Emperor of Steel

Chapter 160 - The Spirit World 3

Chapter 160: The Spirit World 3

“That could be true, but, Spirit Kings are concerned that the humans of Middle Earth have developed highly magical civilization.”

At the words of Sylphid, Reina looked puzzled.

“What is to be worried about?” She asked.

“Even if the fairies gain power with the help of spirits, they can be taken away by humans.”

The spirits of Spirit World can’t be used exclusively by the fairies.

As in Reina’s case, a special part of humans can communicate with the spirits and use their power.

Even if it wasn’t the case, the desire of humans was soaring with the prosperity of magic civilization, what would be the end if spirits were added to fuel their desire?

“Humans may follow the path of the demons, just like the past.” Sylphid said.

“That, that cant…”

Reina’s complexion went white at the thought.

She could never imagine humans behaving like demons.

“Of course, it won’t be happening right away. We have no intention of interacting with the Middle-Earth just yet. However, I don’t know if you and the fairies were forced to open the door.”

Humans were developing the magic civilization at a fairly fast pace.

If they weren’t satisfied with the resources available in the Middle-Earth, they could want to snoop around the other worlds like the demons. And the humans wouldn’t back off from a fight with either the spirits or the gods themselves.

In the end, everything would be ruined.

“Is there… no other way?” Asked Reina.

“Of course it exists. It is possible to achieve spiritual growth by leaving behind the material things. If we can learn to control our desires, abandon our selfishness and aim for a world with all beings, different futures will open up.”

Reina sighed with relief, however, Sylphid’s face remained unchanged.

“But the mental growth is much harder than material growth. The humans and fairies will realize that it will require a great deal of time and sacrifice for it to happen… I don’t know if the ruins will get close to the enlightenment.”

At those words, Reina taking a deep breath looked at Sylphid.

“But, isn’t it better than just watching that happen?”

“Are you asking me to help, indirectly?”

“But there is no need to be concerned, just let it sow the ‘Seed of Virtue’.”

The eyes of Reina weren’t shaking like they were nervous, she had a smile on her face.

“It’s hard for a human being.”

“But, don’t you think that it is possible? If not, why would you call me to this place and tell all these stories.”

If Sylphid had no hope, there was no reason for him to call Reina to his castle and explain things in detail.

She knelt in front of Sylphid.

“I have a precious person to whom I am grateful for. He is a lineage to heroes called as the Warrior, but he was courageous enough to continue the lineage of an unfortunate wizard called, the Devil King.”


“He has a goal, which he never revealed to anyone. He too could have chosen desire and hate just as the Spirit King has spoken. But he didn’t run into it. He is a person who knows of tolerance, makes choices and establishes new orders for all, and I want him to achieve his goal.”

At the words of Reina, Sylphid couldn’t help but smile.

“I don’t know about the world, but you came here to save a man?”

At the words of Sylphid, Reina blushed.

“If I can save him, I think that the world can change a little.”

“For that, you need the Seed of Virtue…”

Sylphid, thinking for a while, got up from the throne.

“Nice! I will give you strength and opportunity.”

“Thank you, Spirit King!”

She can go back. Help Luke in his dream to achieve revenge against the Baroque Empire.

Reina, feeling filled with good thoughts, heard the harsh words of Sylphid which came next.

“I wonder if you can manage it. In the past, there were those who wanted to gain strength and opportunity just like you, but they were never successful.”

“I… I know that.”

The Earth’s Tears had been passed down in the Royal Volga family.

Reina thought that the ones who had been mentioned as failures were the ancestors of hers.

“The gods haven’t permitted you, and you cannot be given the power of Spirits. But, the gods haven’t said anything about Aether.”

“Aether?” Asked Reina.

“The origin of all the power in the world. The power of Spirit, the divine power of mana… and Magic is also made of Aether.”

As Reina was shocked, he hit her with a warning.

“But it’s very hard for one to hold that power. Rather, it may invade your body and turn you into a monster or drive you crazy. Just like the case of your ancestors.”

She was always curious why the ancestors of her had suffered from madness or pain after using the Earth’s Tear, but now she understood.

“Even then, would you like to receive the power?”

As Sylphid asked, Reina clenched her fists and answered.

“I will.”


Once he heard her words, Sylphid’s two hands did something, and then held her hands.


The wind began to blow in a small whirlwind in the palm of Sylphid.

The whirlwind grew stronger and much clearer, and soon a brilliant transparent crystal appeared in the middle.

The size of the crystal was small, but seeing it, the energy seemed to be very reminiscent of a huge mountain of a vast sea.

“This is a part of my spirit power which is turned back into Aether. It is up to you whether you turn it into a great power or disaster.”

Reina was handed the Aether crystal.

The Aether crystal began to get absorbed into Reina’s body, like a salt dispersed in water.

Starting from the hands which took the crystal, the entire body began to feel refreshing. The blood vessels, nerves, and all the organs seemed to have been cleansed.

‘Ah, this is Aether…!’

Reina’s eyes went white.

In a white space, a man in front of her with a golden staff and a beautiful woman resembling an elf was beside him.

At the feet of theirs, tender shoots began to grow.

The shoots were growing quickly and healthily, the sun and moon began to rise, countless stars began to design the dark sky.

Dense greenery began to spread, and when the land wanted to rise, the mountains began to stand up and the rivers began to flow through the valleys.

And the vast sea began to wrap the earth, so was the wind in the sky.

In the meantime, shoots, or trees began to intricately cover the sky, and produce numerous fruits. Humans, fairies, demons, and …


As the Aether was absorbed, a great deal of information was passed into Reina’s mind.

The information was so vast that no human brain could normally afford to hold onto it.

Sylphid’s cold expression remained unchanged seeing Reina grab her head and scream.

‘If you don’t know, you can’t use it, if you can’t understand it, it is hard to control the power. What about you? What would you do?’

Sylphid was the one who sent the information through Aether.

As he watched, Reina’s head was filled with flowers and trees.

In addition, the silver hair of Reina changed to red and black, her ears pointed like the elves and wings began to emerge on her back.

At some point, however, the changes began to fade, and she went back to her appearance.

There was something. Mysterious light of Aether around her body continued to hover.

And then Reina disappeared in front of Sylphid.

Sylphid was very surprised.

“Went back? That too by…”

Up to this date, no one appears to acquire the Aether and return back to the world they have come from. They were dead.

But Reina was different.

Apparently, the return to the Middle-Earth meant that the power of Aether had been absorbed.

“Has she found her own way to deal with Aether? I guess she was a great kid. But to seal off the suffering and endure pain, isn’t that a bit reckless?”

Can Reina sow the seeds of virtue?

It was a question for Sylphid, but he had no expectation.

He prayed for new winds and new seeds to sprout in the middle-earth.