Emperor of Steel

Chapter 100 - Encounter with the Fairies 3

After the battle, Philip hurriedly went to Luke and asked,

“Are you alright, Lord?”

“Yes, I think I was saved because of the guardian locket that the princess gave me.”

Luke took out the chain that was hanging around his neck.

The locket was a bit distorted as it had been hit with the staff a while ago.

Seeing Luke all safe, Philip sighed out of relief and soon asked what he had been curious about.

“Lord, what was the power that you have used a while ago…?”

“Yes, I think you know what it is.”

‘The power of the Devil King!’ which Philip had thought of.

Philip’s face went stiff.

Honestly, he was expecting something like that to have happened.

He had been a bit suspicious of Luke ever since he had been going into the Devil King’s Castle without taking any of his retainers.

He had suspected that Luke had secretly acquired the vision of the Devil King Saymon, and was learning, now it had been proved!

“I know you are disappointed. A descendant of a warrior touching something he never should.” Luke said.

“That power… are you able to control it?” Philip asked.

The dark magic was difficult to opt as it was considered as uncontrollable for wizards.

The power which was beyond one’s control immediately corrupts the soul of a wizard.

But as Luke nodded, Philip’s expression softened.

“Then I guess it is all right. I won’t be picking on you like the old retainers back home. If you need to catch a rat, it isn’t supposed to matter if the cat is a black one or a white one.”

Philip understood what Luke had done that for.

Which was why he decided to believe in Luke, and his innocence.

“But, I have a favor, if I die, just don’t make me into a Death Knight.”

“Okay, then as I have told you before, I will make you into a Durahan.”


“Hahaha, don’t worry. I still haven’t learned how to do it, and I have no intention of learning it either.”

Luke glanced over from Philip.

Clark and the other mercenaries who had survived the raid went up to the fallen wizard.

“What is this? This bitch?”

“She is an elf too. So, you were the one chasing us!”

Clark saw why she had been following them, he pushed the head of the fallen elf.

“Hey, elf bitch! What do you get for doing this to us? Speak up! Wake up right now!”

Clark raised his hand and was ready to hit her on her cheek.

Luke held his hand and asked,

“Who told you that you could touch that woman?”



As Luke held the hand, Clark’s hand broke down like a cane.

“Kukuk… why, why did you do this, Lord? That lady has…” Clark said.

“I know, I was going to save you guys from them. But, even I hate the fact that you catch good fairies and sell them off as slaves.”

“But, why?”

“Why did I say that I was going to help? I was accompanying you people to take you to some thick forest and then bury you.”


Unlike the frightened group of Clark and his buddies, Philip just nodded his head feeling relieved.

Knowing that Luke learned dark magic, Philip thought that Luke decided to help them because of turning a little evil.

“Kay then, should I clean out the trash?” Luke asked.


Clark and the others who were frightened of Luke ran away the very instant.

They knew that they couldn’t fight against the man who managed to handle the elven wizard.

Their actions were wise, however, there was no way that they could escape Luke’s grip.

“Petro Light.”

As soon as Luke’s eyes flashed, Clark and the others stood still in the place.

Their bodies were slowly turning hard and they began to panic.

“Haaaa! Please let us be! Please!”

Luke didn’t even bother listening to them, those who didn’t bother listening to the cries of the fairies.

Philip too just looked at them with a teasing face.

The screams of the mercenaries echoed in the woods till the moment their tongues went stiff and then their whole bodies.

They soon turned into stone statues.

“Ugh, this is…”

After regaining consciousness, Erwin hurriedly looked at her surroundings.

She had been working hard for five days to track the slave traders who had killed numerous fairies.

After saving a few fairies, she decided to attack them for one last time, which was the time she crossed path with a warlock.

The warlock was strong for her to handle.

She had fainted for a dark magic that no 7 circle wizard had perceived.

‘What happened?’

She thought that she would be stuffed with magic seals.

However, her body wasn’t just fine but was also covered with a blanket to prevent her from catching a cold.

And the staff she had received from her teacher was right beside her.

Erwin’s shocked eyes looked at the warlock and his underling releasing the trapped fairies.

Their eyes didn’t show the contemptible lust that the slave traders had.

‘Why would they save me?’

‘Didn’t they made a pact with the slave traders?’

Erwin was thinking deeply about that.

While she was lost in thoughts, the warlock looked back and their eyes met.

“Uh? You are up already. I thought that you would be down for a while.”

Luke instructed Erwin who was staring at him.

“If you can move, then boil some porridge. I think they are starving.”

Slaves were always fed well because they were valuable commodities, but they were never fed in the beginning. To discipline them, they would use violence or starve them.

Normal fairies were stronger than humans, however, after five days without eating or drinking they would be in a weak state.

She knew that she had to feed them.

‘This man why… no, I’ll ask him later.’

Humans have a caring nature for their own people, and they would not answer their questions.

Erwin got up from her seat, boiled the porridge and gave it to the fairies, just as Luke had told her.

And then, from the subspace ring, she took out herbs which were effective in restoring energy.

Luke stared at it with an interested expression.

“A subspace artifact? That is something very rare.” Luke asked.

“Once upon a time, I got it from an ancient ruin. I can give it if you want.”

The space in the subspace was pretty small, it was enough to carry a few clothes and a few belongings.

To live without it could be uncomfortable for Erwin, but the man had saved her race, so she owed it to him.

However, Luke declined her offer.

“I don’t need it. I have the same thing. And I haven’t asked for it either.”

“Then, what do you want? Erwin asked.

“There is no reason for me to save a human who is in need. That was it.”

‘A human…’

Not many humans regarded fairies as humans.

It was the same as the Volga Republic where the treatment of fairies was good, even the priests who preached about loving everyone and everything equally had difficulty seeing them as humans.

It was because of envy, jealousy, and fear of them.

Fairies had a better appearance, longer life, and exceptional talent which humans didn’t have.

If humans were less capable of production than the fairies, then the world would be full of fairies and not them.

“Anyway, we have met around such circumstances but, I am Luke de Rakan. And you must be?”

‘Did he say Rakan?’ Erwin thought.

Erwin stared at Luke with a questionable look.

No matter how righteous a man was for saving her people, he was the descendant of the hypocrite Rakan, who had trampled on the wishes of her ancestors.

Erwin’s gaze, which had been very soft towards Luke until then turned icy.

“Look here, I am asking your name.”

At the question from Luke, she reluctantly told her name.

“Erwin. My name is Erwin Lesa.”

‘Erwin Lesa?’ Thought Luke to himself.

Erwin had made great achievements in the magic world.

“The one who had devised the artificial magic…?”

“Yeah. The biggest regret of my life.”


They were the last words of Erwin.

There was still a lot she had to ask Luke, however, she wasn’t going to speak to the offspring of a hypocrite.