Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 746 Mid Divine Dwelling Stage

In a strange domain.

The sky was a deep black without any sun or stars.

Ancient trees towered like pillars supporting the sky over an abandoned and neglected land. Numerous crystal-clear fruits grew on these ancient trees, each one giving off a dazzling radiance.

The light illuminated a hundred-mile radius. In this world, these unique light trees had replaced the sun and moon, filling the domain with unique vitality.

On a mountain peak.

Zhou Yuan was seated atop a boulder with his eyes tightly shut, evidently deeply submerged in a state of cultivation. The surrounding Genesis Qi flooded towards him, ultimately pouring into his body with each breath he took.

This training lasted for an entire day.

At a certain moment, the Genesis Qi around Zhou Yuan suddenly turned volatile. Rays of light emerged behind him, slowly forming a Divine Dwelling halo.

Not long after the first Divine Dwelling halo formed, countless specks of light converged next to it, brewing together for several dozen breaths before merging into a second Divine Dwelling halo!

Two Divine Dwelling halos!

This meant that Zhou Yuan had stepped into the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage!

When the second formed, Zhou Yuan’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened. His expression remained calm as he cast a glance at the halo behind him. He wasn’t very surprised because it was within his expectations.

It had already been a month since he had arrived in this domain with master Cang Yuan. Over this period, Zhou Yuan had immersed himself in cultivation whenever he had time because this was the only way he could temporarily suppress the grief brought by Yaoyao’s unconscious state.

Over the past month, his progress had been unusually quick.

Previously, Zhou Yuan had only managed to perfectly polish and connect two heavens in the Divine Dwelling. Over the past two months, he had polished and linked another two heavens. With this, four heavens were fully linked, allowing him to step into the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage.

Such cultivation progress amazed even Zhou Yuan himself, but he quickly realized that it was mostly due to the power patriarch Cang Xuan had left behind in his body.

Although the majority of patriarch Cang Xuan’s power had slowly dissipated as time passed, an infinitesimally small portion had been absorbed by his body.

Such a tiny amount might be insignificant to an existence like patriarch Cang Xuan, but it was extremely potent for a Divine Dwelling stage practitioner like Zhou Yuan.

This was why Zhou Yuan had managed to achieve such progress and step into the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage after a mere month.

However, his cultivation speed should return to normal when all of the patriarch Cang Xuan’s power faded completely.

The two Divine Dwelling halos soon dissipated.

His training was over, but Zhou Yuan remained seated on the boulder as he silently observed the many giant sun trees.


Something arrived at his side. Zhou Yuan shot a glance over, and found that it was Tuntun.

Tuntun leaned closely against his thigh. Its usually energetic self of the past was gone, replaced by a forever weak and lethargic appearance, its eyes filled with melancholy.

Yaoyao’s unconscious state was clearly also an extremely huge blow to the human-like Tuntun.

Zhou Yuan reached out and gently stroked Tuntun’s soft fur as he consoled, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to Yaoyao.”

Tuntun’s hot tongue poked out of its mouth and licked Zhou Yuan’s hand. It could likewise feel the sadness in his heart.

Man and beast sat in silence on the mountain peak. Compared to before, there was one less beautiful figure in this picture. It felt as if a corner of a perfect painting had been torn.

Zhou Yuan sat there in silence for a long time. Only when the bright sunlight fruits slowly began to dim and turn into ice-cold starlight did he stand up and begin his descent to the valley below with Tuntun in his arms.

A small stream flowed through the mountain valley.

A house sat beside the steam, creating a rather peaceful sight.

Cang Yuan was seated near a bonfire that burned in front of the house. He beckoned to Zhou Yuan when he saw him.

Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together towards Cang Yuan. “Master Cang Yuan.”

“You’ve ascended to the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage?” Cang Yuan looked at him and smiled.

“The Divine Dwelling you established is quite interesting...I believe its top tier even amongst the nine heavens Divine Dwellings.” A single glance was all that was required for Cang Yuan to discern the extraordinary Divine Dwelling in Zhou Yuan’s body.

Cang Yuan fell silent for a brief moment before he asked, “You’re practicing...the Ancestral Dragon Scripture?”

Zhou Yuan nodded in a somewhat awkward manner. Cang Yuan had left him a grade seven Genesis Qi cultivation method years ago, but he had ultimately chosen to practice the Ancestral Dragon Scripture instead.

Cang Yuan frowned. “That girl...is so reckless.

“Didn’t she tell you how hard it is to cultivate the Ancestral Dragon Scripture?”

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded. “It was my choice.”

It was a decision he did not regret even till today, and he was instead very glad that he had made it.

Cang Yuan had left him a grade seven Genesis Qi cultivation method called the Heavenly Yuan Canon, but at this current juncture, he only needed to collect the required ingredients to complete the second evolution of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, upgrading it to the grade seven World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi. This would undoubtedly be much stronger than the Heavenly Yuan Canon.

In the future, the Ancestral Dragon Scripture’s potential would likewise far surpass the Heavenly Yuan Canon.

Cang Yuan faintly nodded and did not speak any further on the topic. He could tell that Zhou Yuan was a determined person who would not give up easily.

“Master Cang Yuan…”

Zhou Yuan glanced towards the house. He was silent for a moment before he said, “Has there been any progress on Yaoyao’s matter?”

This was the question he was most concerned about.

Cang Yuan released a long drawn out breath before he nodded and said, “I’ve flipped through many old texts over the past month and have succeeded in finding a method that should be able to repair her body.”

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed, and Tuntun barked excitedly in his arms.

“But it will not be simple, and I will require your help,” said Cang Yuan.

Zhou Yuan decisively declared, “No matter what it is, I will do anything to help Yaoyao awaken!”

Cang Yuan cast a meaningful glance at him and said, “You and Yaoyao...

“I only tasked you to help me take care of her back then.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned awkward. Evidently, Cang Yuan had found out that the relationship between him and Yaoyao was not that of ordinary friends but of man and woman.

Cang Yuan slowly said, “This matter is truly not within my expectations...I originally believed that she would never have feelings for another. It seems that...you’re a pretty amazing brat, huh?”

Cang Yuan displayed what seemed to be a smile.

Zhou Yuan could only smile as well, not daring to say anything. After all, Cang Yuan was strictly speaking Yaoyao’s elder, and he had only intended to place her into his care. Who could have expected their relationship to develop in such a manner. As such, Zhou Yuan did feel quite guilty.

“Master Cang Yuan, let’s talk about that method you found…” Zhou Yuan guiltily tried to change the topic.

Cang Yuan chuckled and did not press Zhou Yuan any further. His expression soon turned a little more solemn as he stared at Zhou Yuan and slowly said, “You should know about Hunyuan Heaven, right?”