Emperor of Steel

Chapter 109 - VS 100 – 1

“Hey! The new commander and the knights are going all out!”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah, I heard it from a guy who was in the parade a while ago, and that too, it is one against 100!”

“Oh my! That is crazy…!”

Suddenly, the news about the confrontation in the Torlot fortress had spread.

Just the news about one-on-one would have made everything go haywire, but it was one vs hundred.

All the soldiers headed to the parade ground except for the few soldiers who had to stay on their duty.

And the same was true for officers who had to do their duties.

When they arrived at the parade ground, the confrontation of the new commander and the knights was about to start.

“Commander Luke. Are you really going to deal with all of us alone?”

Said by the knight’s representative, Kaper with a doubtful expression.

When they were in the heat of the moment, they were ready to go against Luke, however, as the time went down they didn’t think that winning like that seemed right.

“Why? Are you feeling scared?”

“Huh! Fine. Don’t cry after losing.”

Kaper said it and looked over at his subordinates.

Three knights came forward.

Although not an expert, but as knights, they were known to have great skills in fencing.

“I will attack first.” Said the Knight.

Three knights who announced themselves to Luke attacked him.

However, as a soft light began to glow from Luke’s body, they bounced back faster.

Puck! Puck!

No sword had been pulled.

It was because Luke had applied the strength and quick magic on his body, and beat the three people at a speed which no eye could catch.

Seeing his men on the floor were beaten up, Kaper gulped.

‘He is strong!’

Despite the rumors about him being a Destroyer who defeated 4 Gigants with bare hands, and after the whip treatment he had given to Darren and his five attendants, he was still a young man.

But Luke’s movement when the match started, his movements went faster and sharper that no one was able to even figure out what had happened.

‘It wasn’t like the three of them were not that alert.’

The first three knights were sent to confirm his abilities.

As a result, the knights were able to realize that the rumors couldn’t be kept aside.

Alex looked over at Kaper as if they were sharing the same thought.

“Look here, Kaper.”

“I know, Alex.”

The two had different positions, one was the Vice-captain, the other was the Knights’ leader of one division, but they were like close friends.

Kaper nodded looking at Alex and gave his order.

“The opponent is strong!! Think before acting and do the best!”

Dozens of knights along with the apprentices went ahead to attack Luke.

Without hesitation at all, shields and swords were put up.

But they weren’t even strong enough to be Luke’s opponent.

Once Luke’s magic began, the so-called siege turned over; the knights fell one after the other.

The knights began to fall down.

“Is this the level? Why am I feeling so disappointed?” Asked Luke.


“You still don’t understand why I asked all 100 of you to come at me? Will you all continue to be this stupid till the end?”

At the provocation from Luke, Kaper gritted his teeth and ordered,

“Let’s form an orderly wheel battle formation! Experts take over!”

Experts proceeded to the front at the order from Kaper led the way.

And with the rest of the knights, the formation representing a cartwheel was formed.

The knights with a strong impression were made to face Luke.

However, it was very rare but a strong player like the Sword Master or 7th circle wizard on the battlefield would stay ahead in the wheel formation.

Even if they do come in contact in the battle, Gigants were used, so it was easy to deal with them, but rarely did they come across in physical combat.

But, now, everyone was on the other side, and they were going to use their skills against their new commander.

“Oh my, now the fight seems to be getting interesting.” Said Luke.

After seeing the formation, Luke stared at the knights with a shine in his eyes.

“Sonic Wave! Wind Storm!”



Luke used both the demon’s power and magic at the same time.

The lead knights were blown away with Sonic Wave, and followed by the storm that swept in a moment later, the other knights in the back fell down.

But not the entire formation collapsed.

The remaining knights quickly filled the collapsed part and began to attack.




Magic, sword, and the abilities of the demons were all being used in the clash with the knights.

Every time an attack happened, a knight fell down and another came ahead.

Luke, however, cleverly blended magic and swordsmanship, as well as the demon power to defend and attack at the same time.

Each time two or three knights came ahead, Luke would fight eagerly.

“Dammit, to be able to do this…” Said a knight.

“To the back! Change the formation!”

It was the first time for the knights to encounter a Rune Knight.

No, they never met a person who has mastered both magic and sword.

As a result, they were confused and flustered.

If the colleagues next to each other didn’t respond so quickly, the wheel would have been blown over a long time ago.

The knights couldn’t help but snarl at the flashing acts of Luke.

“Are the Rune knights supposed to be this strong?”

“Idiot! If Rune knights were strong, then everyone would try and become Rune knights, why would they go for wizards or knights?”

“Then how is he…?!”

To learn either one of the sword or magic was difficult enough.

Even if one tries, there were just one of the 10,000 people who could either become a Sword Master or a 7th circle wizard.

But to learn both?

That took a lot of progress.

“Didn’t the knights lose?”

“No way! I heard it before, the wheel formation can never be broken unless the commander is a Sword Master.”

“That so?”

As the information was being relayed to the stationed officers and soldiers, the situation changed.