Emperor of Steel

Chapter 101 - Encounter with the Fairies 4

Filling their stomachs, and the medicinal drugs which Erwin made had helped the fairies for a speedy recovery.

Luke was under the thought of what he had to do with them.

If he would take them with him to the city, they would all be treated as a slave or as spies from the Volga Republic.

‘The village they had been using was burned down by the traders…’

Luke was troubled and that was when he remembered the words of the dead merchants.

They had lost half of their merchandise in the hands of Erwin.

If she did save the fairies like they said, then there might have been someplace where she was keeping them safe.

“Look here, I think we need to move them to some other safe place.” Luke said.


“Why aren’t you speaking? Is it because I am the descendant of Rakan?”

Luke too had been wondering why Erwin had suddenly become cold towards him.

Hundreds of years later, the warrior who had been favored by all the humans had defeated Saymon, the liberator of fairies.

‘Dammit, I am that Saymon!’ Luke thought.

He could only say those words to himself and was unable to reveal it.

Whether it was Philip or Erwin, they would both think that Luke was crazy.

However, Luke couldn’t just end it like that, he tried to speak again to her.

At that moment, Erwin opened her mouth and spoke with a very disgusted tone,

“Two days to north, there is a fairy village. Those whom I have rescued first were sent there.”

“Yeah? Then send these ones there too. Guide me right away.”

At the urgent words of Luke to guide him, Erwin spoke with a chilly look,

“The villagers won’t welcome humans.”

“Why? Afraid we’ll make rumors about them? If that was the case, Lord wouldn’t have saved them!”

And came the words from Philip.

The woman seemed to have a generous character, and her beauty was eye-catching, however, Erwin’s attitude wasn’t that top-notch.

“And our Lord is different from his ancestors. He is so bold and thoughtful that he willingly accepted the Devil King’s Vision to save his land!” Philip spoke with a stern voice.

‘I didn’t exactly do that for the Devil King’s Castle.’ Luke thought to himself.

Luke was trying to save the most precious Devil King’s Castle and was trying to get revenge.

Luke didn’t know how the situation would turn with Philip saying all those out loud, but he didn’t stop Philip as Erwin’s face began to change a little.

‘He learned the Devil King’s Vision? That was why he was able to use dark magic which was similar to the warlocks.’

The Dark Moon was the successor of the Darkness Magic Tower which had been established by Saymon in the past.

If he learned Saymon’s vision, then he was one of them.

Like that, one question about Luke had been solved, but Erwin wasn’t able to solve another thing.

She felt a similar energy to one of the mother nature when she hit the pendant of Luke.

The energy wasn’t just massive or grand, but made her heart beat fast and longing for something.

‘If my guess was right, it could be related to the Earth’s Tears.’

The Earth’s Tears have released its power numerous times in the past.

Some elves had even recorded the feelings for the later reference and Erwin read those records.

‘I need to check it a little more. If so, then it might be a good idea to take him to the village.’

Thinking to herself, Erwin stood up and talked to Luke and Philip,

“I’ll guide you. We’ll leave right away.”

“I see, you have changed your mind.”

Luke smiled thinking that she had changed her mind when the cold face of Erwin came back.

“If you are different from your ancestors, then I’ll try to keep you beside a little longer.”