Emperor of Steel

Chapter 114 - Blowing the Fortune of Continent 1

Presidential residence of the Volga Republic.

The president’s office had gathered the officials of the Republic, including Vladimir and the second chief of Intelligence.

“Is it true that the Baroque Empire is gathering power to invade our Republic?”

At the question from Vladimir, Sylvia nodded and said,

“Our agents have gathered information and confirmed that troops and supplies are being gathered one after the other in Nemesis.”


“In the end!”

At the answer from Sylvia, everyone spoke out.

Everyone in the Republic knew that their enemy was the Baroque Empire.

They had a huge war seven years ago, and the conditions between them were so bad that there were numerous border disputes.

Thus, the Volga Republic couldn’t neglect and constantly monitored the actions of the Empire all the time.

“If a war is really going to come, then we need to be the one to attack first.”

A seemingly strong knight in the office insisted.

He was the proud swordsman, Duke Dimitry of the Volga Republic.

An advanced Sword Master, who was in charge of the Republic Knights.

“Even I think the same. Offense is the best defense.”

The commander of the Central, Duke Kutuzov agreed.

The pre-emptive strike was taken into consideration as two of the top men in the military insisted on it.

“If so, then how many troops do you need for the war and till where are you going to push?” Asked the president.

It was a nice decision to push destruction into the Baroque Empire, but it exceeded the capabilities of the Republic.

Duke Dimitry, responded to the president’s question.

“Till the Northern Command, Krom? I think we would be in need of at least 70,000 troops and 250 Gigants.”

“Uhm, that is a lot of power requirement.”

It was almost equal to 1/3 of the total power of the Republic.

And if something went wrong after putting so much power, then they would be in much more danger.

The president hesitated, which made Meister Tyron of the Republic Magic Tower speak,

“Then how about getting a little help from Dark Moon magic tower and the fairies?”

When the Baroque Empire had come to war 7 years ago at the Republic, the country of the Republic faced the biggest crisis of protecting their land.

It was then that the Dark Moon magic tower and the fairies helped them.

Their cooperation eventually led to the defeat of the Baroque Empire and the Republic had been saved from its enemy’s hands.

“Well, I heard that Dark Moon had been attacked by an unidentified enemy and had suffered a lot of damage, right?”

At the question from Vladimir, Sylvia sighed and answered,

“Well, I can’t guarantee full support, but it would be possible to some extent.”

The second chief of the intelligence department and the one in charge of fairies and the warlocks had answered,

“Is it? Then, how is the development of the new Gigant that I had commissioned to the Dark Moon a while back?”

Vladimir had asked for the development of a hero class Gigant a month ago.

The Dark Moon had accepted it, which made him wonder how far the development had come.

“There was a 20 percent progress, and I was told that the situation of the Magic Tower isn’t good, so it would be done by the end of next year.”

“Tch, if I knew such a thing would happen, I would have requested for its development much longer,” said the president.

The power of a hero class was more than a Sword Master in the army.

In particular, the hero class of a so called Sword Master was a disaster.

As a result, the nations turned frantic to buy hero-class Gigants from the top ten Magic Towers, and the top ten magic towers were making a huge profit by selling hero class Gigant.

The republic, too, initially tried to purchase from the top ten magic towers.

However, the other kingdoms fearing the increase of the Republic’s power, put pressure on the top ten magic towers to ban the sale of Gigants to the Volga Republic.

That forced them to do their own development with hard work, and Dark Moon accepted the request.

“Let’s assess what we are missing and prepare for the war ahead.”

Everyone nodded at the President’s words.

The meeting went on for an hour.

It was a debate about where to send the troops and how to attack the Empire.

But they didn’t realize that all of the commotions in the Empire under Rudolf was to get rid of just one person.