Emperor of Steel

Chapter 129 - Lending a Hand 1

Thud! Kaboom!

Kwang! Pung!

The next morning, the battle resumed.

But the number of troops from the Volga Republic were small in number.

Intermittent shells often fell out of the Fortress and Gigants were put to guard beside the walls in the front of the Fortress, they were all handled roughly.

When the army from the Volga came, who was wondering that if Luke would really pretend to do the attack, were assured that he was keeping his word?

Only the soldiers who didn’t know if the details were puzzled at the heatless attacks of the Republic.

“Why are those guys doing that?”

“In the morning, the knights have stated me to attack after seeing the attack from the enemy, but do they really have to fight this way?”

“Anyway, we don’t have to fight back, right?”

The forces of the Fortress were delighted, the Volga Republic’s camp was keeping a close eye on them.

“The Fortress isn’t going to fight back?”

“Yes, Commander. There are no signs of repairs on the wall or weapons to attack our soldiers.”

Tyron nodded at the words of the War Mage, Rob who was keeping an eye on the Fortress and suddenly asked something,

“What about Luke de Rakan, the commander of the Fortress?”

“He… I didn’t see him.”

“You didn’t see him?” Asked Tyron.

“It was just the subordinates who were pretend attacking. Perhaps he was indoors as there was no need to have a fight.”

“Hmm… but nothing is definite.” Said Tyron.

“Is there something specific I need to keep my eyes on?”

At the question of Rob, Tyron opened his mouth, tapping his finger on the document containing pictures of Torlot Fortress.

“It is a short run, but the river has noticeably diminished over time.”

“Is that true sir?”

“Yes, the difference between quantity for each season is written on the paper.”

Fortress records also had the quantity and the depth of the river during ever border dispute. It was because the river played a pivotal role in the attacks.

Tyron, looking over at the records, noticed the current flow of the river was much lower than it had to be.

In addition, once in a while, small pieces of wood used to come down the river, and the river turned quite cloudy.

“Then, they…”

“There is a good chance that someone is playing with the San river upstream.”

At the words of Tyron, Rob turned startled and refuted,

“But for that to happen, they would need a lot of manpower and materials. And there weren’t any reports about such manpower or supplies being moved from the fortress, right?”

“Maybe they left before the beginning of the battle. That is why I want you to go up with some scouts and have a look at the upstream. If they are doing something else, then we won’t have to keep the promise.”

“Understood. I’ll leave right away.”

At the orders from Tyron, Rob led a group of scouts and went upstream.

The upper river was famous for its rough terrain.

On the heavy and rough road, there were signs of beasts and monsters passing by, but there was no trace of humans.

As a result, it made Rob and the other scouts doubt if the enemy was really planning to mess with their agreement.

“I looked around, but I don’t see any traces of people passing by. Have you seen anything unusual?”

When asked by the leader of the Scouting team, Rob spoke about what he had seen while using his fly magic.

“I didn’t find any traces of humans. However, there was a suspicious structure far above the river.”

“A suspicious structure?”

“I’m not too sure, but it was like a dam made of wood, sand, and rocks.”

At the words of Rob, the scout leader’s eyes went wide.

“Then, that is…”

“It still isn’t definite. It could have been caused by natural phenomena such as a landslide.”

At the words of Rob, the scout team continued to walk upstream.

A while later, they arrived near the destination and watched smoke which was rising up.

Only a creature with intelligence could use fire. Orcs and goblins were monsters, but humans and fairies were the ones more likely to do that.

Gulping, Rob and the scouts carefully approached the smoke.

‘Is it really the imperial army? If so, then what are the numbers in there?’

In the tensed atmosphere, they reached the bonfire.

Rob and the scouts looked at the wildfire.


‘That is a cat? A human-like cat?’

It was a cat with legs like a human. The cat was wearing boots, grilling fish and humming some song.

The group of Rob’s went to the side to take a look.

“What kind of people would try to lurk around this area, Sebastian? Can’t you see that I am eating?”

‘The cat can talk?’

However, what surprised Rob and the scouts more was something else. Suddenly the body of the cat turned into a huge beast!

“Ahh! Monster!”

“Run, run away!”

The scout troops fled immediately.

However, the cat monster immediately moved to the path and spew dark green smoke from its mouth.

“Kaak! My body!”

The troops who inhaled the smoke rolled on the ground.

The only person who wasn’t harmed was Rob.

He noticed that there was a paralyzation drug in the smoke and hurried to the sky.

“Well, what kind of a cat can do that…?!!”

Rob who reached a safe distance, looked down and talked to himself,

‘It was obvious that it wasn’t a normal cat.’

Nevertheless, he had never heard of such a monster on the Rhodesia continent.

The moment Rob was looking down, he heard a cold voice from behind.

“Huh, such a pathetic cat he is. If he was going to do something, he should have at least handled it neat and clean.” Said someone.


Rob who was startled turned back. There stood a pale man with bat wings on him.

Rob identified immediately who he was.


“People call me Belfair, son of man.”

Belfair spoke his share of words and pulled the sword which was on his waist.

Rob pulled on his magic to fight with Belfair. However, the sword of Belfair was much quicker.


Rob, who had been hit in the chest, staggered from the sky and crashed into the ground.

However, he wasn’t dead.

Like any 6 circle wizard, he twisted his body reflexively at the last minute and managed to avoid any fatal injuries.

“Quite a man. Avoiding the sword and crash by just one-second difference.”

The fatality was avoided, however, the injury was still serious.

Belfair smiled as he looked at Rob who was holding onto the wound and gasping for air.

“Huhuhu! After a painless end, I’ll suck the blood out of you.” Said Belfair.

“You evil demon!”

Rob stared at Belfair, who had struck in the air.

He wasn’t wishing to die in vain, he concentrated on his magic and prepared to attack Belfair one last time with full strength.

“Take this then, Black Spear!” Rob bellowed.


Belfair didn’t expect the almost-dead man to do a counterattack, he tried his best to avoid it.

However, he was too close to avoid.

Belfair, then decided that he would take in the attack without dodging and thought of salvation in his last moments.

“Dark Bullet!”


Purple dark bullets flew at a frightening rate and extinguished the black spear that Rob manifested.


‘Dammit, who?’

Unlike Belfair who was half colored, Rob was frustrated.

A man slowly appeared from the bush.

Wearing an imperial army uniform, he was someone Rob had seen before, Luke de Rakan.

Luke de Rakan, the commander of Torlot Fortress who had come to offer his surrender.

“Thank you, Master. Cut his neck right away…” Said Belfair.

“Enough Belfair. I have a question for him.”

Luke spoke and stared at Rob.

Feeling too many emotions, Rob lost his consciousness and fell.

Luke stared at him feeling interested.

The other day when he visited the barracks, to surrender.

He noticed that Rob was using dark magic, but he never imagined that he would use a black spear.

Black Spear was a dark magic that was created in the days of Saymon and was passed down to only those who followed him.

‘Are these the descendants of the Darkness Magic Tower? I need to figure it out later.’

Luke decided and turned over at Sebastian and Belfair.

“If the fire keeps on burning, the scouts will keep coming. And the existence of the dam shouldn’t be known to anyone until the moment of the operation is carried out.”

“Understood, Master.”

The two of them bowed to Luke, and Luke just pointed at the construction site signaling them to get back to work.