Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 747 Articles of the Ancestral Dragon

“Hunyuan Heaven?”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback by these words. He soon nodded and said, “I’ve heard that Hunyuan Heaven is the most populated and strongest land in Tianyuan World if we exclude the sacred race.”

Yaoyao had told him that Tianyuan World consisted of nine heavens. The sacred race occupied four heavens, while the numerous other living creatures were separated into the remaining five heavens. Hunyuan Heaven was something like the core of these five heavens.

It was precisely because of Hunyuan Heaven’s existence that the innumerable living beings of Tianyuan World were not enslaved by the sacred race. Hunyuan Heaven was considered the stronghold of the resistance against the sacred race.

“Do you know how powerful Hunyuan Heaven is?” asked Cang Yuan with a grin.

Zhou Yuan immediately shook his head. He did not know much about Hunyuan Heaven, but he was aware that Su Youwei and Wu Yao had gone there.

As for how strong Hunyuan Heaven was, it was not something a tiny Divine Dwelling stage practitioner like him would be privy to.

Cang Yuan’s gnarled hand reached towards the bonfire. He nonchalantly barbequed a stick of meat as he smiled faintly and said, “Hunyuan Heaven is extremely vast, far exceeding Cangxuan Heaven. Hunyuan Heaven is more or less divided into nine domains.

“Every domain is overseen by a domain master.

“And these domain masters are all Saints.”

These few sentences made Zhou Yuan gasp. Astonishment filled his face as he stammered, “Isn’t that...nine...nine Saints?!”

Zhou Yuan did not know exactly how powerful a Saint was, but he understood that even Sheng Yuan was merely at the false Saint stage.

The false Saint stage was already considered an invincible existence in Cangxuan Heaven. If not for Cang Yuan’s appearance towards the end, no one would have been able to stop Sheng Yuan.

But Cang Yuan was now telling him that there were nine Saints in Hunyuan Heaven!

What kind of concept was this?

If any one of these nine saints came to Cangxuan Heaven, it would be enough to subdue the Sacred Palace, the Cangxuan Sect and the other overlord sects. The Saint could easily sweep away any opposition and become the heaven master!

No wonder Hunyuan Heaven was the frontline of the resistance against the sacred race. Such power was indeed extremely terrifying.

Cang Yuan smiled and nodded as he gazed at the shock on Zhou Yuan’s face. “The nine domain masters are the ultimate rulers of Hunyuan Heaven, governing over countless lands and subjects…

“Amongst these nine domains is one known as the Tianyuan Region, which I myself had created.”

Zhou Yuan was stunned once more as he stared at the nonchalant-looking Cang Yuan. There was no pride or hint of showing off on the latter’s face, as if Cang Yuan was merely stating the most ordinary of facts.

But Zhou Yuan was no fool. He could sense what these simple words represented.

That was the highest authority and power in Hunyuan Heaven.

According to Zhou Yuan’s estimates, even patriarch Cang Xuan’s heaven master position may not match up to Cang Yuan’s domain master status...

He never imagined that his freebie-master would be one of the nine supreme sovereigns of Hunyuan Heaven...

It was a long time later before Zhou Yuan finally returned to his senses. With a face colored in amazement, he asked, “Does this have anything to do with getting Yaoyao to awaken?”

Although he was shocked by Cang Yuan’s identity, the most important thing to Zhou Yuan now was still Yaoyao’s awakening.

Cang Yuan chuckled and said, “Yaoyao is different from everyone else. Hence, she needs something different to restore her body.”

Zhou Yuan hurriedly asked, “Something different?”

Cang Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, a solemn look emerging within them. He slowly answered, “The Ancestral Dragon Lantern and the Ancestral Dragon Flesh.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. He repeated, “Ancestral Dragon Lantern and Ancestral Dragon Flesh?”

Cang Yuan slowly said, “In the beginning, the first creature born from the primordial chaos was known as the Ancestral Dragon. The Ancestral Dragon body subsequently transformed into all living things, giving birth to the numerous lifeforms of Tianyuan World.”

Zhou Yuan’s face turned a little rigid, and he asked, “Is...isn’t that a legend?”

He had heard similar tales several times with all kinds of varying versions. However, he had never taken them seriously and had merely thought of them as stories.

“Moreover...even if it’s real, the Ancestral Dragon has turned into many living things long ago. How can there be any of its flesh left in this world?”

He could not believe that the flesh of such a mythical creature of legend would still exist in the world. Moreover, what was even more unbelievable was that Yaoyao required something as legendary as the Ancestral Dragon flesh to recover?!

This was just outrageous.

Cang Yuan nodded. “That’s right. It’s very difficult to find any Ancestral Dragon Flesh in our current time.”

However, his words soon turned, “But very difficult does not mean impossible.”

Zhou Yuan continued to ask, “What about the Ancestral Dragon Lantern?”

“The Ancestral Dragon Lantern is a top-tier Saint artifact of Hunyuan Heaven, and legend says that its light originates from the marrow of the Ancestral Dragon. The nine domains alternate in taking ownership of the lantern and will meet every hundred years to determine the next owner.”

Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly as he said, “In other words, we’ll have succeeded once the Ancestral Dragon Lamp lands in the hands of the Tianyuan Region?”

Cang Yuan nodded.

Zhou Yuan puzzledly asked, “Master, you’re one of the nine soverigns. Borrowing it shouldn’t be a problem if you go to Hunyuan Heaven, right?”

Cang Yuan shook his head and explained, “If I could go to Hunyuan Heaven, why would I have needed to escape and hide from the sacred race? After all, even the sacred race does not dare to easily step foot into Hunyuan Heaven.”

Zhou Yuan was full of questions. “Master, aren’t you one of the nine supreme sovereigns? Why can’t you go to Hunyuan Heaven?”

Cang Yuan sighed as he looked towards the house where Yaoyao’s crystal coffin lay.

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook. “Because of Yaoyao?”

“Yaoyao’s existence is far too important to the numerous living creatures of our Tianyuan World. But she is also far too special. As such, the nine supreme sovereigns have never agreed on how to handle her.

“I secretly brought her out and hid for many years. While hiding from the sacred race, I’m also hiding from the other supreme sovereigns.

“If I return to Hunyuan Heaven, they will soon discover my presence. When that happens, things may not bode well for Yaoyao,” said Cang Yuan with a heavy expression.

Zhou Yuan secretly wet his lips, clearly not expecting Cang Yuan to have such a disagreement with the other eight supreme sovereigns. The implications were not something he could understand.

“That’s why I need you to head for Hunyuan Heaven...you can find my other two disciples there, and they will naturally aid you in obtaining the Ancestral Dragon Lantern,” said Cang Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes brightened. “The two senior brothers that Master had mentioned in the past?”

“Two senior brothers?” Cang Yuan was slightly taken aback. Soon after, he could not help but chuckle and say, “Your first senior brother is indeed a senior brother. As for the other one, I guess you’re not wrong…”

Zhou Yuan was stunned. What does he mean by you’re not wrong?

“However, it’s been many years since I left Hunyuan Heaven, and I can’t say for certain what state the Tianyuan Region is in. The Tianyuan Region is far too vast, and there are countless powerful factions and experts within it. They may have been obedient while I was around, but I cannot promise that nothing has changed since then.

“That’s why you need to be a little more cautious when you arrive in the Tianyuan Region.

“On another note, with the exception of my two disciples, you cannot reveal to anyone else that you’re my third disciple. If the other supreme sovereigns discover your identity, they may try to extract my current circumstances from you.”

Cang Yuan slowly said, “As for the even more elusive Ancestral Dragon Flesh, you’ll need to investigate for yourself in Hunyuan Heaven.”

Zhou Yuan slowly pondered Cang Yuan’s words. He knew that obtaining both items mentioned would be extremely difficult tasks.

The difficulty of awakening Yaoyao had clearly far surpassed his expectations.

This made his heart somewhat heavy. But in the end, he took a deep breath and said, “I understand. When do I leave?”

There was no need for any further discussion because he knew that whether it was crossing a mountain of daggers or a sea of fire, he would not hesitate if it could help Yaoyao awaken.

Cang Yuan was rather happy with his attitude. He raised his head and stared into space. His brows furrowed a little. “The sooner the better. I feel that the sacred race is honing in on my position again.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered before a resolute look arose within them.

“Tomorrow then!”