Chapter 13: Reina’s Crisis 1

The Gigant of the Inter clan was painted black, and the Gigant of the Parsya Clan in red stripes began to compete.

Apparently, Lionel which Luke hadn’t bet on seemed to win.

Lionel, who handled dual swords, drove Kazan into a corner with brilliant sword techniques.

But Luke thought otherwise.

For Luke, the black gigant of the Inter Clan, controlled by Kazan seemed to be in an advantageous position.

Even if the sword work of Lionel was gorgeous to witness, the damage wasn’t getting registered properly because of the armor of the Inter Clan.

On the contrary, the mana consumption for successive attacks was severe.

‘The game will soon turn.’

As the mana got exhausted from the prediction of Luke, the movements of Lionel slowed down, and Kazan began to launch his counterattacks.


Lionel was stunned by the counterattack of Kazan.

Without missing a gap, Kazan smashed into the other Gigant.

Lionel’s Gigant, which had already consumed a lot of mana for excessive attacks, had it hard when he was supposed to defend, and finally, a deadly blow landed.

“The winner is Kazan of Inter clan!”


The cheers of the crowd reverberated throughout the arena.

Those who supported the winner didn’t got much, but those who supported the loser began to swear a lot at Lionel or were just plainly disgusted at the reality and left.

‘Tch, the 5,000 pesos turned into a piece of paper in an instant.’

Luke clicked his tongue as he suddenly remembered the noble who just placed a huge bet on Lionel.

“The next game is between ‘Savage’ by knight Brian from Jermang Clan and morning star of Alberia Clan, ‘Sting’ run by a female warrior Karen!”

New Gigants emerged on both sides of the arena at the call of the speaker.

Thud- Thud-!

The Gigant Savage of Brian looked quite daunting, with a heavy two-handed axe.

On the contrary, the Gigant Sting of Karen was around one head smaller than Savage, and the weapon was a simple shield and mace.

It was like a game where the opponent couldn’t even be accepted as an opponent.

In addition, unlike Brian who had played more than 30 games, Karen was just 1-5.

‘With that Gigant, he is overwhelmingly advantageous. But would the organizer assign such an opponent for the match to be one-sided?’

Brian’s Savage was pushing Karen’s Sting as if answering the question of Luke.

Everytime the two-handed axe of the Gigant rubbed, the gloves on the hands of Sting broke and debris got scattered everywhere.

Perhaps because of the Barrier magic, the debris that was supposed to fly into the crowd bounced back into the arena.

“Hahaha! That was too much, Brian!”

“Take it easy! Your opponent is a lady!”

As Savage pushed Sting into a corner, most of the crowd was convinced of the victory being on Brian’s side.

That was when Luke felt shocked.

The mana that he felt from Sting was…

‘Don’t tell me?!’


The Savage’s axe split between Sting.

No, it looked like it split Sting.

Karen was on the back of Savage because of the amazingly high-speed maneuvering.

Karen, taking the opportunity, hit the mace at the location of the Spinal Joint of Savage.


The moment the mace fell, a powerful explosion with fire broke out on the steel body of Savage.

‘That is Fire Blast magic!’

Brian tried to bring up the collapsed body of Savage.

But the broken spine of it couldn’t be raised.

“The winner is Karen of Alberia Clan!”

“Ah, no!!”

The whole crowd was shocked by the unexpected results.

They were all convinced of Brian’s victory more so than ever.

It was the same with Philip.

“Magic, It used magic!”

Karen’s magic wasn’t just the Fire Blast.

There was also Quick magic, which triggered the fast movement.

Philip nodded as if he knew something.

“I think Karen was a Rune Knight. Rune Knights aren’t exceptionally strong, except they know how to use both magic and swords.”


“Hey, young Lord?”

As Luke was very silent, Philip looked at him.

Luke’s expression was different.

Seeing the expression which seemed like an ominous foreboding, Philip went nervous.

‘Don’t tell me that you bet the whole amount on Brian?’

Of course, Luke would never do anything that reckless. He did place it on Brian, but it was just 200 pesos.

The reason for him to be shocked was something else.

‘To use magic while holding onto a Gigant…?’

Normal people wouldn’t know the difference in a Gigant using physical force and it was different from a Gigant using magic.

‘What was it? How was that even done? To exert magic like that and do things, I envisioned those…’

The Gigants were improved from the existing Golems on the basic flow of mana.

The wizard who created the Gigant based on the golem would sure know of the shortcomings and weak point of it.

Either to board a controller inside to prevent the enemy snipers or minimize the controls.

‘That is one thing. But how does one amplify the magic power of a wizard and a rune knight?’

No matter how similar the ideas and solutions were attained, the principle of getting magic into the machine was never the same.

Moreover, the formula applied and devised by Luke was derived from the knowledge he had obtained from the dark magic, which meant that wizards would never be able to understand it.

No, even if they knew about it, the use of mana, the principle of the formula would surely come out to be different.

But why were the theories and the operation of this thing was so similar?

Luke couldn’t stop the questions which were popping in his mind as he jumped up from the seat.

“Philip, could there be any place where the Gigants were inspected and repaired?”

“Repairing you ask? Obviously.”

“Please guide me there. I want to go.”

‘Huh? Why would you suddenly want to go there?’

He was surely wondering, but Philip couldn’t say it out loud. The expression on the face of Luke was rather serious.

He felt scared for some reason.

‘I need to look inside the Gigant. Then I will know for sure.’

Luke began to move fast to the Arena’s exit.