Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 744 Sheng Yuan Flees


When the two golden lotuses were smashed to pieces, palace master Sheng Yuan’s complexion instantly turned deathly pale, and he violently vomited a mouthful of blood. The powerful aura that surged around him rapidly began to decline.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s double lotus stage had been forcibly constructed by the power from the ultimate experts of the sacred race. As such, it was not the true double lotus stage.

Shattering the two lotuses was akin to scattering the sacred race’s power.

As a result, palace master Sheng Yuan was beaten back to his original state.

He had fallen back to the false Saint stage.

The many experts in the vicinity could naturally sense palace master Sheng Yuan’s drop in power, an observation which violently shook their hearts. No one had expected the previously invincible and victorious Sheng Yuan to so swiftly undergo such a reversal.

The expressions of the Sacred Palace experts changed drastically as terror filled their eyes.

In contrast, sect master Qing Yang, the Heavenly Sword Sovereign and the other hegemons could not help but be happily surprised.

This sudden reversal was akin to a giant gift from the heavens.

After all, they knew full well that all of their trump cards had already been used up at this juncture. If not for the mysterious black-robed elder’s appearance, Sheng Yuan would have definitely become the ultimate winner.

“How can this be...how can this be!” roared palace master Sheng Yuan in an unresigned manner.

Both parties had been at the double lotus stage, and he could not believe that the disparity between them was actually so great.

Of course, he was also very terrified inside. Only now did he finally realize that even after borrowing the sacred race’s power, he was still unable to compare to a true double lotus stage expert.

After all, he was still a mere false Saint!

In the sky, Cang Yuan frostily stared at palace master Sheng Yuan. With a thought, two golden lotuses pierced through the air, heading straight for Sheng Yuan with the intention to kill.


However, Sheng Yuan had already sensed Cang Yuan’s killing intent. Before the two lotuses could properly lock onto him, his body self-destructed amidst countless shocked gazes. Destructive energies swept outwards, blowing away the two golden lotuses.

“Fine, I admit defeat today!

“But don’t be too happy because the sacred race will not let you off!

“And Zhou Yuan, when I recover and obtain the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, I will definitely massacre every single person you know in Cangxuan Heaven!”

As Sheng Yuan’s body exploded, a voice laced with murder sounded across the area.

Sheng Yuan’s aura soon disappeared.

By this stage, Sheng Yuan also understood that it was his defeat. Fortunately, the Cangxuan Saint Stamp had already been shattered into countless fragments and had scattered across the vast Cangxuan Heaven. As long as he invested some time and effort, he should be able to gather them all.

As for the mysterious black-robed elder, Sheng Yuan did not believe he dared to linger in Cangxuan Heaven for too long. Sheng Yuan thought so because he had felt the ultimate sacred race experts outside the world boundary begin the stir restlessly the moment Cang Yuan appeared.

The black-robed elder was clearly an enemy of the sacred race.

Now that his location had been revealed, if Cang Yuan overstayed, the sacred race would surely do everything they could to descend and hunt him like how they had killed patriarch Cang Xuan back then.

Once the black-robed elder was gone, who would be able to stop Sheng Yuan once he recovered from his injuries?

Moreover, he would naturally have a chance for revenge when he obtained the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and used it to ascend to the Saint stage in the future.

Hence, Sheng Yuan did not hesitate to self-destruct his body and decisively flee upon his defeat.

Sheng Yuan’s escape caused a great commotion in the area. The many experts from the various factions secretly wet their lips. No one had expected such an outcome to today’s crazy fight.

With palace master Sheng Yuan’s escape, the sacred palace experts unhesitatingly withdrew, not daring to linger any longer.

Lei Jun expressionlessly looked at sect master Qing Yang and the others before turning into a flash of lightning as he disappeared.

The Hongya Peak master icily snorted. He was just about to stop the former only to be stopped by sect master Qing Yang.

Sect master Qing Yang calmly said, “No need to rush things. There will be a time for us to settle things in the future.”

Lei Jun had betrayed the Cangxuan Sect, and he was even the biggest culprit behind patriarch Cang Xuan’s death. Although patriarch Cang Xuan had not personally resolved this problem, they would handle this matter on his behalf as his disciples.

In the wake of palace master Sheng Yuan and the Sacred Palace’s departure, the originally tense atmosphere slowly began to relax. Many gazes respectfully looked towards Cang Yuan in the sky.

His strength had astonished everyone.

As the many experts looked at him, they seemed to see the unstoppable patriarch Cang Xuan from back then...

However, Cang Yuan was extremely unfamiliar to the peak practitioners of Cangxuan Heaven. Hence, even sect master Qing Yang, the Heaven Sword Sovereign and the others did not dare to carelessly approach such an unknown individual.

High up in the sky, Cang Yuan icily snorted as he gazed in the direction palace master Sheng Yuan had disappeared, but he did not give chase. Instead, he turned around and arrived at Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao’s side.

Zhou Yuan worriedly said, “Master Cang Yuan, Sheng Yuan has escaped? If we leave him alive, he will become a threat in the future.”

Zhou Yuan had clearly heard every word Sheng Yuan had left behind when he fled.

Cang Yuan said, “To kill a Saint, even a false one, is not so simple. Furthermore...the sacred race has already discovered my location, and I cannot stay here for long.

“As for Sheng Yuan, he had to bear the sacred race’s power, had his body destroyed and had his cultivation level repeatedly beaten down. These are all extremely serious injuries that will ensure he will be incapable of causing any trouble for some time.”

Zhou Yuan helplessly nodded. He did desire to borrow Cang Yuan’s power to completely eliminate Sheng Yuan, but he had evidently oversimplified things.

Although Sheng Yuan was gravely injured, he was ultimately still a latent threat.

After all, he was the only Saint stage practitioner in Cangxuan Heaven, even if he was merely a false Saint...

Zhou Yuan was not really worried about himself, but he was concerned about Zhou Qing, Qin Yu and the Great Zhou Empire.

The grudge between him and the Sacred Palace could be compared to a sea of blood. Once the other side had a chance, they would surely take revenge.

While the two were conversing, the boundless aura from Yaoyao’s body gradually withdrew as her dazzling golden hair turned pitch-black again...

The heart-palpitating indifference in her eyes also slowly faded.

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed by this return to her former state. Although Yaoyao had been powerful, seeing her in that state had given rise to a faint feeling of unease within him.

Only now did he breathe a heavy sigh of relief.

Yaoyao looked at him and seemed to smile as she took a step forward. Her body suddenly jerked violently. Her fair face flushed red, and she vomited a bloody mist that seemed to glow with starlight.

Her slender body slowly began to fall forward, ultimately landing in Zhou Yuan’s arms.

The smile on Zhou Yuan’s face turned rigid bit by bit as the bloody mist sprayed onto his face. His heart seemed to fall into a bottomless abyss.

His entire body turned ice cold.