Emperor of Steel

Chapter 140 - Contact with the Dark Moon 3

Chapter 140: Contact with the Dark Moon 3

After returning to the Fortress, Luke had ordered his knights who had joined him in the conquest to rest, and the others to renovate the Fortress, and Luke headed to the dungeon which was located under the headquarters.

In the dungeon was a captive warlock, who had paid Luke a visit during his dam construction.

Grrrk! Creek!

Rob was seated in the meditation posture, he raised his head when he heard someone approaching him.

“You…?” Rob asked.

“Huhu, have you been well during this time?” Asked Luke.

Rob who noticed Luke, frowned.

However, soon Rob’s face turned pale. It was because he was feeling choked by the strange and immense energy Luke was releasing.

‘This, what is this? It is neither mana or Magi.’ Thought Rob.

Warlocks were used to sensing Magi and demons’ presence.

However, the energy felt his visitor was not something that could be called as a Magi.

It sure had the chaos which the Magi had, however, there was no wickedness in it. Instead, everything about him was overwhelming and consuming.

‘Did he artificially process the magi? No, that can’t be possible. Only our Dark Moon tower can do it!’. Thought Rob.

Rob, wasn’t able to understand; he wasn’t able to understand it, so he shouted at Luke,

“Kuek! You, who are you?” Rob asked.

“I am Luke de Rakan. Descendant of the Warrior Rakan.”

“That, that can’t be possible?!”

“How could the descendant of Rakan use dark magic?”

“Why? Is there any law that says a descendant of a warrior should not learn dark magic?” Asked Luke.


“And, do I look like a normal warlock to you?”

At the question from Luke, Rob went dumb.

It was certain that his visitor wasn’t a normal warlock. It was common sense that normal warlocks didn’t know that demons could be contracted to slavery.

“You won’t be able not to believe it even if you want to. But since I have recognized your identity, you should know well that you are needed to answer my questions, that too is the truth.”

Saying that Luke immediately asked another question,

“Who did you learn the Black Spear from?”

“Black Spear?” Asked Rob.

“Yes. If you tell me from whom you learned the Black Spear from, I can release you.”

At the attempt of Luke to make him talk, Rob shook his head with a determined face.

“You think I will speak?”

Rob had no idea if the visitor was a descendant of a warrior or a demon that was heavily armored and looked like a warrior.

However, he had no intention of talking about the Dark Moon.

If the presence of the Dark Moon was known, they would be under attack by the citizens of their continent.

At the response of Rob’s, Luke nodded as if he had expected that reaction.

“I won’t torture you. I won’t be using the brainwashing magic either. It won’t even work on the 6 circle magic stubborn warlock like you. Instead…”

Without finishing the words, Luke just expressed his dark magic.

Seeing the dark magic, Rob’s eyes went wide.

“Blac, Black Spear!”

Although the color was purple, the Black Spear was the same magic form and energy.

Rob was shocked as he saw Luke developed the Black Spear, the skill that the Dark Moon Magic Tower knew, that too, he did it without any effort.

Black Spear wasn’t just simple techniques that could be demonstrated by learning dark magic.

Without knowing the magic formula and the mana specific which Saymon created, even an 8 circle warlock couldn’t perform it.

In addition, a considerable amount of training was needed to keep the energy of the dark magic that was needed to execute it.

However, a 20-year-old young man was able to show the Black Spear, very easily!

“Are you wondering how I am able to use this magic?”. Asked Luke.


“Wondering, I ask? You are feeling anxious.”


At the words of Luke, Rob’s frown deepened.

It was true, but just like his visitor said, it was an anxious situation, and he was wondering how the descendant of a warrior who supported the war against the dark magic, was able to share the same vision as his Magic Tower.

“I know the creators of the magic. Curious, but you can’t ask about the person who stands out.”

“Stop, stop it! I won’t listen to it anymore!”

“Well, can you really stand the truth even if I stop saying it?” Asked Luke.

With that, Luke was showing off his dark magic.

All in all, each of the dark magic that Luke performed were the ones that were only taught to the followers in the days of Saymon.

In addition to the Black Spear, Rob was shocked at what he had to witness, the skill that only the Meister of his Magic Tower could perform.

The final one, Golem.

A terrible looking Golem had appeared in the dungeon, Rob reached out to see the structure of the Golem, and the magic that it had.

‘This isn’t a random golem made by normal warlocks! This is the battle golem which is made by the Dark Moon’s vision!’

Rob’s body trembled.

His fear taking control over his body, then Rob shouted,

“Who? Who the hell are you?”

“If you want to know about that, start with your history. Then I’ll fairly let you know about me.”

At those words, Luke walked out of the dungeon.

Leaving the place, he closed the bars and said,

“I will come back in a day. Let me know if you have changed your mind. I won’t be giving you a chance once again.”

Luke had left.

After that, Rob wasn’t able to stand still, he kept on pacing back and forth in his cell.

Right in front of him was the Golem which wasn’t erased, the Vision of the Dark Moon, which Luke had just made.

‘What am I supposed to do. Should I let him know about our history and find out who he is? No, there is no guarantee that he will let me live and send me back alive…’

A few days back, he had heard the news about the Dark Moon magic Tower being visited by a Lich, who was able to perform both white and dark magic.

He also knew that the Lich was someone called as Arsene, the enemy of Saymon. And Saymon was the father of the Dark Moon from over 500 years ago.

‘Wasn’t the descendant of a warrior on the side of Arsene? No, then he surely would have known about the Dark Moon, he surely wouldn’t have been so curious about the history.’ Thought Rob.

While thinking, he heard footsteps outside.

‘Has a day passed already?’

Seeing the face of Luke, Rob went stiff.

Luke smiled at Ron and asked,

“So, what about it? Would you like to talk now?”

After a moment’s hesitation, Rob opened his mouth.

“I will tell you. But, after hearing my story if you will harm me…”

With red eyes, Rob said,

“I will sell my body and soul over to the demon, and crush every little being on the land of Rakan!”

“Well, whatever. Talk to me, anyway.” Said Luke.

At the irritated expression on Luke’s face, Rob talked about his power and the Dark Moon magic tower.

“So, you learned dark magic at the Dark Moon magic tower?” Asked Luke.

“Exactly. 200 years ago, the survivors of the Darkness Magic Tower gathered and built it in the northern Volga.”

Luke’s body trembled hearing that.

Luke thought that Rob might have directly descended from the Darkness Magic Tower. But on the other hand, it was highly likely that Rob could have been a descendant of the enemy too.

Perhaps a few humans who have attacked Saymon had taken his Dark Magic Book from the Devil King’s castle, or from the Darkness tower.

No, there was also a doubt of humans filled with greed stepping into unknown boundaries for their own well-being.

But, Rob turned out to be the descendant of the Darkness Magic Tower!

When it turned out to be true, Luke clenched his fists not knowing.

The relationship he had with the Magic Tower 500 years ago, was still alive.

Luke asked for more details. Like, who was the Meister of the Magic Tower, and stuff.

Rob’s voice went much softer every time a new question was asked. And after a while…

“Kay, I told you everything that I could. Now, please let me know about your history.”

“Okay. Hear carefully.”

Luke smiled and talked about the story of how he learned about Saymon’s vision.

How he accidentally discovered Saymon’s secret lab, and the dark magic books which were there, and him attempting to learn them.

‘If I tell them that I am Saymon, they’ll treat me like a crazy human maybe?’

In the dark magic, there was the skill that changes one soul into another persons’ body.

However, the body change magic was only possible for people who were living in the time of Saymon, so it would be hard for Luke to convince Rob.

Anyhow, Luke managed to form a reasonable story for Rob.

“Uh, how could this have happened?!”

Rather than being surprised, Rob was amazed.

How hard did the senior wizards try for the past 500 years to the Yujin (the personal notes) of the Black Sage Saymon!

But for that Yujin to be nobody else, but the descendant of the enemy who had killed Saymon!

“This is really lame and something that makes no sense.” Said Rob.

“Not necessarily. I am a descendant, but I understand the feelings of Saymon.”

“You understand?” Scoffed Rob.

“I read the diary which was in the lab. I knew about the situation why he had to turn into the Devil King. I understood that he wasn’t a bad person like the words considered him to be. Which was why I learned his vision.”

At the firm words of Luke, Rob’s expression softened.

Although he was a descendant of the warrior, he stated that he understood Syamon’s admiration which made Rob feel relieved and reduce his cautiousness.

“But, what is that bizarre energy in your body?” Asked Rob.

“The closest force to Mana and Magi fundamentals which Saymon was researching, and the Ether of the world, the most basic force.”

“Then, your strength is the legacy which was left behind by the Black Sage?”

“Right. Maybe when he sees me having his power, I don’t think Saymon would look at me with much hate.”

Luke responded naturally.

But, Rob was rather stunned by listening to his words.

He suddenly got up from his place and knelt in front of Luke.

“What are you doing now?” Luke asked.

“As the descendant of the enemy, you have taken the vision and power of the Black Sage. You are his Yujin (shadow), you can be his disciple, he is the ancestor of the Dark Moon.”

Whatever be the reason, Rob began to see Luke as someone who understood the heart of Saymon, and said that he could be the disciple.

In other words, he was asking Luke to join the Dark Moon magic tower.

“You are a student who seeks the truth in the darkness, you need to take in the Magic Tower.”

At the polite words of Rob, Luke’s expression changed.

“Then, are you acknowledging me?” Asked Luke.

“That is true. In the spirit of the Magic Tower, you are the highest-ranking senior at the Dark Moon.”

“Then, can I see you as a subordinate?” Asked Luke.

“As long as your decisions cause no harm to the Magic Tower, I will follow any orders from the ancestor’s shadow.”

“Kukuku, nice. Then, I will give you my first order.” Said Luke with a smile.

Luke spoke and looked at Rob,

“I’ll release you right away, so you need to go and tell the Dark Moon Meister to come and see me.”

“Need to ask the Meister to come and meet?”

At Rob’s question, Luke replied with utmost importance,

“Yes. I want to discuss the future of the Dark Moon magic tower with him.”

“Okay, I will carry out your orders.”

Rob bowed to Luke and went out of the cell door which Luke had opened.

“Hut, maybe I will get an unexpected reinforcement.”

With a small smile, he went up to the Fortress and began to concentrate on the work that had to be done in the Fortress. The war was over, but there were a lot of things that had to be cleaned.