Dual Cultivation

Chapter 878 - Entering the Silver Dimension Gate (End of Vol. 9)

"Then how about telling me about your birthplace and your family background if you don't mind?" Xian Ni then asked him.

"My background, huh?" Su Yang tilted his head and looked at the clear blue sky.

"Just like the Celestial Heaven, there is nothing impressive or unique about my background. I was born in an ordinary family. Once I was able to start cultivating, I left my family and started exploring the world."

"In fact, I didn't even take cultivation seriously at first. It was not until I met my first love that I started cultivating seriously."

"Your first love? Now that sounds interesting."

"It's your typical love story, though. She was a powerful warrior who fought for a certain kingdom. I fell in love at first sight, and in order to make my presence known to her, I trained until she finally noticed me. I succeeded, and we married. We lived happily for a couple of years, but we eventually learned that she was infertile, which meant she couldn't give birth. I didn't mind it, but she did."

"There was nothing she nor I could've done at that time, and she eventually passed away from old age because she was a mortal warrior. Well, she was also a cultivator, but she wasn't at the level where she could live for thousands of years."

"Heavenly Spirit Realm— that was her peak, whilst I continued to grow and grow, eventually becoming an Immortal." Su Yang sighed.

"I didn't expect a tragic story… I'm sorry if I brought up your bad memories."

Su Yang shook his head and said, "Bad memories? Hahaha… Although it was tough at times, it wasn't always like that. In fact, we had plenty of lovely memories together— so much so that it overshadows most of the negative ones, and they were some of the most precious moments in my life."

"I see… What about your cultivation path? Were you always a Dual Cultivator?" Xian Ni asked him.

"Nope. I started out as an ordinary cultivator like most people, and I was a Sword Cultivator for a few hundred years before I decided to become a Dual Cultivator."

"You're one of— if not the most unique individual I have ever met, you know?" Xian Ni chuckled.

A few moments later, Qiuyue suddenly appeared behind them like a ghost and shouted in an excited tone, "Su Yang! It's here!"

It was at this moment Su Yang realized the changes in the area.

"Gather everyone! The mirror is appearing!" He quickly said.

In just a couple of minutes, everyone on the flying ship gathered on the deck. Some of them had fallen asleep after cultivating with Su Yang, but they were immediately awakened after hearing that the treasure was appearing.

Once everyone gathered, Su Yang brought them to the ground and retrieved the flying treasure.

The other people gathered at the place stared at them with wide eyes.

They have been wondering who was on such a mythical treasure for the last few days, but none of these people dared to approach them and ask. To think there were so many heavenly beauties on the flying ship, none of them would have imagined that it was a paradise for men.

A few minutes after Su Yang and the others descended to the ground, a large silver mirror with a portal in the middle appeared out of thin air like a ghost.

"It's here! The Mirror of Darkness is finally here! See you all on the other side!" The people there immediately began walking into the portal without hesitation and disappeared from the Southern Continent.

Very quickly, everyone but Su Yang's group entered the mirror.

"I will see you ladies later." Su Yang said to them after retrieving the Spatial Device.

"See you later, Su Yang."

Sun Jingjing gave him a passionate kiss on the lips before entering the doors first, followed by Su Liqing, Qi Yue, Wu Jingjing, Zhu Mengyi, Lian Li, Wang Shuren, Fang Zhelan, Fang Xiaoru, Li Xiao Mo, Zhang Xiu Ying, Bai Lihua, Xie Xingfang, Qin Liangyu, Hong Yu'er without the kiss, Su Yin, Yan Yan without the kiss, and last but not least— Qiuyue.

However, before Su Yang actually sent the ladies inside the Spatial Device, he took out the Supreme Appearance Altering Pill and swallowed it, transforming into a short and round figure, shocking everyone there.

"What do you think?" Su Yang asked them in his new appearance— a short and fat young master with a face that would look good if he were to lose a few dozen pounds.

"Unbelievable…" They all muttered in a voice of disbelief.

"Even though I know you're Su Yang on the inside, it'll definitely feel awkward cultivating with you in that appearance… No offense..." Wang Shuren shrugged when she imagined this round figure embracing her.

The others agreed, feeling glad about their choice to cultivate with him first before his change.

Su Yang laughed out loud in an unfamiliar voice after hearing their words.

"See you all later," he said to them with a beaming smile before closing the doors and storing the Spatial Device inside his Dantian.

The only one who didn't enter the Spatial Device was Xiao Rong, who Su Yang will be keeping by his side just in case anything happens because she was at the Ancient Realm, and Xian Ni, who will be entering the Mirror of Darkness with him.

"Xiao Rong, can you enter my Dantian as well? It'll be problematic if we're separated," he said to her.

Xiao Rong nodded, transforming into her Phantom Cat form before flying inside his body like a ghost, dumbfounding Xian Ni who has never seen such a sight until today.

"Are you ready?" Su Yang asked him afterward.

"Yes." Xian Ni nodded with a solemn look on his face.

The two of them approached the mirror and stood before it.

Su Yang didn't immediately enter, and he took a moment to look at the sky.

"Goodbye, everyone. Hopefully, all of you will still be here by the time I return." Su Yang took a deep breath to calm his nerves before taking a step forward and entering the Silver Dimension Gate, followed by Xian Ni, disappearing from this unknown world.