Emperor of Steel

Chapter 153 - The Win 4

Chapter 153: The Win 4

The day after the victory celebration banquet,

Luke waited for the Emperor to deliver some kind of information regarding his request for the Hero-class Gigant.

However, the morning had passed into the afternoon, but there was no contact.

‘This man, Rudolf, trying to make a scene? Aren’t you?’

‘I tried very hard, but I couldn’t do it.’ Last night he vowed to try as hard as he could.

And with the spreading rumors all around calling him incompetent and biased Emperor, he then decided to press down the nobles.

“Marquis, a man has come from the Imperial court!”

At the loud voice from Anna, who came to tell that a man from the Emperor had come, Luke got up from his spot and moved.

However, an ominous word left the guard’s mouth.

“The newest Hero-class was very hard to get.”

“Tch, I knew it…” Said Philip.

Listening to Luke’s words yesterday, Philip thought there could be a little hope, but he ended up getting disappointed.

And it wasn’t just him.

Anna and Alex too were feeling the same, however, Luke who was the most disappointed didn’t show it.

“That is a pity. Since he is the Emperor, I thought that this much would be possible for him.” Said Luke.

“It wasn’t the Majesty’s fault. It was because of the Veritas Magic men.” The guard defended the Emperor.

The most prominent allegiance knights were the base of the Veritas Magic Tower.

“Every time a new class Gigant was introduced to the knights from the Veritas Magic tower, instead of being thankful and appreciative, they take it for granted. No, they are grateful only for the time when the delivery happens.” The guard said.


“This time too, the newest hero-class Gigant Atlas. It is a work of art, so it can’t just be handed to a low-class knight even if he has a high title. If there was a bad ride done in it with some knight and the Gigant met with an accident, you never know when the Gigant will fall apart.”

‘What, Atlas he said?’

It was interesting to know that there was an alliance between the Imperial Army and the Veritas Magic Tower, but it was even more surprising to know that the Hero-class Gigant that the Emperor was trying to get him was the very recent Atlas.

If they were calling it as Atlas, then it was the blueprint that Luke had recently stolen from the Brandon Branch Veritas Magic Tower.

Until the guard had spoken, Luke was under the impression that the Gigant was under development. But was it finished?

‘This is going to raise the Empire’s power so much more.’

While Luke fell into his own thoughts, the guard continued to speak,

“Our Majesty tried very hard. And it wasn’t up-to-date, but he is giving you another hero-class Gigant.”


“Yes, it is a 30-year old Gigant called ‘Kratos’, but the core engine output is still good. Would you like to take a look at it?” The guard asked.

Luke coldly followed the guard.

The guard took Luke to a warehouse managed by the capital’s defense forces, and Kratos was kept with several other spare Gigants.

“This is Kratos?!” Luke exclaimed.

“This is a masterpiece of the Altica Magic Tower, which was one of the top five magic towers in the continent 30 years back.” The guard informed.

Painted in light blue-grey, Kratos wore overwhelmingly styled gloves, which were rather sharp than the regular Gigants.

The appearance of this monster, made Achilles look like nothing.

Thanks to that, Luke was able to smile with satisfaction.

“I like it.”

Although it wasn’t the latest Hero-class Gigant that he wanted, Luke wasn’t able to erase the smile from his face.

“Kratos… let us do great things in the future with me.”

First, Luke had to be a rider who can use the Gigant’s power properly.

Realizing that, Luke decided to focus more on his Gigant’s maneuver training.