Emperor of Steel

Chapter 121 - The Battle of Torlot Fortress 2

Thud! Baang!

Bang! Bang!

The huge swords of the Gigants struck the walls of the Fortress and the shells began to pour down.

“Do not let the enemy Gigants get to the wall!”

“Get down! Enemy shelling!”

“When are you going to get the gunpowder?”

Initially, the Torlot Fortress had a great defense against the Volga army.

Luke’s thorough preparation was the reason behind it.

However, no matter how well they had prepared, damage began to increase significantly from day three.

It was because the troops of the Volga divided into three groups and they overpowered the troops of Torlot and attacked continuously.

During the day and night attacks; Fortress’s army couldn’t catch to take a nap or have their meal.

And of course, as a result, the fatigue increased inevitably and the damage too had increased.

“Hahaha! Push more! A little more of the attacks and the Torlot Fortress will fall…”

“It looks like it would fall! Kwak!”

Luke, who was in the Achilles Gigant, moved the sword to the head of the enemy Gigant who climbed over the wall.

Despite breaking the head of the Gigant, the enemy Gigant rider tried to climb up the wall.

Luke was turning more annoyed at it.

“Dammit! Do something!”

Luke used a Fireball and dropped the Gigant climbing, but only to find another Gigant approaching the Fortress.

However, this one looked different from the others.

Shields encircling on the wide shoulders, with artillery fixed to it.

‘That is…’

While Luke was deep in thoughts, the soldiers who were with the strange-looking Gigant attacked.

Puang! Bang!




The artillery from the Republic Gigant fired the shells, and the rapid-fire had begun.

When they were fired; the imperial forces on the walls began to get confused.

And then, the strange Gigant came from behind the army and attached itself to the wall.

Behind the back of the Gigant was a steel ladder, followed by the infantrymen of the Volga Republic who tried to climb the wall of the Fortress.

‘I knew it! They are trying to use the Gigant as a siege tower!’ Thought Luke.

There was no nation in the continent that used the Gigants for the siege warfare other than the breaking of walls and gates.

It wasn’t because the Gigant utilization was low, but because it wasn’t necessary to do so.

The massive body of 10 meters and the core engine output of 1000 fights were excellent siege weapons.

However, the Volga Republic, with its old power, had recycled the old Gigant which were in the stage of discarding into a siege tower of the ladder.

The Gigant would need just a single knight or even an apprentice who could simply swing the sword to control it.

Then, it should have been easy for the Torlot Gigant to wipe it out, but the Torlot Fortress was busy trying to stop another incoming attack.

In addition, the Fortress couldn’t move because the wall was too narrow.

“Sweep out the enemy!”

The knights of the Fortress rushed over the Gigant of Republic to attack it.

The assault from the Republic was strong, but the knights of the Fortress were moving under the command of Kaper.

Not surprisingly, the Gold Sword skill passed from Luke to Kaper had gone to intermediate level-skills, and he could have managed to turn down the assault.

But Kaper had been fighting all the time for the last few days.

He was stumbling with blood and the assault troops of the Republic seeing that, ran to him at once.



Thinking that he would not make it alive, Kaper closed his eyes.

However, not feeling any pain, he opened his eyes once again, just to realize that he was alive.

Alex was standing in front of him with twin swords in his hands.

“Tch, be careful. Death comes in a blink of an eye.”

“Yeah, I’ll keep my eyes on it…”

Alex had to be resting.

When the enemy divided into three troops and attacked them sequentially, Luke divided the Fortress’s troops into three, giving them time to rest.

There were opinions that the Fortress wouldn’t be in a state to defend, but Luke just ignored it.

He could have been right, but the army didn’t have the needed amount of rest.

“Hey man, you are disobeying orders. You do realize that, right?”

“I can’t sleep with all this uproar! What do you expect me to do?!”

As Alex said; the knights and soldiers who had to take the break couldn’t rest or relax.

The shells continued to fall into the Fortress and they were unable to fall asleep due to anxiety about the battle.

“But, I don’t see Anna and Hobart, are they dead?”

“Don’t talk rubbish. They both went out of the Fortress under the secret passage at the orders from Commander Luke. They took over 100 troops.”

“Don’t tell me, are they trying to do a surprise attack?” Asked Kaper.

“Well, maybe, even if we hit with 100 troops, we don’t know how long would it take. They didn’t even take a Gigant.”

At present, the number of troops the enemy had was estimated to be around 50,000 – 60,000.

How much would the Torlot Fortress be able to win with 100 people in the absence of a Gigant, even if it was going to be a surprise attack?

It was like breaking a rock with an egg.

“What could he be thinking…?”

“The enemy is coming back!”

The two sighed seeing the enemy come back in, taking a huge breath they gripped the swords harder than ever.

Unfortunately, they had no time to think about what Luke was planning to do.