Emperor of Steel

Chapter 131 - Lending a Hand 3

On the morning of the fifth day of the agreement.

The same day the attack from the Republic army force had begun.

Kwakwang! Bang! Bang!

“Today we need to occupy the Fortress!”

“Long live the Volga Republic! Long Live the President!”

The attack from that day was very different from the attacks that had happened in the previous days.

Shells were smashed right into the walls or into the Fortress. There were Gigants that were fiercely rushing into the Fortress. The outer structure of the Fortress was being ruined.

The eyes of the Imperial soldiers and knights were burning hot when they saw the ferocious attacks which had been started by the enemy.

“What, what is this?”

“Are they seriously going to attack us like this?”

“The few days of being silent was to trick us into getting sloppy!”

“If you guys have time to talk, then fight with the enemy!”

“The shell has dropped! Go ahead and spread out…!”

“Don’t let the enemy Gigant get to the wall!”

Urgent cries were coming in from all over the place.

Each time the soldier and the Gigants were coming in, the soldiers were moving up and down the wall.

However, unexpected news was being shouted from the east side.

“The wall is falling! The wall is falling!”

The eastern wall, which had cracked, had fallen down. The wall had already been damaged previously, and as they couldn’t repair it due to the orders from Luke, the wall fell down.

“This, what should we do?”

“Do something! Don’t be afraid, bring some logs and reinforce it!”

The soldiers were continuously on their feet. Alex’s stomach churned at what was happening. They all rushed over to the warehouse to find something to block their enemies with.

However, Alex couldn’t guarantee that the wall would be safe by the time they returned.

Right then, it happened.

“Everyone out of the way!!”

A loud cry came from a Gigant.

Kung! Kung! Kung!

It was Luke’s private Gigant, Achilles.

Achilles fiercely gave out the orders and ran toward the east wall.

He threw a heavy steel ball toward the falling wall.




The wall had collapsed. It exploded from the outside and not inside the Fortress.

The Gigants of the Volga Republic, which were on the frontline, bounced back, and the troops near the wall were covered with debris from the blast.

“That, that was so…!”

Alex wasn’t able to close his mouth or eyes from what he just witnessed.

The moment he heard Luke speak, he knew that Luke was going to use a Gigant to destroy the wall.

“The wall had fallen!”

“Rush in through the wall’s gap!”

Since the wall had collapsed, the republic army, who had been stalling, began to flock through the hole.

Luke, in his Achilles, pulled out its big sword and went to fight the army.


Luke bounced back from the Republic Gigant. He quickly pulled his sword and struck the core engine of the enemy Gigant.



The enemy Gigant rider escaped from the cockpit when the big sword directly hit the core engine of the Gigant.

Luke kicked the damaged enemy Gigant and used a magic attack against another enemy Gigant.

“Fire Ball!”


The Fire Ball was a very simple attack. However, its power was amplified by the core engine of the Gigant, so the force of the attack was no less than a Fire Explosion.

In addition, Luke’s magic power was extraordinary, so the Fire Ball that hit the enemy Gigant destroyed its whole upper body, even its head flew.

Luke kept on destroying the enemy Gigants and continued to fight the Republic army. At the time, he was being attacked with two Gigants in a row.

“Help the Commander!”

“Repair the wall quickly!”

While Philip and Kaper were supporting Luke, Luke managed to perform magic and filled a little of the wall’s edge with stones.

The soldiers also helped while moving soil, logs, and broken stones.

When the Imperial forces in the Fortress were in the midst of it, horns were being sounded from the Republic camp.

“What? Is that a retreat signal?”

“It doesn’t matter! Keep on pushing!”

The officers and knights of the Republic, who were attacking, ignored the retreat signal and attacked.

However, after a while, the shelling had stopped, and the infantry and support power too retreated with tears.

“Phew, we won!”

Though he tried hard, Luke sighed with relief because of the unexpected surprise.

At any rate, the enemy had retreated, and Luke was able to visualize in his head about what would unfold in the enemy camp.

‘A good blow in the situation.’

Luke, decided that it was the time to break the dam that had been constructed. He moved out of Achilles and flew up to the San river.