Emperor of Steel

Chapter 123 - The Battle of Torlot Fortress 4

After the battle was done for the day, the Fortress’s imperial soldiers hurried over to clean up the battlefield.

In terms of the battlefield clean up, it was to remove the dead and then evacuate the wounded soldiers. To repair the weapons and the walls, repairing the Gigants was postponed until later.

“… And eat to your heart’s content. Drink and rest are what we’re ordered to do.”

At the end of the words from Kaper, the soldiers were questioning what they heard.

Every one of the soldiers was still looking pale.

“Since we were busy with the battle, I wasn’t able to deliver it, but there is a team of supporters coming for us,” said Kaper.

“That, is that true?”

“Don’t tell me… That dirt that appeared in the south a while back is…”

Kaper tried very hard to give some hope to the soldiers who seemed very depressed.

“We have struggled hard so far. The future battle will be undertaken by the reinforcements that will come, so everyone can go eat, rest and have fun.”

“Wah! Hail Luke Viscount!”

The soldiers shouted out of joy. A few of them even cried.

The nightmares they had been facing for the past week was finally over. They all lost their composure.

“Let’s have a toast!”

“For our little devil, Luke Viscount!”

“Hahaha! Now they would die by the hands of the devil!”

The soldiers were so excited that they forgot how fatigued they were and enjoyed the feast.

All the beer and wine in the warehouse had been brought out, and the cattle and pigs that were raised in the Fortress barn were grilled.

The knights, officers, and soldiers joined together and played around.

After seeing the soldiers having a feast and enjoying themselves, Kaper couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

‘How would they all react once they realize that us having reinforcements is a lie…’

Even though it was a lie, it was the command of Luke.

Luke had instructed him to deliver false information and deceive the enemy, and he wanted some more time.

‘What did he mean by deceiving the enemy and buying more time when we have no way out?’

While Kaper was trying to think, a sarcastic voice came from behind him.

“Why are you so stiff?”

As Kaper turned around, he found the escort of the devil, or Luke’s escort, Philip, who had taught them the Gold Sword, standing behind him.

“Phi, Sir Philip…”

“The soldiers will notice it. Just drink and play along.”

Philip talked to him and gave him a glass of beer.

After taking the glass of beer, Kaper carefully asked him,

“What does the commander have in mind?”

“Well, to be honest, I don’t know. However, my role is to believe in him and help him. And it is your job to laugh and talk with the soldiers.”


“You need to do your part well so that the others can work comfortably. That is what I think.”

“I guess so.”

Kaper nodded as he understood and then asked again,

“But, where is the commander right now?”

“I don’t know, but I am sure that he isn’t in the fortress.”

Philip responded with a cold smile.

“Is he feeling suspicious about the retreat of the army?” Asked Kaper

“Ah, no. That’s not it…”

Kaper could only see the devil’s smile from the man who taught him Gold Sword and shook his head which was covered in sweat.

Philip noticed it and laughed.

“Don’t worry. He will be back. Our Lord has a very strong sense of responsibility and always wins even though the odds are low. This time too, he will win and save our lives.”

“Did he really win his fights even though the odds are stacked against him?”

“Yeah, he is clever compared to his age. Even when our estates were troubled with debts…”

Philip opened his mouth and told Kaper about the past.

Suddenly, Kaper found a suspicious person flying on the other side, who was looking at the feast room.

‘That guy is…?’

Though the guy had been identified, he pretended like he didn’t see the sword or bow. All he did was laugh and talk.

“What? They are having a feast right now?”

At the report from the war mage who had flown and was spying the Fortress, Marquis Tyron wasn’t able to hide his shock.

The fight wasn’t over just yet.

However, the Fortress was stated to be enjoying a feast as if they had won.

What did that mean?

“Sir, maybe it is because their reinforcements have arrived?”

One of the staff already mentioned the assumption that Tyron had in mind.

Another staff immediately retaliated.

“However, it has been a while, and I can’t see any reinforcements approaching the fortress. It’s doubtful that they have reinforcements.”

The rebelling staff had a reason to say so.

After the soldiers took the bait about the reinforcements, the Republican forces hurried over with scouts and other war mages to determine the size and location of the enemy support forces.

However, even after looking through the southern highways and the other possible routes, there was no sign of reinforcements.

“I wonder if we are being deceived by the enemies.”

“Maybe it was too dark for the scouts to have a clear view of what’s happening?”

“Yes. This is the enemy’s territory, and our military personnel can only know so much.”

“Enough! How many times did the intelligence department investigate the site in advance? Even then, the enemy isn’t visible to us…”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the argument wasn’t stopping, Tyron tried to calm them by knocking on the table with his palm.

“For now, let’s wait until morning,” said Tyron.

“Sir!” Resisted the staff.

“We don’t really need to be in a hurry, right?” Said Tyron.

The raging offense with had been happening over for the past few days had been cut with the news of unknown reinforcements of the enemy.

Even if the attacks were stopped, and with a lack of results, the withdrawal of soldiers led to the fall of morale, and they were beginning to feel fatigued.

Now, they just had to be still.

“And keep it in your minds that our goal isn’t just a small fortress.”

At the words of Tyron, the eyes of the staff changed. They remembered the most important thing about the war.

They had more important tasks than occupying the Torlot Fortress.

It was to attract the empire’s northern forces as much as possible.

“Today’s meeting ends here. Be prepared for a night raid, let the guards on duty know, and let the soldiers rest in peace.”

“Understood sir.”

When the staff left the barracks, Tyron took out a large pile of paper from a bag.

It was the archives from the Republic’s library which held the records of the Torlot Fortress over the past decade.

There were victories and defeats.

However, the Republic forces had never used such overwhelming power before.

‘Even then, the enemy commander hasn’t put up necessary defenses and cut the flow of war at the right time. And he is uplifting the morale of his soldiers.’

Tyron tried to analyze the enemy’s skill in numerous ways. He looked over at the side of Torlot Fortress.

“I knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy battle, but if the reinforcements don’t come, they won’t be able to last. Maybe I should let the soldiers rest for a few days and then continue the attack.”

Determined, he headed to his private tent, which was in the commander barracks, to rest.