Emperor of Steel

Chapter 110 - 1 VS 100 - 2

“It can’t be! It is going to be a wipe out.”

Anna was in the rear end of the knights, who were making unreasonable attacks.

Normally, she wouldn’t have joined the fight.

However, all the knights got caught up in the atmosphere and raised their swords against Luke.

“Everyone! Stop attacking and concentrate on defense!” Said Anna.

“What did you say? Keep your mouth shut, newbie! The formation is very confusing!”

Although Kaper shot back at her words, Anna didn’t back down.

“Vice-captain, please think about the practical use of the wheel formation!”


At Anna’s words, Alex and Kaper realized their mistake.

The wheel formation was made with the support of a Sword Master and a 7th circle wizard.

In practice, however, it was a more defense-oriented tactic than an offensive one. Dealing with power wasn’t an easy task, and one would end up getting caught in the fight.

So, they had to focus on defending as much as possible to reduce the damage they were taking.

And if they could do that, the Sword Master would be able to support them, and they might have a chance to target the enemy.

“Power defense formation!” Said Kaper

“Shield to the front! Hold up as much as you can!” Said Alex.

At the command from Kaper and Alex, the knights gave their attack and focused on the defense.

Luke admitted that the strong defense wouldn’t be easy to take down by his skills.

‘Ah, look at these people?’ Thought Luke.

Knights dedicated themselves to the defense, which meant that Luke’s attacks wouldn’t work well.

Luke decided to increase the intensity of the attack.

“Let’s see how long they can hold on.”

He brought out the gold sword which wasn’t used till then, and increase the mana poured into the sword.

Suddenly, Luke’s offensive power grew and the formation of the knights wobbled a lot.

“Kuaak! This is!”

“Veteran! He is like a veteran!”

“Two at a time! Go and shift with the person in front of you!”

“Trust your colleagues! Do not step into the fight alone! Go in with your colleagues!”

The knights were very desperate.

And the strength Luke was using had increased, but the wheel formation didn’t break so easily.

‘Well, if this goes on like this, my mana and stamina will soon be exhausted,’ thought Luke.

The most scary point of the wheel formation was this:

As its members got tired, the ones behind would come ahead and support, which would make it tiresome for the opponent.

It was okay for the time being. However, Luke knew that he would lose if it went on.

‘I can win if I use all my power, but…’

If Luke would use the Dark Blitz, the wheel formation would collapse right away like a sandcastle.

Even if he wasn’t much aware of white magic, he couldn’t just use his dark magic. And he couldn’t use the demons’ abilities like, Petro Light.

Luke was getting frustrated and thought of the most recent demon ability he acquired.

A 2nd phase of build-up power to strengthen the body.

And the result would be, increase in physical power, and strength to block a sword.

Until the 2nd phase there would be no change in his body’s appearance, but the strength his body could use increases exponentially.

It was just for a short period of time, but he would be able to use three times the power he could normally use.

‘But it isn’t so easy to use,’ thought Luke.

Luke didn’t know how to use the 2nd phase of Build-up. Until now, he had always been using the 1st phase.

However, due to the head-on confrontation he was facing, Luke was compelled to raise the Build-up ability.


Mana and stamina overflowed into his body, Luke unleashed a 4 circle range attack spell that he hadn’t used till then because he was overflowing with too much mana.

“Fire Explosion!”


When a powerful explosion occurred, its force knocked out around 30 knights.

When Luke found a gap, he immediately jumped in and wielded his sword in every direction that he could along with the Sonic Wave.



From the sword, the golden aura began to emerge which indicated the completion of Gold Sword, and it could no longer be stopped.

It applied in the same manner to the Expert knights who were standing in front of Luke.

The whole wheel had collapsed, leaving only one man standing there.

It was Kaper, who had a frightened face.

“This! Dammit! Come on!”

When Luke was just looking at him coldly, he threw a fit seeing that Alex was down.

With all his power, he rushed over to Luke.

“Die you!!!”


However, it was Kaper who fell. He blacked out when the hilt of Luke’s sword hit him.

“Luke has won!”


Officers and soldiers shouted Luke’s name and were cheering for him.

At first they thought that it was just better if the new commander wouldn’t back down.

But now, as he just knocked down 100 knights with awesome skills…

Luke’s confrontation with those 100 knights would go down in the history of the Northern Army.