Dual Cultivation

Chapter 880 - Nine Celestial Provinces

Su Yang and Xiao Rong spent a couple of hours in the air until they finally came across a city. While they were not going full speed, they were still going relatively fast, and if they were still in the Eastern Continent, they would've already circled around the entire continent a hundred times.

During their travel, Su Yang relayed the news to Qiuyue and the others that they've successfully returned to the Divine Heavens and that they were in the Celestial Heaven where he was born.

The ladies were relieved to hear that they had made it to the Divine Heavens safely, and as much as they wanted to come out of the spatial device to look around, they knew it was too dangerous.

Once they arrived at the city, Su Yang descended outside the city before putting away the flying treasure.

After taking a deep breath, Su Yang approached the guards standing by the gates and spoke, "Hello, friends. Can you tell me the name of this city?"

The guards turned to look at the short and round young man that had just spoken to them, and on his face was a bright and cheerful smile.

"You don't know the name of our city? Listen up, fatty. This splendid city is called Thousand Courage City!" The guard said to Su Yang in a sneering tone, treating him like some bumpkin who didn't know anything.

"Thousand Courage City? So we're currently in Lin Province…" Su Yang ignored the guard's attitude and mumbled to himself.

Once he knew their location, Su Yang walked away from the city and returned to the skies on his flying treasure.

However, he didn't go anywhere and merely hovered in the sky while sitting there with a pondering expression.

After many minutes of silence, Su Yang finally spoke, "Xiao Rong, I'm going to teach you a little about the Celestial Heaven now. This is important information you'll need to know."

Xiao Rong nodded and quickly put on her learning face, something she got used to doing from taking too many of Qin Liangyu's lessons.

"The Celestial Heaven is separated into nine major provinces, and we call them the Nine Celestial Provinces. Each province is ruled by a powerful family, and they are usually called the Celestial Families. Above the Celestial Families is the Celestial Dynasty, which governs the entire Celestial Heaven. You can think of them as the real rulers."

"The Celestial Families are the second most powerful backgrounds in the Celestial Heaven being only below the Celestial Dynasty, but that is only in name."

"Besides the Celestial Families and the Celestial Dynasty, there are many outside powers without any official position in the Celestial Heaven but are much stronger than the Celestial Families and even the Celestial Dynasty. To give you an example, the Asura God Clan and the Sacred Moon Palace are considered outside powers."

"Now, as for the reason they're considered 'outsiders' is simply because their headquarters do not exist in the Four Divine Heavens. Most of the truly powerful and influential families are located outside the Four Divine Heavens in their own little world, but they are heavily involved in the Four Divine Heavens, so even though they don't have any official position in the Divine Heavens, their presences cannot be ignored and are usually respected more than those in official positions." Su Yang explained to her.

"Of course, this doesn't just apply to families, as there are also sects that exist outside the Divine Heavens as well."

"Anyways, we are currently in the Lin Family's territory— the Lin Province. And we need to head to the Qiang Province so I can pick up a few things I had left behind before. Unfortunately for us, the Qiang Province is on the other side of the world, and if we want to reach there, it'll take us years even with a flying treasure. Therefore, we can only rely on a teleport formation."

"Hmm… If I recall correctly, there should be one in Red Wind City. But before we go there, we need to obtain the money to even use that thing…"

Even though he brought a couple of billions of spirit stones with him, it might not be enough to use the teleport formations that usually cost tens of billions of spirit stones, especially if they're traveling across the world.

"There should be a large open marketplace in a city that's only a couple of days away from Red Wind City. I can go there to fund my trip."

"This will take about a week." Su Yang said to Xiao Rong, who nodded calmly.

Luckily for Xiao Rong, they were in a world she was unfamiliar with, making everything new and entertaining for her.

As for Su Yang, as much as he wanted to take his time and look at the scenery until they arrived, he needs to increase his cultivation as fast as possible.

Now that they have returned to the Divine Heavens, his cultivation that halted at the Sovereign Spirit Realm will finally continue to improve at a decent rate.

Of course, compared to dual cultivation, cultivating normally will remain inferior.

A week later, Su Yang landed the flying treasure a couple of miles away from a certain city and walked to the gates with Xiao Rong by his side.

"What's your business here at Yellow Stellar City?"

"I would like to sell some stuff at the Stellar Bazaar," said Su Yang to the guard at the gates.

"Have you been here before?"


"Then you'll have to head to the Registration Hall and register for a permit. It'll cost you some money. And before you can go to the Registration Hall, you must pay the city entrance fees."

"How much?" Su Yang asked.

"100 spirit stones." The guard calmly responded.


Despite the astronomical entry fee, Su Yang handed 100 spirit stones to the guard without batting an eye.

Compared to the other world that only needed a couple of silver to enter most of the cities, asking for 100 spirit stones for the entrance fee was akin to robbery in daylight, but in the Divine Heavens, it was the norm.