Emperor of Steel

Chapter 155 - Yggdrasil 2

Chapter 155: Yggdrasil 2

Woo Woo Woong!

The scenery in front of them changed along with the serene sound of the wind.

The scene changed into a snow-covered valley from a mansion outside the city of Lamer.

“Where is this place?” Asked Reina.

“Sky mountain, this place is located farther north from the Volga Republic.”

Erwin handed Reina a thick coat which she had prepared in advance.

To the north of Volga was a land covered in ice.

The land, which was as wide as hundreds of kilometers in all directions, was constantly hit by snowstorms and thunderstorms.

Therefore, humans rarely lived there as well as the fairies. There were a lot of mountains that could be seen in front of them, but at the center was a mountain which rose higher than the others.

In the language of the fairies, the Sky Mountain was called ‘Mountain to the Sky’.

“This is the Holy land where the fairies are born,” explained Erwin.

“Holy Land?” Asked Reina.

Reina, who was interested in the fairies was shocked at what she heard.

“From what I know, the hometown of the fairies is the Word Tree, right?”

According to ancient mythology, fairies were born from the World Tree.

The World Tree, named Yggdrasil, was large and rich enough to support the entire continent.

“It is true. The World Tree is right under the Sky mountain.”

Erwin guided Reina and explained everything about their world to her.

And once they went far…

They saw dozens of fairies standing in front of a large cave.

There were many different types of fairies like the elves, dark elves, lycans, dwarves and many more. They were all gathered together.

However, Reina looked bewildered at what they were doing.

All of them were armed as if they were going to enter a battle very soon.

Erwin, who knew that Reina might be confused, began to explain it to her,

“To get to the place where the Word Tree is, we will have to go through a lot of monsters.”

“Oh, because of that…”

As they approached the dark elf woman who was standing there, she opened her mouth.

“This is princess Reina?”


Erwin nodded with an answer and pointed to Reina.

“Please say hello. This is Sylvia, my friend.”

As soon as she heard the name Sylvia, Reina’s complexion became pale.

“Syl, Sylvia is one of the famous Black Roses, Volga intelligence…!”

“Hohoho, now I am just a normal dark elf. Don’t be afraid cause I will not cause any harm to you.”

At the assurance of Sylvia, Reina nodded in relief. It was common sense that she wouldn’t do any harm as she was a much-needed medium.

“By the way, are the preparations done?” Erwin asked.

Sylvia received a letter a month ago from Erwin, stating that she had the Earth’s Tear in possession.

She had immediately prepared for the ceremony.

In addition to spying on the Sky mountain about its status, she selected warriors representing each of the races.

Twelve warriors were finally selected a week ago. Though skills were the ones they considered, they chose selfless men who would come with them for the sake of their people and the future of the fairies.

“Let’s go in. There is no need to waste precious time.”

Erwin said and immediately went into the cave along with the warriors.



The cave was wide and large.

From the moment they all step inside, numerous monsters exposed their teeth at the strangers who invaded their territory.

But the warriors, who were representing each of their race, were strong.

They were individuals that were as strong as a Sword Master or an 8 magic circle. They just melted down the monsters.

‘They, they are amazing!’

Reina couldn’t help but look at them with admiration as she watched the warriors fight from behind.

With the once gathered in there, she thought she could reach some common ground with them.

At first, the monsters seemed relatively weak, but as they went in deeper, they began to get stronger.

Some of the monsters they fought were Giant Spiders, Yeti, and Cockatrice, which were common ones.

“Why are there so many monsters?”

“They are drawn to the remnant spirit of the dried up World Tree.”

Although a little bit lagging, the warriors of each race fought with the monsters and moved forward.

Had they been walking for around a day?

In front of them, a large underground passage appeared. The passage then opened.

The passage was huge.

“In fact, it was said that the area was so rich that honey and milk would flow out as mentioned in the myths. At the end of time, rapid climate change and natural disasters turned it into a barren land, like the one we saw today.”

As a result, the Abaron Empire was founded after not being able to withstand the place anymore.

Due to natural disasters, the World Tree began to disappear from the world.

Fairies had sent numerous expedition groups to find the World Tree.

But in the end, they couldn’t find it.

However, a few years ago, an earthquake broke out in the north.

At that time, a part of the Sky Mountain had collapsed and an underground cave had appeared.

A curious fairy went into the cave to explore, bringing back surprising news.

The World Tree that they couldn’t find for thousands of years had finally been discovered.

Naturally, the fairy society was upset.

The people of each race, including Erenes, had gone to see the World Tree.

But the road to the World Tree was a monster haven.

Over the years, each fairy race had been sending in their best warriors but never succeeded.

“I have been wondering for a while, why are we going to the World Tree to open the Spirit Door?” Reina asked.

“It’s because the door to the Spirit World is at the World Tree.”

After all, the World Tree had the door of the Spirit World, the life and home for all the elves.

As soon as the party went into the basement, 10-meter monsters began to appear.

And the strongest was the twin-head ogre.

Monsters that were larger than fifteen meters, sneaky head, and trolls, no matter how many, they all attacked in a pattern.

Rather, the fairies were beginning to bleed.

“Kuck! If I knew about this, I would have brought in a Gigant!”

“Who knew that there would be monsters like this?”

As a lycan warrior limped, the dwarf warrior next to him spoke to him.

The fairy warriors were quite strong.

But along with Erwin, they were barely able to knock down the monsters.