Emperor of Steel

Chapter 144 - Blowing Winds in the Capital 3

Chapter 144: Blowing Winds in the Capital 3

Luke went back to the accommodation where he was staying after a long day’s struggle, to find a bunch of letters in his room.

They were sent by the Count, someone who had referred to Luke as Lord, asked him to be present at the banquet feast of his family.

After looking through a few pages, Luke threw them into the trash.

Luke had no time to spare and go to a banquet or a feast, nor did he have any desire to interact with any nobles.

Seeing Luke’s act, Philip asked,

“Maybe you should drop by for just one second and get familiar with them? In the future, just one noble on our side could…”

“I understand what you are trying to say, but if you look at me now, I am all alone and by myself. The same people who were bullying me till a few days back are asking me to join then, what is their reason for the change? The nobles, the Emperor, they are all using me, you must know that.”

The forces of both, the nobles and the emperor were in a tight battle.

As a result, they were determined to recruit powerful and prestigious people to their own sides.

In addition, Luke had no intention of siding with nobles who only end up acting like Emperor.

Now, they were all roaring against the emperor and his power, but there was a time when their ancestors were fighting alongside the Baroque family and persecuted the fairies.

“Anyway, I am tired, so I’ll go take rest, if there is something that is important, then let me know.”

“Understood. Please rest.”

Philip bowed his head and headed straight to his room.

As Philip went away, Luke went out to the terrace and looked at the landscape.

“It is a great view. Only if there was a star which would touch the ground.”

Luke’s group was staying at one of the best accommodations in the Imperial region.

Because the nobles and the other high ranking officials were given their stay there, the Imperial officers had no choice but to place them there.

‘There are a lot of people who struggle with pain in the darkness of a beautiful night. If there is light, there is darkness…’

Looking at the night view which ended up taking Luke down his bitter memory lane, Luke walked back to his room.

However, he was slightly impressed by the unfamiliar person that he had never seen before.

“Who are you? If you have a message stick your head out.”

If Luke felt like he was in trouble, he would have immediately pulled out his sword.

At the frosty voice of Luke’s, a sleek man in his late thirties came up from behind the furniture.

“Are you Luke de Rakan?” He asked.

“Yeah, you?”

Despite the not-so-warm response from Luke, the opponent smiled and greeted him

“I am Baron Manuel, the secretary of Marquis Cavanill.”

“Why would you sneak into a man’s room like a thief?”

At the question from Luke, Manuel looked straight into Luke’s eyes and said,

“Sir Marquis has ordered me to specifically deliver a message only for your ear. I would have never hurt you, Viscount.”

“Yeah? Then, let me heart it.” Asked Luke.

Luke had heard something from Alex during the day, so he decided to listen to what the man had to offer him.

Upon the given permission, Manuel presented the proposal of the Marquis with a peculiar tone.

“On the eve of the Victory Parade, at the Imperial Court, you will have to announce that the war is a defeat and not a victory.”

With Luke’s words contradicting the emperor’s will about the War heroes, Luke would be able to overturn the situation which was leaning towards the emperor.

‘So, they thought of fighting back by twisting me?’

Luke, who was scowling inside, talked as if he was interested.

“What if I do declare that it was a defeat?”

“It will put you on the side of the nobles. And we will hand over the estates in the north of the Nair River.”

On the North Side of the Nair River, was Baron Powell, a noble.

Baron Powell had a rather small estate, however, it was important because it was on the way to the capital Nemesis.

And if the Rakans had to fight it out with the Imperial family, it would be the first to occupy.

‘To the Marquis, Rakan is a beast whose claws are hidden. Right now, I am bowing down to these people because I don’t have the strength, but when that moment comes, I will expose not just the claws but my fangs too for the Imperial family.’

Which was why the Marquis thought Luke would never reject the offer.

And the proposal went on.

“And in the future, the noblemen promise to take a neutral side in case any conflict happens with the Imperial family.”

If the nobles, in charge of the great power in the Imperial went neutral, a lot of burdens would be lifted from Luke.

However at the same time, Luke saw the other side of Marquis Cavanill’s plan.

‘When I go fighting with the Imperial, he will be the one benefitting from it.’

If the Rakan decides to bite the Imperial, the noblemen would end up getting the power.

After hearing what Baron Manuel had to say, Luke, pretending like he was in some deep thoughts, opened his mouth,

“Would it be possible to give me some time to think this through?”

“Two days, after that, I’ll come and meet you.”

With those words, Baron Manuel quietly disappeared.

“What? Marquis Cavanill has sent a proposal to the Rakan Viscount?”

“Yes, your majesty. I think that he’s planning on something.”

Late at night, Count Voltas had delivered some amazing news to the emperor.

Emperor Rudolf came out of his bed and looked annoyed.

“Cavanill! I have been holding myself back all this time! And he is planning on doing something behind me back?” The emperor screamed.

“How about we get rid of Marquis Cavanill this time?” Asked the emperor.

Marquis Cavanill, with his outstanding mind and eloquence, was in charge of the noblemen, along with Duke Butler as Sword Master, and Marquis Mayers was the one in charge of forming the southern forces.

By staying in the capital, the emperor thought that they were trying to put a check on him and his power, but never thought that they were planning to take the throne!

“If that person suddenly dies, would the nobles stay still?” Asked Voltas.

“Yeah, without leaving any proof behind, it can be done.” Said the emperor.

In fact, it was Rudolf who wanted to get rid of all the nobles.

But in order to get rid of the nobles who occupied a third of the empire, Rudolf would have to shed a lot of blood.

And that act, if not executed properly, would reduce the power of the Empire.

Therefore, even if he didn’t like it, Rudolf could do nothing but keep still.

However, for him, the nobles had crossed a line.

The nation was badly damaged due to the war, and they would dare to reduce the Emperor’s authority!

“Okay, do that. But tell them to be sure not to leave any evidence behind.”

In the silent response of Rudolf, Voltas responded in a confident manner,

“Not long ago, the members of Hydra had become master. They will be able to get rid of Marquis Cavanill without leaving any evidence.”

In the Imperial family, there were numerous secret organizations which were being sheltered and trained apart from the Knights of Guard and the Royal Magic Tower.

Among them was an assassination organization called Hydra, which had been made up with a limited number of assassins, and just recently an Assassin Master was born.

‘Hmm, if he is a Master, then surely…’

The guards of the Marquis weren’t surely going to be easy to handle, especially since Cavanill is a great noble.

It was definite that excellent knights and wizards would be around him all the time, and killing him through that guard wouldn’t be an easy task for anyone.

However, if it was Master, then it could be different.

Like the Sword Master and Spear Master, the assassin too had a master.

If an assassin could reach that level, then even a Sword Master can be assassinated without any trace of struggle, almost like a natural death.

“Then, I will trust you.”

Rudolf spoke with a bright face, and as if suddenly reminded of something, he asked,

“But, what should we do about that Luke guy?”

“Though he has been contacted by the men of Marquis Cavanill, there was no solid evidence that he had been bought by them. So, for now, let’s call him and give him as much credit as possible, sire.”

“But, would the man believe my words?” Asked Rudolf.

“He doesn’t have to believe you. But till the time this war inside the capital ends, he shouldn’t be in a state to hold hands with the nobles.”

“Then, call him over as soon as possible.”

And with that, the two men drifted into other conversations.