving them. Death.”

Arsene decided to show the world the power he had harnessed by staying in the shadows for the last 500 years.

The fall of the 4 Magic Towers would be the signal.

Looking toward the south where the 10 Magic Towers were, flames of conspiracy sprang up in his stern eyes.