The moment Zhou Yuan’s figure was seen stepping out from the jade disc, the jade disc released a dazzling light and gradually melted under countless stunned gazes.

In less than ten breaths, the jade disc vanished without a trace.

Such a change immediately drew exclamations of surprise from countless people.

Zhou Yuan also stared at the scene with a somewhat shocked expression. He thought that it must be because he had taken away the Divine Establishing Treasures inside, so the jade disc no longer had any meaning of existence.

He turned his head and looked ahead. He found that Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Yaoyao and the other Chosen had arrived at the location of the jade disc.

The battle with the Sacred Palace had already completely ended?

“Jiang Taishen has already led the Chosen of Sacred Palace away from the seventh peak.” Li Qingchan’s red lips opened a little while her beautiful eyes, glistening with amazement, were constantly studying Zhou Yuan.

“Sacred Palace gave up?” Zhou Yuan was a little surprised.

Li Qingchan smiled. “You had killed Jin Chanzi, and Yaoyao had severely wounded Zhan Taiqing. If Jiang Taishen continued to fight, their Sacred Palace would have suffered more injuries than us.”

The other Chosen also all had strange expressions on their faces. Even if they had accepted the result, they still couldn’t help feeling a little shocked when they saw Zhou Yuan again.

Jin Chanzi was ranked fifth on the Chosen List, which was higher than both Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan.

The fact that Zhou Yuan could kill him suggested that his strength exceeded that of Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan.

The numerous Chosen exchanged glances with one another. It seemed that after this, the ranking of Chosen in the Cangxuan Sect would be changed.

“The jade disc is gone?” Kong Sheng looked at Zhou Yuan.

“Don’t worry, everything has already been taken out.” Zhou Yuan turned to Chu Qing. “I found three eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures and dozens of seven-color Divine Establishing Treasures. There are even more of Divine Establishing Treasures of other grades.”

He had no intention of hiding anything.

This statement made the many Chosen present gasp in astonishment. Even Chu Qing rubbed his head in surprise.

It should be said that they had worked for months, but not every Chosen had a seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure. But now, Zhou Yuan told them that there were dozens of seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure in the jade disc?!

Just what did this mean?

This meant that among the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect, there would be at least dozens of people who could establish seven heavens!

In the past, even the ten great Chosen within the sect must wait a long period of time before they had a certain probability of achieving a seven heavens Divine Dwelling.

Not to mention that...there were three eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures.

It had been many years since anybody in the Cangxuan Sect could establish an eight heavens Divine Dwelling in the Diving Dwelling stage!

“I have taken one of the three eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures,” Zhou Yuan said calmly.

Everybody was taken aback, and even Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu, who did not get along with Zhou Yuan, didn’t say anything. Everybody was well aware who contributed the most in the fight on the seventh peak.

If Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao hadn’t defeated their respective opponents, then even if Chu Qing fought with his life he could only wound Jiang Taishen. If Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were replaced with Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan would have most likely lost in the hands of Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi.

If that were the case, then perhaps it would have been the Cangxuan Sect who would have withdrawn from the seventh peak.

So if Zhou Yuan wasn’t qualified to take one of the eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures, then no one would be qualified.

Chu Qing grinned, revealing his white teeth. “That is something you have exchanged for with your life, no one can say anything.”

“Thank you, senior brother.” Zhou Yuan laughed. “There are many people around, so I won’t take them out for now. Once the matter in the Mythic Utopia is over, I will bring them out.”

Chu Qing and the others also nodded. All sects and factions of Cangxuan Heaven had gathered in the Mythic Utopia. If they were to know that so many high-grade Divine Establishing Treasures had appeared, it would no doubt attract jealousy, and the situation could change once again.

“Our Cangxuan Sect has achieved our purpose in the Mythic Utopia. We can return once the results of the fight are out.”

Chu Qing said, “The only regret I have is that I couldn’t test my golden shuttle against Jiang Taishen.”

Li Qingchan shot him a glance. “Your golden shuttle hasn’t truly formed. You would waste all your previous efforts if you had brought it out. Also, it is impossible to kill Jiang Taishen with it.”

Nobody could doubt Jiang Taishen’s strength since he could sit firmly in first place of the Chosen List. Chu Qing was indeed very strong, but if both sides were wounded in the end, Chu Qing’s injury would be more severe than Jiang Taishen’s.

Hearing this, Zhou Yuan lifted his head to look at the other giant peaks. “Which peak did the Sacred Palace choose?”

The remaining two jade discs containing eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures were eyed by the other four major sects. Thus, if the Sacred Palace wanted to snatch them they would have to fight against the other major sects.

“It’s the peak that the Sword Seeker Sect and the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall are competing for,” Ye Ge answered.

Zhou Yuan looked over and indeed saw that the giant peak in the distance was extremely chaotic. With the addition of the Sacred Palace, three sects were gathered together in a fierce battle.

“The Sword Seeker Sect’s Zong Ming is ranked fourth on the Chosen List, and Tang Xiao of the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall is ranked seventh. Both are not easy to deal with. But even if they joined hands, they most likely wouldn’t be able to stop Jiang Taishen,” Chu Qing said nonchalantly.

“If they choose to risk their lives to fight, then even if the Sacred Palace wins they will have to pay a great price,” Li Qingchan said.

Chu Qing shook his head. “They will not fight to that point because then they may not have the qualification to compete for the other jade discs.”

Just as Jiang Taishen did not choose to fight with them, Jiang Taishen also wanted a route of retreat, which was to compete for other jade discs after their failure.

It was the same for the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall and the Sword Seeker Sect. If they were to suffer too much damage, they wouldn’t have a chance to compete against other top sects.

Zhou Yuan also gently nodded and said after a moment of hesitation, “Should we give them some trouble?”

The grudges between the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect weren’t at all small. If they could make the Sacred Palace uncomfortable, they would feel comfortable.

The other Chosen were tempted, but it was Chu Qing who shook his head and said, “Although the Sacred Palace lost two great battle assets, Jiang Taishen still isn’t easy to deal with. If he goes berserk, then someone among us Chosen could follow the footsteps of Jin Chanzi.”

The numerous Chosen felt a chill run down their spine.

Chu Qing laughed, “The loss that our Cangxuan Sect suffered this time is the smallest ever in the Mythic Utopia. Since I am the captain, the harvest is the second most important thing. My greatest wish is to be able to bring you all safe and sound back to the sect.”

The others nodded gently.

“But...” Chu Qing suddenly changed his tone of voice. “Although it won’t be good to provoke the Sacred Palace, we can change the target...

“The Heavenly Ghost Sect and the Sacred Palace are quite close. When the Sacred Palace plotted against Yaoyao, they were also playing dirty tricks in the dark. We didn’t have the energy to deal with them before, but they are currently battling the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. We can help the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace as revenge for them previously bullying our Cangxuan Sect, what do you think?”

The other Chosen nodded in agreement. During the battle against the Sacred Palace, it was Chu Qing, Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan who had done most of the work. They also needed a target to vent.

Zhou Yuan exchanged a glance with Yaoyao, who then turned to Chu Qing and remarked, “I didn’t expect you to exhibit behaviour befitting that of the first Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect.”

Chu Qing’s smile stiffened. Was he that bad usually?

Zhou Yuan also smiled and then shifted his gaze onto the place where the Heavenly Ghost Sect and the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace were battling. His eyes turned chilling cold. Since the situation was like this, the Heavenly Ghost Sect could be considered a small addition to the trip to Mythic Utopia.

And after completing this, the Cangxuan Sect’s trip to the Mythic Utopia could be considered a real success, right?