Dual Cultivation

Chapter 879 - Returning to the Four Divine Heavens

Somewhere in the Four Divine Heavens, an old man that had been sitting in the same position with his eyes closed for the last four years suddenly opened his eyes.

"So you have finally returned, young man…"

The old man smiled, showing two rows of yellow teeth.

He then stood up and took a step forward, appearing countless miles in the distance.

It was unknown how far the old man traveled, but he eventually stopped after arriving in a certain world.

The old man proceeded to hover in the starry sky and gazed upon this world as though he was heaven itself.

After standing there for many days, the old man suddenly lifted his hand and snapped his fingers, causing the spiritual energy in that world to suddenly increase in quality and quantity.

Eventually, the entire world was filled with thick spiritual energy that would allow for even Divine Realm cultivators like Qiuyue to breakthrough. This sudden change shocked everybody in that world, and it felt like the world they once knew suddenly changed and became much better, almost like a homeless person waking up inside a house that he owned yet had no idea how he'd obtained it.

After pushing this world into a new cultivation era for some reason, the old man turned around and disappeared into the distance, his location unknown.

Meanwhile, after entering the Silver Dimension Gate, Su Yang appeared inside this wormhole while his body was moving forward in an uncontrollable manner.

"It's been a long time since I last experienced such a long teleportation!"

Su Yang looked around him, but he was alone despite entering the Silver Dimension Gate with Xian Ni.

"Looks like we'll be going separate ways. Good luck, Xian Ni." Su Yang mumbled in a low voice.

One day… two days… three days…

One week… two weeks… three weeks…

Although it was almost impossible to tell the time in the wormhole, Su Yang was sure that at least a month had passed ever since he entered the wormhole, yet he hadn't reached the other side yet.

One would normally have started panicking long ago, but Su Yang remained extremely calm.

During these few weeks, Su Yang would speak with the ladies inside the spatial device and Xiao Rong. If he wasn't talking to them, he would simply close his eyes and take a nap.

He would cultivate if he could, but unfortunately, in this chaotic environment, it would be for the best if he didn't cultivate, and it could even potentially attract Rift Demons.

A few more days later, Su Yang suddenly narrowed his eyes, as he suddenly noticed a small but bright light in the distance.

However, even though he could see the end, it didn't look like he was getting any closer, and only after waiting a few more days would there be some noticeable changes.

"This smell… It's definitely the Divine Heavens… I am almost there…" Su Yang mumbled.

The closer he got to the exit, the more his heart throbbed from excitement.

A few more weeks later, the exit looked so close that it was practically right in front of Su Yang.

Su Yang extended his arms, touching the white light.

The next moment, it felt as though he'd stopped moving.

A bright light suddenly enveloped his vision, forcing him to close his eyes.

When he opened his eyes a moment later, Su Yang was no longer inside the wormhole. Instead, he was in the middle of some valley, and he was surrounded by mountains that were high enough to pierce the clouds.

Su Yang looked around.

"This Profound Qi… We're definitely in the Divine Heavens, but which one are we in?"

However, he wasn't cultivating to increase his cultivation. He was cultivating to examine the spiritual energy in the air.

A few minutes later, a smile appeared on Su Yang's face.

"What are the chances? I was born in the Celestial Heaven in my first life, and in my second life, I will also start from the Celestial Heaven."

Because every Divine Heaven has their own unique spiritual energy, it was quite easy for Su Yang to figure out his location.

With that being said, while he knew that he was within the Celestial Heaven, he had no clue where he currently was.

"Master, can I come outside?" Xiao Rong's voice suddenly resounded in his head.

Su Yang then said, "Only if you consume the Supreme Appearance Altering Pill and change your appearance to something less attractive. Furthermore, you are forbidden from transforming to your beast form unless I tell you."

"I am doing this for your own good, Xiao Rong, as Ghost Cats are extremely rare and sought after by collectors, much less a Phantom Cat. You may be in the Ancient Realm, but there are countless experts stronger than you in this world. You can no longer act as carefree as you used to."

"Okay." Xiao Rong agreed.

"Starting today, I will be an abandoned young master named Xiao Yang and you'll be my cousin, Xiao Rong." Su Yang said to her.

"Okay." Xiao Rong nodded calmly.

"Also, can you suppress your cultivation base to Sovereign Spirit Realm as well? Although experts at the Ancient Realm and above will be able to see through your cultivation base, it'll be fine since they don't usually show themselves in public."

Xiao Rong then suppressed her cultivation base until it matched Su Yang's cultivation base at the second level.

"Great. Now let's figure out where we are." Su Yang said before retrieving his flying boat.

A few moments later, they levitated off the ground and flew straight in a direction that was randomly picked by Su Yang.

As long as they reach a city, he will be able to locate their position. Once they know their location, he will be able to plan his future.