Emperor of Steel

Chapter 115 - Blowing the Fortune of Continent 2

Three months had passed since Luke took in the four knights.

Things changed in the meantime. Luke was already 18 years old.

In the meantime, he exchanged correspondence with the retainers of Rakan once every week.

In the letter, Luke gave them instructions based on the reports they sent in.

First, the Old Count Monarch’s, except for the city of Lamer, other areas had been sold, and the ones that were left were integrated into the Rakan Viscount.

Allegiance to the sword by the nobles and the lords about their subordination to Rakan.

Rakan’s population had risen to 320,000, and its number of knights and soldiers increased significantly.

They also got more of the most important power in the war, Gigants, which were now over 60.

‘Phew, but it still isn’t enough to fight the Imperial family, but it still is great progress,’ thought Luke.

The Merchant Union, a coalition of five small and medium-sized businesses, led by Kirillov had settled in earlier.

Based in the city of Lamer, they had shown signs of increasing imports and export customers and direct transport to the Southern continent had been established.

‘Surely, I found the right person.’

If Luke would have thought of ruling Lamer by himself, maybe such a drastic success and development wouldn’t have happened.

No, he would lose a lot of money and fail.

However, the Volga retainers under princess Reina and the Volga workers shook the merchants with their abilities and succeeded.

It was all thanks to placing the right talented people in the right place.

‘Is the Katarina Magic Tower doing well?’

When the magic tower was built completely, Mute actively recruited freelancing wizards.

The magic books that Luke had given to Mute had been an essential bait in recruiting wizards.

‘I’m a lord now. Should I be getting stronger too?’ Thought Luke.

Luke hadn’t missed even a day of Gold Sword and dark magic practice over the past three months.

Bone-cutting efforts had been made in the basement of the fort.

But his practice didn’t end there.

Every night of a full moon, he would go to a place far from the fortress and summon demons.

He seized the Magi from the summoned demons and absorbed their power.

“Master, what kind of demon are you going to summon today?”

Sebastian asked while grinning,

“Well, I’d like to see someone with nice abilities…”

The demon summoning was random.

Luke couldn’t just call a demon that he wanted. He would just be able to choose whether the demon he summoned would be something he wanted or not.

“I want a guy who is weaker in revival than you, so I can use it as a load.”

“Is there a demon that is possibly weaker than me?” Asked Sebastian.

At the question from Sebastian, Luke smiled. Except for stealth and poison, Sebastian was very weak in strength.

It was still questionable if there were demons that were much weaker than Sebastian.

“If we searched well, wouldn’t there be at least one?” Asked Sebastian.

“Hut, understood. If one does really exists, I will give it to you,” said Luke.


“I promise.”

“Kyaaa~! I’m happy, master! I will be more loyal to you in the future!”

Sebastian jumped up and down.

Rather than feeling bad for making another demon a slave of a human, he was eager to exert his suppressed feelings and feel superior to the other demon rather than to share its pain.

Luke drew the summoning circle on the ground. He cut his palm a little and let his blood drip into the summoning circle.

As his blood dripped into the Summoning circle, the circle began to gleam with light and the subspace opened.

Out of the subspace came a sharp impression and figure of a Vampire dressed in black.

“Huhuhu. I’m thirsty… Three thousand five hundred and seventy… the second subordinate Belfair of Vampire King Leviathan. Human, make a contract with me… Uh?”

The vampire tried to make Luke draw a contract with him but became dumbfounded when he saw Sebastian.

“Human, what is that cat? Did you draw a contract with him already?”

Humans could only draw one contract with demons.

The soul that had to be given for the contract was only one. And everyone had only one soul.

At the words from Belfair, Sebastian jumped out of his place.

“Kyaarrr! Who are you calling a cat? This is the body of the King of Evil, Sebastian!”

“Kuk! If I just blow ‘Hu’, your body will fly away at that very moment.”

“Wah, you’re really. I will show you what I am!”

“Be calm, Sebastian,” said Luke.

After calming Sebastian down, Luke talked to Belfair,

“I’m sorry, but I have no intention of making a contract with you.”

“Then, why did you summon me?”

“Because I want to deprive you of your Magi and then take your abilities.”

“Kaahhaha!” Belfair laughed out loud at the words of Luke.

After a moment, he calmed himself down and talked to Luke,

“You dare take my power, the subordinate of Leviathan and his bloody race? It has been a while since I have been out to play on earth.”

“We’ll see who is the crazy one,” stated Luke.

Luke began to use Dark Blitz on Belfair.

Sebastian, who saw that, cheered for his master.

“Master! You need to win!”

Belfair’s abilities were that of a vampire and fencing.

Although he was a low ranking demon, his sword skills were almost close to a Sword Master.

And that was something Luke couldn’t be compared with.

He was adept at catching demons when he was Saymon. In addition, his dark magic had reached the 5th circle. He used the abilities that he took from the demons and the Gold Sword. In just 10 minutes, he was able to put pressure on Belfair.

‘Kuk, what a ridiculous human being,’ thought Belfair.

A low-ranking cat demon calling a human master.

Eventually, Belfair was ready.

As his eyes opened wide, he turned pale.

“Ah, Leviathan! You have come! Let the arrogant and cheeky human know the fear the demons can give!”

“What?” Asked Luke

Luke was surprised as he hadn’t sensed anyone else, so he turned back to see the Vampire King Leviathan.

The moment Luke looked away, Belfair turned into a bat and ran away.

However, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to run that far.

“Where is the proud demon going?”

Luke grabbed him using Black Bin and dark magic absorber.

“Hiii! Please, please let me live!”

Belfair turned back into his normal appearance and begged for his life.

To act proud, he would have to at least survive.

“I don’t feel like doing that. I think It is better to kill you and take away your power.”

Luke was trying to absorb his Magi…

When Sebastian ran up and asked,

“Master, can’t you give him a revival here?”

“A while ago, you promised to give me one.”

“That, that was if the summoned demon was weaker than you,” responded Luke.

“It doesn’t matter. I want this guy to be below me!” Said Sebastian.

At the request of Sebastian, Luke nodded and answered,

“Fine. But will you be able to handle this guy?”

Luke asked Sebastian who was keeping an eye on Belfair, whom he wanted as his subordinate.

Belfair was staring at Sebastian with his teeth showing.

Sabastian told Luke to not worry.

“Kuku, I have thought of something for this guy.”

“Well, then okay.”

Because Sebastian wanted to and Luke had made a promise, Luke held the ritual of offering soul instead of killing Belfair.

“Vampire Belfair. Starting today your soul belongs to Luke. With your life in my hands, will you swear allegiance?”

“I swear.”

As soon as Belfair accepted, he was marked with an L-mark on his neck.

“You are now my slave. I hope you have a good time with your colleague Sebastian.”

As Luke finished, Sebastian approached Belfair.

He took out a bottle that had a little bit of liquid inside it.

“Drink it,” Sebastian said.

“What is this?” Asked Belfair.

“No need to know, just drink it. If you won’t, I’ll tell master to cancel the ceremony.”

Belfair felt intimidated by what Sebastian said.

Luke was just watching everything unfold in silence.

Reluctantly, Belfair took the bottle and drank it.

At that moment, the yellow liquid went through Belfair’s throat, and his body’s temperature started to rise.

Once the frenzy in his body stopped, Belfair tried to move his Magi, but its presence disappeared.

Sebastian, who was closely observing it, saw the result and smiled.

“Kyakyakya! The liquid you just drank is Medusa Poison. If you don’t take the antidote once a week, you’ll turn into stone and die eventually.”

“What, what did you say?!”

In fact, Belfair thought that he had no choice but to be a slave of Luke.

It was because the process was done.

But this situation seemed like his Master wouldn’t be doing anything and that he was under the cat instead.

He was played by the cat!

‘Ahhha! How could this have happened to me!?’ Thought Belfair.

‘Kyakya! Finally, this body has a subordinate as well!’

Sebastian had been carrying Medusa’s Poison ever since he was in the Devildom, and he always wanted to make a slave.

But he wasn’t ready to approach the demons and ask them to drink the poison.

In case the demons caught onto his scheme, they would kill him.

So, he almost gave up on doing that, but thanks to Luke, his wish had come true.

Sebastian pointed to Belfair who was shocked and said,

“Master, can I be with this guy for a while?”

“Why?” Asked Luke

“I got a new subordinate. Shouldn’t I let him know about the rules? I would like him to listen and follow my words perfectly.”

“Huhuhu, understood. Go on.”

When Luke agreed, Sebastian turned to Belfair. He turned into the monster form he had when Luke first summoned him.

“You heard the words of Master, right? Kay, now, follow me!”

Belfair followed Sebastian who was excited.

Luke looked at them till the moment they disappeared. Luke wondered how Belfair would look like.