Emperor of Steel

Chapter 132 - Lending a Hand 4

Chapter 132: Lending a Hand 4

“Who gave you the permission to do such an attack?!”

Just as Luke had predicted, the Volga Republic’s army went haywire.

Tyron, who was in full control of the Fortress attacking unit, rebuked each unit’s leader for ignoring his orders and attacking the Torlot Fortress aggressively.

“You went and put your nose in a well-cooked rice! Only if you would have left them alone, they would’ve opened the gate by themselves for us tomorrow. What the hell would you all resort to this?!” Shouted Tyron.

“Apologies, Sir commander. Some men greedy for power and the titles they might get…”

“Shut up! If it was one or two who had been deviated, then fine, but it was a systematic attack with the Gigant troops, artillery, and the infantry, what do you make of that? Does that mean that people were all planning in advance?”, Tyron was furious at them.

At the words of Tyron who was in distress, leaders of the units were all sweating, they weren’t able to respond appropriately to his questions.

It was because his words were true.

The attack was a really big accident.

It was a problem because the promises they had made with the Torlot Fortress were being taken down, however, the bigger problem was that the frontline officers and the knights ignored the military command issued by their Commander.

The only principle of military uniform.

The corps were all uncontrolled, and no matter how many they are, the units were ready to take down the fortress, which could collapse any time like a sand castle.

That was why Tyron, gave the order for retreat.

“This war isn’t just about Fortress capture! This is a mission to lure the Northern Army, so do your work properly!” Shouted Tyron.

“There, there is no dismissal, Sir!”

“Please forgive us… the Directional soldiers are a unit who is assigned to the private lords, hence we weren’t used to being controlled by the Central Army.”

Now was the time for each of the unit’s leaders to make excuses on behalf of their men.

Tyron was still angry.

“I don’t want to hear it! Get out of here right away! I will show my strength by implementing the military law!” Screamed Tyron.

At the words, all the men in the barracks turned white at once.

Disobedience to orders was considered a felony that leads to immediate execution. And if done wrong by many, the officers and knights could be killed.

“Sir, please reconsider!”

“That can’t be done! You had the rule to apply to the military law and carry out your assigned mission!” Responded Tyron.

“It was a mistake done because of a young man full of hot blood. Please forgive…”

While the commander’s barracks were shaking, the camp of Volga Republic was in a heated discussion.

Some officers and knights who committed disobedience regretted their ‘crazy act’ right away, however, there were many who complained about ‘what wrong did we do’.

“Well, if we continued to attack a little more, we could have all captured the Fortress!”

“Right, the commander doesn’t have to blame us…”

“Shut up, because of what you guys did, those Imperial bastards inside the Fortress won’t step back till the end!”

“So what?”

The atmosphere was crazy, and that didn’t stop even after the sunset.

The one suffering the most was Marquis Tyron, the commander. It was because the force had been split into two.

He never had any meetings with his staff and the unit leaders, as well as regarding the future raid of the Fortress.

No definite measures or actions were taken.

The most annoying thing was that they had blown away the opportunity to get the Fortress without loss.

‘Should I send a messenger and let them know that it wasn’t intentional? No, they won’t believe me. And if that Luke guy has no intention to surrender now…’

The main concern was the news of Rob and the other recent scouts who were gone upstream were all lost.

If only Tyron knew what was happening upstream, he would have the chance to take any kind of action without hesitation.

Attack the Fortress and occupy, or send a messenger and negotiate again.

‘Should I go fly by myself?’

It wasn’t just once or twice that the frustrating heart of Tyron wanted to fly up and see what was happening in the upstream of San river.

However, he wasn’t a general wizard, he was the commander of an army of 60,000.

No matter how many staff or leaders he had under his control, he just couldn’t leave his barracks.

Moreover, as seen by the day, the structure of the Fortress didn’t seem very good, the next moment he takes off his eyes, something else could happen.

“Ah, there is nothing to make a decision here, right away.”

In the past, when there was a revolution, he wasn’t in much stress.

There was a clear distinction between the attack and withdrawal, and there was a clear distinction for them; the revolutionary army was full of pure enthusiasm for carrying out Luke’s ideas.

However, the young knights that he was currently supervising didn’t felt the same way.

When Tyron was in his own thoughts with constant sighs, a lieutenant rushed over to report something.

“Sir! Something big had happened! Sir!”

“What is happening?”

Tyron, who asked was shocked at what the lieutenant had told.

“Some soldiers and knights are leaving the camp.”

“What did you say? Leaving the camp?”

Leaving the camp without informing the commander was the same as deserting their role.

Following their acts of disobedience was deserting!

Tired and angry, Tyron heard another unusual story from the lieutenant.

“But the ones deserting are the fairies and mixed races. They are leaving the camp and running away…”

‘A sinister act maybe?’ Thought Tyron.

If it was the soldiers who did that, Tyron wouldn’t have thought much, nor would they be drawn to any conclusion on their act.

But the elves and others were born with different blood.

Although the elves of this time had lost their tremendous power to control spirits, there were many who were mentally different from the humans.

Intellectual ones turned into Wizards and those who didn’t opt to become general wizard with their sixth sense too.

It would be a different story if it was one or two, however, those who had different blood were moving like a group and it meant that something was definitely happening.

In addition, Tyron was anticipating something unexpected to happen for a few days.

“Let them go. And order withdrawal to all the troops.”


“Hurry! If we linger here any longer, we might die!”

At the orders from Tyron, the lieutenant ran out of the barracks.

Soon, bells rang out in the camp to announce their emergency situation, and the leaders and knights were bewildered with the orders.

“Immediately leave the camp and withdraw to the mainland across the river. Keep weapons and supplies to the bare minimum.”

“Uh? What did he say?”

“Did the northern imperial army come?”

“I don’t know. Just spread the news!”

Tyron’s orders were spread throughout the troops, however, the speed varied from unit to unit and person to person.

The Central Army which was faithful to the commander acted quickly, and those who normally trusted the sense packed with the warlocks.

The fairies didn’t feel awkward or dissatisfied with the commander’s action, but the soldiers who didn’t like the orders from the commander didn’t move properly.

“Well, what is being done again?”

“The wizard should never be a commander!”

“What would he do if we don’t follow?”

The grunting too had ended and soon began the calamity.


“What was that sound!?”

“It can’t be an earthquake…”

“Well, it’s a man-made! The imperial soldiers did this!”

If it was morning, they would have thought that a terrible flow of the stream of water pouring down from the upstream was coming.

However, it was night and only the sound of water could be heard.

On the contrary, the fear increased for the Republic army.

Those who have crossed the river had fled to a high zone and those who moved one step late, quarreled, such as throwing away the military commander or pushing an ally to be able to cross the river much faster.


“Ahh! Save the person!”


The ferocious stream, which came quickly covered the dry river and swallowed everything on it.

The soldiers and expert knights were all swept away without any discrimination.

Large and small stone and logs swept along with the flowing water and smashed the survivors who were in the darkness of the night.

Unfortunately, no single person had lent their hands in order to help the ones who were reaching out.