Emperor of Steel

Chapter 156 - Yggdrasil 3

Chapter 156: Yggdrasil 3

“Is this the World Tree?”

After a long walk across the underground cave, Reina could finally see the huge tree.

In the normal circumstance, the tree’s leaves had to be lush green and large in size, touching the ceiling of the cave, but due to the changes, the leaves were long dead, leaving behind the grey and bare branches.

Legend had it that the World Tree was so huge and beautiful that it could cover the entire world, but seeing its current condition, it was hard to even imagine.

“How did it end up dead like this?”

At the question of Reina, Erwin answered after a long sigh,

“At the end of the mythical age, it was said that there were a few contentions among the Gods. And that to avoid the fight, one was said to have concealed himself.”

The battle of the two Gods, symbolizing the Light and Darkness, was said to be the reason why Aether had divided.

As a result, he decided to hide the World Tree underground to protect himself, and that led to the natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions to destroy the continent.

“Why did the fight even happen between the Gods?” Asked Reina.

“Devil God, who was born in the Darkness tried to destroy everything in the existing world to create a place that would suit him. But he was knocked down by El Kassel and the world was preserved.”

When the two people were talking, Sylvia who looked around, went close to them and said,

“This place is safe. I don’t see any monsters here.”

Erwin immediately prepared the ceremony.

After a week’s hard work, she had brought out various objects and magic items which she stored in the subspace ring, and began to draw magic circles around the World Tree.

When a huge circle of 10 meters in diameter was drawn, she pointed to the center of the altar.

“Please go over there and stand. When I send you a sign, you can trigger the Earth’s Tear as my teacher has taught you.”

“Understood.” Replied Reina.

Reina gulped and went to stand at the altar.

Her face was stiff with nervousness and anxiety.

She was there to keep her promise, but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t supposed to be scared.

Didn’t Erenes tell her?

When the door to the Spirit World was opened with Earth’s Tear, no one could know what would happen.

At worst, she may turn mad, or die being unable to handle the power of the spirits.

Even then, she wanted to keep the promise she had made, making two fists while she kept telling herself,

‘Everything will be fine, I need to think of Lord Luke, and not give up hope.’

Reina remembered what Erenes had told her before coming to the place.

Once Reina seemed ready, Erwin began to perform the ceremony.

Injecting magic into the pre-made core of the magic circle, the magic stones around the circle began to light up with rumbling sounds.

“‘M Ylistaen kaunis saa. Elvytettiin uudelleen maailma oli katkaistuna siteet menneeseen~!”

Erwin began to chant something in ancient fairy language which seemed very much like a song.

The song was elegant and beautiful in its own way.

At one point, the body of the World Tree which was dying shook and began to react a little.

“Please start!”

At the signal from Erwin, Reina triggered Earth’s Tears.


Reina’s body revealed a mysterious tattoo which had never been present before, and a fierce wind began to blow in every direction.

The wind of pure spirit power, which was never felt in the earth, swallowed her and the World Tree.

The moment the last magic circle began to light up, Reina’s appearance disappeared from the group of fairies.