Emperor of Steel

Chapter 119 - Break Out of War 1

The time to rise was up.

Luke woke up earlier than ever.

He didn’t wake up early with the intent to go out and practice fencing or perform his morning exercises like he usually does.

‘Its weird but I have a bad feeling.’

A moment ago, the flow of mana seemed very unusual.

The flow of mana had come from across the river from the Karim Fortress, the enemy’s stronghold.

And it wasn’t because of the increase of troops which had been stationed or the number of Gigants placed by them.

He felt something sharp, which he used to sense during his time as Saymon, just before the battle with the enemy started.

‘Is the war going to come?’

It used to be, but he couldn’t ease the nervousness in his mind. The sense of war would be exciting, but Luke was different from those kinds of lunatics.

It was because he didn’t just think about fighting, but he also thought about the situation which led to him.

And he was doing the same thing again.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The bell rang from the bell tower of the Fortress.

When he went out, Luke saw all the knights and soldiers running around nervously.

One of the knights, who was preparing to enter a Gigant, said,

“Lord, the enemy is marching toward the Fortress!”

Luke, upon hearing that, hurried over to the defense wall.

The enemies were swarming across the river.

In the lead were Gigants that have been advancing toward the Torlot Fortress.

‘I don’t understand this. Why would they put their Gigants in the front?’ Thought Luke.

To get to the Torlot Fortress, the enemy had to cross the San river, and the level of water there was deep.

They had to either erect a pontoon with the help of an engineer, or they would have to make enough rafts and barge ahead.

But the enemy didn’t have such an equipment.

“Don’t tell me, those guys are…”

While he was wondering, the wizards from the enemy camp flew into the air.

Arriving at the San river ahead of the Gigants, they gathered and began to cast certain magic spells.


A cold ice storm swept across the river and a thick layer of ice covered the surface.

“That! It’s…” Luke realized.

The thing Luke had been wondering about.

The Blizzard magic that the wizards had just used wasn’t a common white magic.

It looked like a white magic spell on the outside, but the magic formula they pulled to use it was based on dark magic; the same thing that he developed in the past!

‘Who the hell are they? No way, are they the Darkness Magic Tower?’

However, at that moment, Luke couldn’t afford to think about the past any longer.

“An enemy Gigant is coming!”

At the urgent cry from a defense war soldier, they saw that the Gigants began to move across the frozen river and come toward the Torlot Fortress.

And thus began the epic war between the Baroque empire and Volga Republic.