Emperor of Steel

Chapter 157 - Yggdrasil 4

Chapter 157: Yggdrasil 4

The western end of the Rhodesia continent.

There was a desert of heat beyond the green meadows, which was never visited by the people because of the monsters it sheltered.

In the middle of the desert land was a stone castle, where only the sun’s rays and lush sands could be seen.

In the old, mossy castle, there were bizarre statues one either side with a man walking between them.

The man, who was wearing a brown robe which had been embroidered with golden thread, passed through the desolate garden which was filled with stone statues and entered a building.


He who entered the hall knelt in front of the chair.

“Have you called me, ancestor?”

“Kul kul kul, yes. The. Thing. I asked. You. To prepare. Did you. Get. It?”

Skeleton Lich was the one seated on the chair.

He was Arsene, whose upper half of the body had been blown away by Erenes’s strike.

After he fled from the Dark Moon Magic tower, he hid in the desert castle waiting to recover from the injury he had sustained. He was preparing for a revenge ritual during the stay.

“Why would I neglect it? Here it is.”

That time, Veritas Magic Tower’s Meister Albert pushed the vial forward with his trembling hands.


The glass vial which left his hand flew and settled into the hands of Arsene.

Arsene looked very pleased and full of life having the vial in his possession.

“Kukk, at last. With. This. I’m finally. Complete.”

What Albert had brought with him was the potion of resurrection, which had been made with the blood of hundreds of priests and thousands of fairies.

It took 200 years for the potion to turn concentrated after extracting the deity power from the priests and the vitality of the fairies.

It took a lot of time as they had to avoid the eyes of many creatures to catch the elves who were hiding in the forests, and deep in the continent, but eventually the Veritas Magic tower had done it.

“With this. I can. Wake. Them. Up.”

Arsene, feeling good, got up from the seat and descended into the basement of the stone castle.

There were two large coffins in the room.

A knight wearing a golden armor in one of the coffins, and in the other was a wizard wearing the typical wizard robes, their bodies immersed with green liquid.


Approaching the coffin, The Lich poured the resurrection blood from the vial into the coffin.

Watching the liquid mix, Arsene began to memorize the spell.

As the liquid began to boil, the spell kept ongoing.

‘Will we succeed?’

Albert was thinking to himself while seeing Arsene perform.

If the ancient cursed technique could be a success and the two of them were revived, the Veritas magic tower would be able to dominate the entire continent.

Arsene, who memorized the lengthy spell, spread his hands to the sky and cried,

“Rise up. From. the Abyss. of Hell, deceased. Lion! The souls. Beyond. the law. of death! I. Arsene, will. let you. Breath. again! Open your. Eyes. And. Stand!”


The coffin lit up at one point.

After a while, it seemed like nothing was happening, but that was when it happened.

The corpses in the two coffins came alive as they opened their eyes.

Sitting in the coffin, they began to move their legs and come out of the coffin, the two dead creatures reached Arsene and knelt in front of him.

“I see my Master.”

“Loyalty to my Master!”

Arsene went mad with happiness as he saw the two being resurrected.

“At last. My guardians. Have come. Alive! Kukkkkk!”

Arsene who kept on laughing pointed to the ceiling and said,

“You two. Show me. Your skills.”

Arsene ordered them because he wanted to know if the ritual was truly successful. In the previous try, the ritual had failed.

The knight in the golden armor pulled out a sword and wielded it.


With golden aura flashing, half the stone castle got blown away.

But that wasn’t the end.

The middle-aged wizard wielded a whip of dark energy and melted the other half of the castle.

Arsene was very pleased with their strength, and it was all thanks to the thousands of deaths for the potion to be complete.

“Just wait, Erenes. I will. Capture. All. Your fairies. With my. Dark magic. And take them. As offerings. I will!”

Arsene gritted his teeth and spoke to the guardians who were staring at him,

“You will. Be in. the. Forefront. Standing. In front. Of me. You two. Will sweep. Off any. Obstacles that will come. My way!”

“Yes, master!”

Arsene and Albert began to leave the castle.

Albert seeing the two guardians take lead, asked,

“Ancestor, I have a question.”

“Those men. What. Is their. Original. Identity. Right?”

Albert nodded. Arsene spoke with pride,

“Warrior. And. Devil King.”


“Those. Two are. The very. Rakan. And. Saymon.”

Surprised by the words of Arsene, Albert went silent.

The two resurrected guardians were over 500 years ago and were living beings before, and they were taking their steps once again towards an ever-changing world.

The forces who would be called as a disaster.