Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 768 Heavenly Serpent Qi

Over the past few days, the Prefecture Lord battle between the Yi clan and the Qiu clan had undoubtedly become the hottest topic in Xuanzhou City and perhaps even in the entire Xiaoxuan Prefecture.

Every faction in the area was closely watching the developments.

The Qiu clan could be called a local powerhouse in Xiaoxuan Prefecture, and they were the strongest candidate for the position of Prefecture Lord. However, more than ten years ago, the Yi clan had suddenly appeared and snatched away the Prefecture Lord position, something which the Qiu clan must have been pretty furious about.

Although frustrated, there was nothing they could do because the Yi clan had an elder occupying an important position in Tianyuan Region. Both his status and strength were top class. Even a local powerhouse like the Qiu clan could only wait and bide their time, hoping for an opportunity.

When the head of the Yi clan encountered an accident in the Thousand Beast Mountain Range, coupled with the strange death of a disciple of the Qiu clan, the Qiu clan now had the perfect excuse to create trouble. The Prefecture Lord battle could also be said to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Qiu clan.

As long as they won the Prefecture Lord battle, even the powerful elder of the Yi clan wouldn’t be able to obstruct them. Xiaoxuan Prefecture would then completely fall into the hands of the Qiu clan.

Therefore, the subsequent Prefecture Lord battle would determine who would be the king of Xiaoxuan Prefecture for the next few decades.

Seven days quickly passed by as thousands of people eagerly awaited.

When the seventh morning came, the atmosphere in Xuanzhou City became heated with excitement. Countless people flocked to the city from all directions, ultimately gathering in the center of the city.

A huge mountain-like platform stood at the center of the city. This was the battlefield for the Prefecture Lord battle.

The Yi clan’s courtyard.

Yi Qiushui stood on the steps, accompanied by two powerful experts of the Heavenly Sun stage. All the members of the Yi clan were currently gathered here as well.

The slim and tall Liu Zhixuan, as well as two middle-aged men exuding majestic imposing auras, was also present in the courtyard.

The three of them, together with Yi Qiushui and Zhou Yuan, were the chosen members for the Prefecture Lord battle.

Among this group, there was no doubt that everybody had placed the most hope and expectation on Liu Zhixuan. He was an extremely outstanding genius in Xiaoxuan Prefecture who had stepped into the advanced Divine Dwelling stage and established an eight heavens Divine Dwelling. In terms of strength and reputation, he was in no way inferior to Qiu Ling of the Qiu clan.

Though the other two advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts were also incredibly strong, they were still lacking when compared to Liu Zhixuan.

But Zhou Yuan seemed to be missing.

The foreheads of many Yi clan members were creased in a frown. They didn’t expect that Zhou Yuan would be absent at such a time.


Liu Tianying cleared his throat, turned to Yi Qiushui and said, “Niece Qiushui, where is our young friend Zhou Yuan?”

Yi Qiushui swept a glance in the direction of the rear courtyard and hesitated for a moment. She answered, “It seems that he is still training, please wait a moment.”

Liu Ming blinked her huge eyes repeatedly, muttering, “Could he have sneaked away?”

Strange expressions emerged on the young men and women of the Yi clan. Zhou Yuan had talked big previously, and it was possible that he had secretly fled since the battle was fast approaching.

If that were to happen, the Yi clan would become a laughingstock.

Next to Yi Qiushui, elder Yi Qianji frowned. “There’s still time to change our line-up. Thanks to your uncle Liu, we already have a backup advanced Divine Dwelling expert.”

Yi Qiushui shook her head. “There is still some time, let’s wait a little longer.”

Yi Qianji’s frown deepened, and the other Heavenly Sun expert of the Yi clan looked as if he wanted to say something but held back when Yi Qianji sent a glare over.

Yi Qiushui was currently the head of the Yi clan. If someone were to refute her in public, it would be detrimental to her authority and affect her taking over the Yi clan in the future.

However, Yi Qianji also felt very helpless. Although Yi Qiushui had recently become the head of the clan, she had already forcefully pushed for Zhou Yuan to take one of the places in the Prefecture Lord battle. If Zhou Yuan were to perform badly and cause them to lose, it would be a fatal blow to her.

If this matter escalated, it would be difficult for Yi Qiushui to give everyone a proper explanation even if her grandfather was such an influential figure.

Sigh, she has always been extremely intelligent, but why is she so stubborn this time? Yi Qianji sighed inwardly with a worried frown.

Could the rumors be true? Is Yi Qiushui fond of this Zhou Yuan?

But there were countless talented geniuses who admired Yi Qiushui over the years, including Liu Zhixuan, and each one was many times more outstanding than Zhou Yuan. So what did she see in him?


While Yi Qianji’s thoughts were all over the place, there was suddenly an explosion of Genesis Qi from the Yi clan’s rear courtyard.

The crowd looked over in shock.

A beam of dazzling blue light bloomed from the rear courtyard. The cry of a dragon seemed to echo as faint draconic power pulsed.

The surrounding Genesis Qi began to stir frantically before gathering towards the little courtyard, as though it was heading there for worship.

“Huh? That Genesis Qi seemed quite powerful.” Yi Qianji sounded somewhat surprised. As a Heavenly Sun expert, he naturally could sense the incredible purity and tyranny of the Genesis Qi from the courtyard.

However, the majestic Genesis Qi quickly faded before he could properly feel it.


A shadow shot into the sky and landed in the front courtyard. It was Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan looked to be in good spirits. His eyes gave off a bright blue glow as terrifying energy seemed to flow around his body.

Liu Zhixuan couldn’t help but cast a puzzled glance in his direction.

Those Genesis Qi fluctuations gave him a dangerous feeling.

Before he could ascertain this feeling, the azure glow faded from Zhou Yuan’s eyes and the powerful aura vanished, as though the previous scene was nothing but an illusion.

Zhou Yuan apologized to Yi Qiushui, “Sorry I’m late.”

Yi Qiushui smiled and shook her head, studying Zhou Yuan curiously. She had also detected that heart-palpitating Genesis Qi fluctuation, and she didn’t think it was an illusion.

Therefore, her trust in Zhou Yuan deepened.

Liu Ming raised her little fist at Zhou Yuan. “I thought you already ran away. I won’t forgive you if you burden my brother in the Prefecture Lord battle.”

But Zhou Yuan didn’t even glance at her.

Liu Ming puffed in anger and was about to teach him a lesson when Liu Zhixuan pulled her away. He smiled apologetically at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan responded with a smile, indicating that he didn’t mind.

“I’ll be troubling you guys for the Prefecture Lord Battle.” Yi Qiushui looked towards Zhou Yuan, Liu Zhixuan and the other two advanced Divine Dwelling experts.

“Let’s move.” said Yi Qianji in a deep voice. With a flick of his sleeve, powerful Genesis Qi swept out, lifting everyone into the sky.

The Genesis Qi cloud passed by half of Xuanzhou City and soon landed on a huge mountain-like stone platform at the center of the city.

Zhou Yuan looked around and saw a black sprawling sea of figures amidst a frenzied atmosphere. It looked as though every single person in Xuanzhou City was currently gathered.

This was indeed a grand occasion.

Zhou Yuan felt countless contemptuous and curious gazes observing him. It seemed that he had become rather well known in Xuanzhou City over the past few days.

From the expression in their eyes, however, it seemed that his reputation wasn’t too good.

However, Zhou Yuan simply smiled, evidently not minding it very much. He could not help but curve his lips into a satisfied smile as he felt the majestic azure Genesis Qi in his Divine Dwelling.

Let the battle today be witness to the second level of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, the World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi.