Zhou Tai stood half way up a certain mountain and pointed to a cave dwelling amongst the verdant greenery as he smiled and said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, this gold Genesis cave dwelling shall be your accommodation for the time being.”

Zhou Yuan raised his gaze, and found a cave dwelling that had been built into the mountain. Sunlight peeked through the steep cliffs around it, falling down upon the cave like a silver river. A pavilion had also been built on a cliff nearby, appearing exceptionally peaceful, tranquil and grand at the same time.

An accommodation like this was many times better than the little houses of the outer mountains.

Most importantly, Zhou Yuan could feel pure Genesis Qi swirling around inside the cave. Anyone who stayed in it long term would surely experience amazing benefits.

“Hehe, junior brother Zhou Yuan, teacher Shen really has high hopes for you. You should know that a gold Genesis cave dwelling like is usually contested over by many gold sash disciples. You’ve only just joined us and yet you’ve already been given one, this is very enviable to others.” Zhou Tai sighed.

However, he appeared to be quite a magnanimous person, and showed no indication that he felt it unfair. He was after all the eldest disciple under Shen Taiyuan, and had long ago gotten a purple Genesis cave dwelling, so there was no reason to be jealous.

Zhou Yuan nodded as he revealed a pained smile. “Being so highly regarded by teacher Shen makes me feel somewhat awkward.”

The truth was that he never expected Shen Taiyuan to regard him so highly, a situation that ended up making him feel rather awkward.

Zhou Tai shook his head as he explained, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan doesn’t fully understand the circumstances of our Saint Genesis Peak. Any of the slightly more outstanding disciples that joined us were basically snatched away by the other six peaks, the only ones left are… I can’t say that they’re left overs, but very ordinary.”

“As such, it is naturally impossible for our Saint Genesis Peak to vie with the other six peaks. It got so bad that we aren’t able to occupy even a single spot in the current ten great Chosens.”

“Elder Lu Song did not use to be so cheeky in the past. It was only after repeated failures that he slowly lost his aspirations, and began to become satisfied with just getting through each day, no longer caring about reviving Saint Genesis Peak.”

“Teacher Shen on the other hand is quite the stubborn person. He’s been gritting his teeth, and refusing to give up all along, but the recent overbearing arrival of Lu Hong’s group has indeed put a tremendous amount of pressure on teacher Shen.”

“After all, if Lu Hong’s faction really ended up taking the chief disciple position and subsequently retrieve the peak master seal, the disciples in both our groups will no longer be able to raise our heads in the Cangxuan Sect.”

Zhou Tai let out a bitter laugh. “Teacher Shen has placed such high hopes in you because he really does not have any other choice. The only path left to him is to bet everything on you. You’re after all a champion peak selection ceremony, and who knows, you may even become the second Chu Qing.”

At the mention of Chu Qing’s names, admiration flitted across even the eyes of someone like Zhou Tai.

However, he knew that the chances of a second Chu Qing appearing was abysmally low. He was after all someone who had stunned and amazed the entire Cangxuan Sect, and now firmly sat at the head of the ten great Chosens.

Although Zhou Yuan was also a champion of the ceremony, there had been many such champions over the years, but only one Chu Qing.

Zhou Yuan silently nodded.

Behind him, Yaoyao’s bright eyes gazed at the gold Genesis cave dwelling, finding it rather satisfying. She ignored Zhou Yuan, carrying Tuntun as she slowly walked in, clearly already taking the place as her territory.

The corners of Zhou Tai’s eyes twitched when he saw this. Of course he knew that Yaoyao’s status was special, but he never imagined she and Zhou Yuan would be so close that they would even stay in the same cave.

Thus, he chuckled knowingly at Zhou Yuan. “Junior brother Zhou Yuan’s luck with women is really something.”

Zhou Yuan knew that the former had misunderstood. However, he could not really explain the situation. After all, he and Yaoyao did share a very special relationship.

Yaoyao’s character was overly aloof and distant, as if there was nothing she cared about. She was akin to a supreme existence that walked amongst lesser beings.

In the past, she had likely regarded only master Cang Xuan as her kin, but after living together for the past few years, Zhou Yuan could also be considered kin, though he somehow felt that his status was only equal to Tuntun’s...

In fact, Zhou Yuan felt that if he really wanted to develop a relationship with Yaoyao, she would most likely blast him to death with Genesis Runes...

Therefore, he could only smile helplessly in response to Zhou Tai’s teasing.

Zhou Tai did not waste time chit chatting. After giving some advice, he said, “You can explore Saint Genesis Peak during the next three days to get used to things here. However, you can’t miss the morning lesson on Alpha Cliff in three days. It’s the biggest benefit we get in after entering the inner mountains.”

“Alpha Cliff?”

Zhou Yuan was somewhat puzzled.

However, Zhou Tai did not explain, merely mysteriously smiling as he said, “You’ll know when the time comes.”

He turned around, and was just about to leave when he suddenly hesitated for a moment. “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, you should be more cautious for the time being, and try your best to keep a low profile...”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. “What do you mean?”

Zhou Tai revealed a helpless smile and said, “Teacher Shen values you far too much, which I believe will make the other brother disciples feel a sense of unfairness. Truthfully speaking, even I am a little envious of you, what more the others.”

Although Zhou Yuan was the champion the most recent peak selection ceremony, he was too new to the outer mountains and lacked experience. However, teacher Shen had not only gifted this newest disciple a gold Genesis cave dwelling, but was even doing his best to get a purple Genesis cave dwelling for the former. When such actions landed in the eyes of the other disciples, it was easy for feelings of unfairness to rise in their hearts.

Zhou Yuan silently nodded when he heard this.

Zhou Tai had nothing left to say, stepping onto a Genesis Qi cloud as he rose into the sky and swiftly disappeared into the distance.

Zhou Yuan remained standing on the spot, frowning slightly as he watched Zhou Tai leave.

He was naturally aware that teacher Shen’s actions would easily draw out feelings of jealousy and envy in the other disciples. The bottom line was that these disciples felt that he did not deserve such attention and treatment.

His eyes narrowed slightly. The reason he had come to the Cangxuan Sect was for the sake of growing stronger, and eventually earn the power to face king Wu. Since the purple Genesis cave dwelling would be very beneficial to him, he naturally also coveted it.

Hence, he did not intend to voluntarily give up just because other disciples felt it was unfair.

He had only tried to turn it down previously because he did not fully understand the situation, and did not wish to accept such kindness from others for no reason.

His eyes spun in thought. After some silence, he turned around and entered the cave dwelling.

He did not wish to comment on Zhou Tai telling him to keep a low profile, because he understood that trying to be low-key alone would not be of any use in this situation.

If anyone was unable to accept it, he would beat them till they did.

In a certain cave dwelling.

A dozen figures were seated here, unhappy voices sounding one after another.

“Teacher Shen is being way too unfair. Even if that snot-nose brat Zhou Yuan managed to win the peak selection ceremony, he’s only recently entered the inner mountains. To think that he would even be given a gold Genesis cave dwelling.”

“Agreed, that gold Genesis cave dwelling was clearly being eyed by senior brother Cao Shi, but has now ended up being taken away right under our noses.”

“Most importantly, from the looks of it, teacher Shen will likely send us out in the cave match a month later, but if we win? The purple Genesis cave dwelling will probably end up in Zhou Yuan’s hands.”

“On what basis should be enjoy such treatment? Just because he’s the champion? It’s not like we’ve never seen one before!”


The numerous disciples shared their grievances, releasing all of the unhappiness in their hearts.

Amongst the crowd was was a long-haired young man whose expression appeared exceptionally stormy. It was the disciple called Cao Shi.

He had been eyeing that gold Genesis cave dwelling for the longest time, and had been saving Genesis jade to trade for it. In the end, it had been so casually given to a new disciple by teacher Shen. How could he possibly

Cao Shi icily chuckled and said, “It will not be so easy for a mere new disciple to step on me.”

“What does senior brother Cao plan on doing?”

Cao Shi’s eyes narrowed as a faint smile appeared on his lips. “There are not many gold sash disciples amongst us who can still participate in the cave match. If nothing unexpected happens, I will likely be one of the choices.”

“I will gather some of the other senior brothers who also feel that teacher Shen is showering that brat with too much attention. When the time comes, we will propose that if we were to take part in the cave match, teacher must first agree that the purple Genesis cave dwelling will not be given to that snot-nose kid.”

These words immediately drew a series of approval from the group.

“Senior brother Cao is right. Zhou Yuan may have some talent, but he is ultimately only a new disciple. We must first make him understand his social standing. Before us, he’s only an inexperienced and new disciple!”

“That’s right!”

The sight of the crowd’s indignant appearances caused a smile to rise on Cao Shi’s face. He raised his cup and downed it in a single go, before lifting his head and peering into the distance as an icy smile flashed in his eyes.

“New kid, I will let you know that even if teacher Shen thinks highly of you, you still have to abide by the rules here!”