Emperor of Steel

Chapter 137 - Attack of Volga Republic 4



Duke Dimitry, who was in the midst of crushing down the Northern Army, was surprised when a huge sword blocked his Gigant.

It seemed like a hero-class Gigant, and the rider in it didn’t seem to be an ordinary knight.

“My name is Asland de Kyle. And I’ve asked for the battle between the first swordsman of Republic.”

Dimitry nodded at the polite introduction of the knight, while he curled up his lips.

“You must be Count Kyle, also known as the Hawk of North. Understood, so try your best to stop me.”

No matter how the two nations’ relationships were, the conversation between the two knights had reached the highest point.

The pride and honor about their ability, and the opponent of the other nation knowing about their skills.

Which was why Count Kyle had asked for a one-on-one match, and Duke Dimitry accepted it at the same speed.

“Retreat, the great battle!”

“If you don’t want to get caught between the fight, move out!”

Despite the situation being a war, the two huge Gigants made sure that both armies moved out for their match.

If any human got involved in the fight with the Gigants, it was clear that they would end up dead.

When the surroundings were properly arranged, the two riders representing the two sides of the war began to clash with their swords.



The battle between the Sword Master, according to Kyle had begun.

The fierce aura clashed from both sides, sharp Gigantic aura induced swords; the aftermath was terrible.

“Avoid, avoid it!”

“If we get hit by the aura wave, we’ll be destroyed! Move away!”

The two Gigant riders had already entered an intense fight, much quicker than one would have anticipated, so the soldiers and the troops had to retreat much farther back.

They still insisted on seeing the huge sword slash, hoping that their Sword Master would be the one to win.

Pang! Puht?!

Dimitry hurriedly hit the Gigant which was in front of his eyes, which seemed to have the aura flickering.

However, when he tried, the Gigant blocked the attack and frighteningly, another Gigantic aura rose.

“Kuk, is this the Fake Sword of rumor?” Asked Dimitry.

Fake Sword.

The skills that Count Kyle was performing with his sword.

When the trick-come-skill is practiced well, it makes it difficult for the enemy to grasp which one is the truth.

When one trains long with the Fake Sword, the opponent wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between reality and fake.

In addition, the deception based on swordsmanship wasn’t weak.

Fake Sword strike had the power to take down a light steel armored Gigant.

However, with the 3,500 fight Gigant output, the destructive force increased.

It was as good strike as the one Duke Dimitry had, which the Sword Sage could perform.

‘Hoho, I did hear that he is one of the most spoken Masters in the Empire.’ Thought Dimitry.

Dimitry couldn’t help but smile at Kyle’s offensive stance.

If he had decided to stay in the capital, like the other higher official, then Dimitry wouldn’t have had the chance to battle like this.

And Dimitry was a step higher than the Sword Master, he was closer to Sword Sage, a higher level of Sword Master.

In addition, the sword’s movements widened accordingly, and it was much clearer for him to predict where his opponent would attack.

It was the same case as the opponent was a Sword Master, so the weakness of the Gigant performance would be compensated with his skill.


With a thunderous sound, the aura from Jerdin’s huge sword shone. It was a Thunder Blade, the attack from Dimitry.

‘Huh, this level is a little…’ Thought Count Kyle.

The Thunder Blade did look strong, but Count Kyle considered that it was something that he could stop.

So, he took a step back to stop it.

But somehow, it was possible. Rather, Atlas was being dragged towards Jerdin.

“What, what…!” Stuttered Kyle.

“Did you think that you could avoid it so easily?” Asked Dimitry.

Dimitry’s Thunder Blade accelerates the aura, creating a tremendous amount of static electricity, which infiltrates the aura and looks like lightning.

In the process, a powerful magnetic force occurs, and the opponent who tries to take it lightly when dealing with it, when in close distance will be dragged with the armor or the sword.

It wasn’t much different in the case of the Gigant. No, not at all different as the riders were inside the Steel Gigant; they get dragged much easily because of the conducting capabilities of the material.

As all this was happening, a huge sword flew in front of Kyle, who lifted the buckle from the left arm to stop the attack.



As if a mana bomb had exploded, a huge violent blast had occurred.

It was so bad to the extent, that Kyle who was inside the cockpit, threw up blood.

But, that wasn’t the end of his troubles.

Duke Dimitry, who pulled in Atlas with his Thunder Blade continued to attack relentlessly; they were aura attacks.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwaaaang!

In the second series of attacks, the buckler got smashed with the third attack, and the left arm went off, in the fourth attack, the breastplate got smashed.

“This is the last!”

Dimitry, who managed to make Atlas look like a ragged Gigant, took a break from the attack and lifted his Gigant’s sword high.

At the tip of the huge sword; the light began to gather, creating an image of a much bigger sword, and the aura began to glow.

The riders and the soldiers of the empire began to tremble seeing it.

“Ohhh! Oh my! Hyper Aura! It can’t be anything other than the Hyper Aura!”

No knights apart from those who saw Emperor Rudolf fight had ever witnessed a Hyper Aura in front of their eyes.

Which was why they knew that the Hyper-orientation looked like the one of a Sword Sage.

It was definite that Duke Dimitry’s Jerdin was displaying Hyper Aura.


Jerdin knocked down the huge sword which he raised to the sky.

It was a movement that didn’t seem to require a lot of effort, however, the Atlas was split vertically from head to toe.

How neatly it had been split, he managed to damage the core engine very sleekly without crashing or bursting.


For a short while, silence lingered on the field which had witnessed the death of Count Kyle, who had engaged in the battle with Duke Dimitry of the Volga Republic.

‘Dammit, this is still not enough.’

Duke Dimitry, who silenced his enemy, looked at the sword of Jerdin and thought.

It was because he felt the Hyper Aura created by him wasn’t perfect, it felt incomplete to him.

The Hyper Aura was a super-vibration of the Gigantic Aura, which multiplies the power of a Gigant by several times.

If a true super-vibration had taken place, the cut surface of the Altas would have to be very clean, and the blade wouldn’t have chipped the Gigant.

However, the cut surface of Atlas looked rather rough to Dimitry, and there was a slight flaw in the big sword. So Dimitry knew that the Hyper Aura wasn’t fully achieved yet.

Dimitry was in his thoughts looking at Jerdin’s huge sword.

Faster than anyone, Count Naiman gave out the orders.

“What are you all doing?! Move out and capture! Take revenge for the death of Count Kyle!”

The knights and soldiers couldn’t back off from the Sword Sage. If they tried to step back, they would be impeached for treason or defeat. No, even before they have the chance to be prosecuted, they would be disintegrated by the troops who were in front of them.

‘To stop everything, we must kill Dimitry. We might be able to catch the Sword Sage if we can use 170 Gigants…’

Even if the knights were all out, if they only managed to capture the Sword Sage, the Imperial army thought that the enemy could be taken down.

Conscious of their duties, the Imperial riders shouted and began to rush over to Duke Dimitry,

“Wahh! Attack!”

“Ignore the rest! And go for the Sword Sage, Duke Dimitry only!”

With dozens of Gigants around Jerdin, the Imperial Gigants began to round-up and rushed in.

Rather than being flustered to see the number, Dimitry had a cruel smile plastered to his face.

The battle that had happened that day, the Northern Army had been defeated horribly.

Duke, Dimitry had swept away the Imperial Gigants, which were desperate for their victory.

In addition, Gigants of the Republic fought, and Gigants passed away in just 30 minutes of the battle.

Once the Gigant troops were wiped out, there was a one-sided massacre. Of the 70,000 troops, barely 10,000 managed to survive after fleeing.

After defeating the Northern Army, Dimitry captured the Krom city and began to sweep the northern provinces.