Emperor of Steel

Chapter 117 - Blowing the Fortune of Continent 4

Imperial Capital of Nemesis.

Emperor Rudolf was being reported by Count Voltas.

“Huh, did the Volga finally decide to move?” Asked the emperor.

“Yes, your majesty. There were reports of troops, Gigants, and other military supplies being delivered over the borders.”

“Kkkuk, foolish guys.”

Rudolf was about to create a border dispute to get rid of Luke.

However, in the middle of the execution of the plan, his thoughts changed.

As he was going ahead with the plan, he felt like hitting the Volga Republic by more scale troops.

Which was why he showed the convene of troops in the capital.

Laughing to himself, Rudolf asked Voltas,

“How is our preparation coming along?”

“There is a lot being prepared behind the Torlot Fortress. If the men enter, they might be taken down in just one shot.”

“It isn’t important to get them down in one shot. Rather, we must push them back and defeat them, make them pay for what happened eight years ago.”

Rudolf wanted to invade deep into the Republic soil and secure the territory of Volga for himself.

“Definitely will do that. I communicated to the Majesty’s loyalist Count Naiman, and have good news to report.”

“That is alright, just tell me how Luke is doing?”

Rudolf was wondering what the young man was up to.

“A spy has stated that he has been teaching his family fencing to win over the favor of the knights. For that reason, the troops in the fort have been motivated.”

“We get the final blow. Please tell me that there weren’t any knights or Gigants reinforced in the Torlot Fortress?” Asked Rudolf.

“They got more canons, but the number of knights and Gigants remains the same. There is no way for them to reinforce any military personal as Count Naiman is letting them know that he is a tough spot.”

“Huhuhu, the Fortress will collapse early, but we need to hold onto it from falling into the hands of Volga. Tell Count Naiman to plan well.”

“Understood, Majesty.”

Voltas bowed and after a while, he had a little disturbed expression.

“But, there was one report that was unusual, your majesty.”

“An unusual report?”

“It was said that right after joining the Torlot Fortress and taking charge, he had a one-on-hundred fight against the knights. The unusual and absurd report was he overcame them with overwhelming skills.”

At first glance, the report made no sense.

Unless one was a Sword Master, 100 knights couldn’t be defeated.

However, Rudolf felt something strong, that the news could be true.

“Did he hide his skills?” Rudolf spoke to himself.

When he used his magic on Luke at the ceremony, the sword skills were intermediate and was with 3 circle magic.

That wasn’t enough to win over 100 knights.

“Kuk, interesting guy he is. He has a sly side to himself.” Said Rudolf.

Rudolf laughed at the fact that Luke had deceived his eyes.

“Majesty, should I use my hands now?”

“No, leave him alone. With the things that would happen in the coming future, even if he is a Sword Master, he would never be able to survive. Which is why let that Luke guy do more than just keeping an eye on him.”

Torlot Fortress was located on the advance road of Volga Republic.

Tens of thousands of troops, thousands of knights and hundreds of Gigants were pushed down the road, no way a Sword Master cans top all those forces.

A one-man legion, even a Sword Master himself could never block hundreds of Gigants.

And the Volga Republic harbored several strong Sword Masters.

“What is the situation of the Holy Arthenia Empire? Is there no way the guys are going to get back to us?” Asked the Emperor, Rudolf.

Pushing into the Volga Republic on a full swing would turn troublesome if the Holy Arthenia decided to invade Baroque.

“The successor of the Pope hadn’t been decided yet. So, they won’t be planning to move their army any time soon.”

The situation of Holy Arthenia played a huge role in the Baroque Emperor and Voltas’ ability to prepare for a war in confidence.

If the members of the Arthenia didn’t split into two groups due to selecting the successor race, then the war wouldn’t even be possible.

‘Huhuhu! I waited so long for it! It is time for our empire to turn into grandeur!’

Rudolf’s eyes looking out the window were filled with greed to occupy the entire continent.