Emperor of Steel

Chapter 111 - 1 VS 100 - 3

“Congratulations, my Lord.”

Philip, with his heart beating fast, watched the every second of the confrontation.

The moment Luke was about to respond.


A terrible pain swept his entire body like something was twisting inside him.

His bones seemed like they were shattering. His muscles were cramping. His blood vessels seemed to be blocked. The sky was looking yellow, and it became difficult for him to breath.

“Lord?” Asked Philip.

‘Dammit, this…’

After the 2nd phase of Build-up…

After suddenly exploding the potential, the mana exertion, the amount the body could handle had been increased exponentially.

The good news was that since Luke had experienced this in the past, he could cope with this situation.

‘Breath! First I need to control the runaway mana and stabilize my heart’s veins.’

Breathing in and out a few times, Luke’s body seemed to have relaxed a little.

“Are you alright?”

Philip approached Luke and asked.

“I am fine. I think I overdid myself a little,” answered Luke.

Somehow, the match was over.

There were no knights who were boasting about their abilities or skills.


Clap! Clap! Clap!

The sound of applause could be heard from the soldiers who witnessed the match.

“It was amazing. I never thought that you could really take on 100 people.”

“You must be?” Asked Luke.

“Bison. A knight in the cavalry, a native in here. I was out on patrol and came back when I was told that there was something fun happening here.”

Bison looked around at the fallen knights and picked up a sword that was lying on the ground.

“They sure are inexperienced ones, but I can’t turn my back away from my colleagues who had been taken down. It is a little late, but can I participate?” Asked Bison.

“What are you talking about, Sir Bison?”

Asked Philip.

Philip noticed that Luke wasn’t in a condition to fight again.

And after everything was done, the man asked for another fight!

“It has ended already. Don’t bother talking useless stuff and get back to duty!”

“Haha, useless stuff you say?! You knocked down a 100, but now you can’t even take on a single knight from the native cavalry?”

At the swords from Bison, soldiers began to mumble.

After seeing the huge fight, they were all very excited. So a sudden challenge from someone was intriguing for the soldiers and pushed the new commander into thought about what had to be done.

‘What is he trying to do?’

Luke was irritated, he looked at Bison.

He was asking for a fight after the entire match had ended.

Luke thought of a good idea after thinking about how to deal with this annoying challenger.

“Nice, I will take on your challenge. But, how about we don’t use swords and use something else instead?”

“Something else? Are you planning on fighting using Gigants?” Asked Bison.

“You do know how to control a Gigant, right?”

“Well, I worked as a mercenary rider in a clan, so that won’t be a problem.”

Philip was surprised upon hearing what Luke and Bison was talking about.

The mercenary riders who played in the Gigants Arena were very good at maneuvering.

And in comparison, Luke was an expert knight, but he was still a novice rider in the intermediate stage of practicing the balance of a Gigant.

Some time ago, on the way to the fortress, he tried to hone his guiding skills, but it wasn’t to a level where he could use a Gigant in a battle.

“Lord, it would be better if you step down.”

“Nope, I need to fight. If I step out of here now, all I did will be in vain.”

The reason why Luke fought the knights was to show everyone his overwhelming skills and to make sure that a proper military atmosphere would be established.

If Luke turned his back to this challenge, then he wouldn’t be able to achieve his intended goal.

“However…” Philip tried to speak.

“Don’t worry. I have thought of something.”

Luke turned down Philip’s advice and looked at Bison.

“Sir Bison, I accept your challenge.”

“Huhuhu, you are a man of your word. There is no law that can let you escape from this.”

Bison smiled.

Philip found his laugh and his appearance very annoying.

It felt like he had seen the man somewhere before. However, he couldn’t remember where or when.

For that very reason, Philip was feeling really anxious about the second confrontation that was about to happen.