Emperor of Steel

Chapter 147 - Conflict and Opposition 2

Chapter 147: Conflict and Opposition 2

Once again the ripple struck the capital the day before, right after the death of Marquis Cavanill.

Overnight, several nobles and nobles of the Emperor had died.

And naturally, both sides flipped over.

They went out looking for the culprit and found the clues that they thought the culprit had left, unlike the case of Marquis Cavanill.

The clues were all usually small and suspicious items, such as the velvet textile used by the Imperial Forces, or the handkerchiefs that were sold in the nearby shops of a noble’s mansion.

But the two sides, who had already doubted each other, were busy criticizing each other than looking for reliable clues.

“It was his intention to kill us in the Empire capital region.”

“That is right. There are no definite clues, but the same man definitely killed Marquis Cavanill.”

A manor outside the Nemesis.

Many knew noble figures were gathered.

They seriously condemned the assassination call of the Emperor and called for a federal action.

“Duke Butler, what do you think about this?”

In the topmost seat of the meeting room.

Seated there was a white-haired old man with sharpness in his eyes.

He was the one called Duke Butler, representing the noblemen.

He was huge in the West. He ran straight to the capital upon hearing the news about Marquis Cavanill.

The man, who was quietly listening to their words till then, finally decided to speak as the nobles wanted to know of his opinion.

“Is this really the work of the Emperor?” Butler asked.

“Yes. All the clues that we have discovered are pointing at the Emperor so far. It is the work of the Emperor.”

The words were from a young noble, Cardiff, who thought that the emperor was quite crafty.

But knowing the Emperor, he would certainly never do anything as stupid as to leave behind evidence.

However, no matter how dense Emperor Rudolf was, not all of the Emperor’s nobles were the same as him.

Many of the Emperor’s nobles were just worms with the highest loyalty to the Emperor.

There was a highly good chance that such worms might have done a poor job gaining the advantage of the Emperor.

Whatever the reason was, if such assumptions were indeed right, the responsibility would ultimately be attributed to the head, the Emperor.

“Marquis Mayers, what are your thoughts on this?” Asked Butler.

Mayers, who was sitting on the opposite side of Duke Butler, opened his mouth.

“I feel a bit unsure, but things shouldn’t be like this anymore. For starters, I think we should have a minimum safety measure?”

Marquis Mayers, who had come to the capital before Duke Butler, insisted that the noblemen should be united.

If they were all scattered, they would definitely be blown away.

“So, are you proposing a rebellion?”

The word rebellion, which came out from the mouth of Duke Butler, made the faces of all the nobles in the room turn stiff.

The word held such heavy meaning.

“Not a rebellion. Let’s just show the Emperor that we are united and ask him to punish the man who was behind this incident. And to transfer some of the Emperor’s power over to the Imperial Council.”

In other words, it was kind of an armed demonstration.

In fact, the nobles knew well that they wouldn’t win easily if they went head-to-head with the Emperor.

No matter what, the Emperor’s army and the Emperor’s knights would still always be superior to the nobles.

But thankfully, Count Kyle was killed a while back, and half of the six Sword Masters of the Empire now belonged to the noblemen.

In particular, Duke Butler, who was the second strongest after Rudolf, had gained a lot of trust and respect from the Central Knights.

That was why the Emperor thought that he couldn’t ignore their demands.

“Uhm, is that the only way?”

“Yes. We are already stepping on the back of the dragon, walking back is like accepting our own defeat.”

Many of the nobles, like Marquis Mayers, were from the royals of the kingdom which had been occupied by the Baroque Empire.

The only reason that they had followed the Emperor was because they had no power.

“I agree with Marquis Mayers.”

“Yes, if not now, when will we show our strength?”

Here and there, the nobles began to move in favor of the so-called rebellion.

Eventually, according to the number of opinions, the nobles decided to assemble a force, and both Butler and Mayers were the ones to pressure the Imperial family.


“What happened? For the other nobles other than Cavanill to be taken down?!”

In the Emperor’s office.

Emperor Rudolf was angry with Count Voltas.

Because something that he hadn’t expected had happened.

But, Count Voltas was in the same manner.

“I don’t know what has happened in the city. I called the Meister of Hyrda and asked, but he said that they didn’t do it.”

“Then who the hell did this? And by the way, are you sure that nobles of our side didn’t go killing the nobles on their side?”

The Emperor nobles and the knights, who died that night, were men who were administrative officers he cherished.

They were talented people that could lead the Empire to a better future, but everything changed in a moment.

“It still isn’t clear… The intelligence department is still investigating it, so the truth will surely come out soon.”

A few clues were found near the carcasses of the dead Emperor nobles.

However, the evidence was so obvious that it was doubtful if it could be trusted or not.

So, the Empire’s intelligence department moved to investigate it.

“This is… Nothing really works the way it has to!”

Rudolf, who was frustrated, pounded his chest.

Count Voltas couldn’t do anything but look at the Emperor.